Sunday, December 23, 2007

Molasses Cookies!!!

Yesterday...we took the challenge...and DID IT!!! I've been telling my family that I wanted to make the famous, Klous family Molasses cookies...but I've never done it before. Not to mention that the only time I've ever done anything with them is when my mom & sisters are it made me kinda sad to think about making them without any of the Klous family. :( ANYWAYS...enough sad stuff...Ryan & Klous helped with the cookies...and it was GREAT!! Here's the story...

We got Klous all ready with his cute little apron on!!!Mommy & Daddy mixed everything up...and made it JUST Mommy & Klous had to pose with the yummy dough!! Not too sticky...and not too dry!!!
Klous had to have a little taste...hey...he is a Klous...and he gets THAT from Papa Bob!!!
Then came the fun flour time!! Or I mean...cookie cutter time!! Ryan got a little crazy with his flour and counter space!!! But they were still alright!! Klous was "helping" so good with the cookie know, cutting the already cut cookies!!! :)
CHEESE...Daddy & Klous having fun!!
Then Klous just needed some alone time with the cookie cutter and flour!! He made a pretty mess on the floor!!
Sorry for this glare...but he was SOO cute saying CHEESE and licking the spatula!!
And then...VOILA...the finished product!! They we SOO yummy...Even made the frosting to go on them, but didn't get any pictures of that!! I'm sure there no where near as good as Auntie Kim's or Gramma Judy's...but hey...I'm learning!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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krista said...

The cookies look delicious! I hope your family had a great Christmas! We will have to get together when I get back! Have a great New Year's!