Sunday, September 30, 2007

Maybe I drink too much?!?!?!

The other day I came out into the kitchen to find Klous getting into our bag of empty pop cans. He was reaching to get one, and doing all he could to get it!! Earlier I had a can, and he was trying to drink it...obviously I didn't let him, because it was I guess he was going to get his OWN and drink his OWN?!?!?! Here's what I got!!He finally got one...and had to try it!!!
Then he had to walk over to show Mommy and look at the's pretty cool!!
Then he needed one more BIG drink!! Seems to have enjoyed it!! Guess it's his addiction now too since I drank Diet Coke while I was nursing him...oops :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pretty leaves...cute boys...and happy family!!!

Well today is Auntie Shauna's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways...for part of it, her & I brought the boys up Provo canyon...just past Sundance and found some fun spots to take pictures!! We wanted some pictures of them with the pretty fall leaves...and the two of them together...since they're both getting so big!! Well we found a very BEAUTIFUL spot...and got some awfully cute pictures!!! Then, Daddy (aka RyRy) was able to get off early today...(thanks Debbie) :) and came up to meet us, to help us get Klous & Zack's attention, smiles, and to get a family picture!! So it was an all around good trip!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

This is where we were...just down that little road...up in those trees...isn't is BEAUTIFUL!!!
The only way I could get Klous to look at me was to say "HI" or "ByeBye"... :)Zack and Klous are so sweet together...except for when they both got bad naps and are crabby!!! But they sure are cute together in the pictures!!
Klous was pretty fond of the tree...
if you can't tell!!! :) :) :)
Our happy lil' family!! Aren't we cute!! :)
And another one...with the sun shining down...I thought it looked cool!!
Auntie Shauna & Zack-a-roni were pretty cute too!! Giving "loves" :)
And thank you to RyRy for actually get a REAL smile out of Zack...and a dumbfounded look out of Klous!! :)
Look at all the pretty colors around them!! They're so cute in the little coats!!
Man I love that kid...and that husband...I couldn't be happier, and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing little family...who could ask for more!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall is here!!!

Well...I think we can officially say that FALL IS HERE!! Woo hoo!! I'm a bit excited about this, because I was getting REAL sick of the heat...and the dryness!!! Not that I'll really be able to do anything about how dry it is...but at least we won't have to wake up every morning to another 90-100 degree day!! That's a nice thought!! Cooler weather, means warmer clothes for Klous!! I've had to bring out the "winter" clothes and pack up the "summer" clothes. He doesn't seem to mind the long sleeved shirts...pants...and even the slippers!! :) He's happy no matter what!! Not to mention CUTE!! :)On Sunday night into Monday...we had a got pretty cold...40 degrees I believe...but once the clouds left, and I could actually see the mountains today...this is what I saw!! SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS!! It's only September...but really this is nothing...I guess at a ski resort they got 8-9 inches...glad it's in the mountains and not in the valleys!!!
This is Mt. Timpanogos...and the snow that fell up there!!
Klous has enjoyed playing outside in the cooler weather though!! I don't think it really matters whether it's warm or cool...he just likes to be outside!! Give him a stick or a rock, and he'll be fine!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Break out the FUZZY jammies!!! :)...and some extra!! :)

Well, tonight is supposed to be the coldest we've had in a LONG's going to get down to 40 degrees...or so they say?!?! So we had to break out the fuzzy jammies we have for Klous!! He wore them all winter and all the time last year...but obviously those ones don't fit!! So here are a few pictures of him with his cute new jammies on...I didn't know what he'd think of them...being all one piece and all...but he didn't seem to care!!

He looks a bit "drunk" or something in this one!!He's calling "da-da" on the diaper phone!!! :)
CHEESE...isn't he so cute!!! :) are a couple random pictures we had, and I wanted to post here you go!!! Last week Ryan had to change the brakes on the car...anytime Daddy is home...and outside...Klous HAS to be out there too!! Otherwise he stands at the door...reaching for the's pretty pitiful!!! Anyways...Klous was all about watching and helping Daddy with the car...even if it just meant finding a stick and hitting the car!! I thought it was cute!!! "Daddy's BIG Helper!!"
Then here's another one...I was at Wal-Mart last week...and I can't pass up cute holiday shirts...and they had cute sweats and sweatshirts for only $ I had to get some...obviously the sweats will work for whatever...and the sweatshirts can be used in the month of October...or if you're like the Andersen kids...(Yoda mostly)...they wear them YEAR round!! So what the heck...Klous however didn't like it much I don't think...he must think it's TOO early for Halloween...something he's going to have to learn to accept with his's NEVER too early for a holiday!!! :) :) :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Random, fun days...

Lately I've just been watching Klous and trying to get some cute pictures of him!! He's getting so big and adventurous...and always wanting to be into something new!! I'm having lots of fun with all the time I have with him...and it's SOO cute to watch him when Ryan comes home...he'll walk right up to him and just give Daddy a BIG HUG!! He's so sweet...and we love him!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Klous is really getting into books/stories lately...sometimes he's a little rough on them, so we take away the paper ones...but with the board books...he'll walk around forever with them!! Especially this one he has..."Old McDonald had a Farm"...he'll go through the pile of books til he finds this one...then walk to me and have me sing the song to him. It's cute!! Here are a few times throughout a day that I caught him "reading" it...note how sleepy he looks in the first one :) He had just woken up!!
He laughs when I get the the "mule & horse" page!!!

He LOVES it :)
We also got some ABC magnets for him...his favorite game is to push them all onto the floor and then throw them at the fridge to see if they stick!! I had to take pictures of his first real battle scar...see it on his face...cheek/eyebrow...he doesn't understand that he can climb the cement steps at Grandma's...but he's not quite sure how to come down :( So he got a nice visit with the ground I guess...poor guy...he's tough though!!!

He also is bound and determined to wear Auntie Shauna's sunglasses...I missed the picture of him when he got them to balance on his "large cranium" these ones will have to do!!
After trying a bit on his own...and almost breaking them...
Mommy helped him put them on...where he was ALL about BIG SMILES...and then Auntie Shauna took them back before they got broken!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

oReO's...part 2 I couldn't pass up another package of Halloween Oreos!!! Klous ate his breakfast this morning, and needed his "snack" he got 2!!! Now you can see what I mean about how "pretty" he is with the BLACK and ORANGE!!! He LOVES them!!! :) :) :) :) I think it's cute...even when it's all over his his hair...
on his TUMMY...and ALL over his highchair...
because today I decided rather then just wiping him off with the washcloth...I would just take off his diaper and put him in the sink...
he didn't seem to mind the "quick bath" in the sink!!! He just played in the water and let me wash him off!!!
Man kids are fun!!! Even on the hard days...he still makes me laugh!!! :) :) :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

oReO's :)

Well...I haven't put a post on for here you go!!! Klous has discovered a new treat...with the help of Mommy!!! A year ago at this time...whenever I would go to Wal-Mart, I would DEFINITELY leave the store with a package of "Halloween Oreos"...and guess what...they're BACK!!! :) :) :) :) And apparently Klous enjoyed them while he was in my tummy...cuz he is LOVING them now!!! And it's a sad realization for me that it really has been a year since I had him...but that's alright...he's fun!!!

Here are some pictures of him in the high chair enjoying his Oreos...we ran out of the Halloween ones...but he liked the original ones just the same!! As you can see...he needs to finish his dinner before he gets the treats!!! Or at least eat most of it!!

This was him screaming at me to clean him up, cuz he wanted to get down...
Then my all clean Baby Klous is back...and all smiles!!!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately...Klous is WAY mobile and into everything...and the last thing I want broken is the it kind of hides in the corner!! I tend to forget about it...not to mention, it's hard to take pictures of things he's doing or saying...cuz it's just not the I'll have to do a few videos or something soon!! Stay tuned...and keep checking!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

He's getting SOOO big :(

Well, this morning I was looking through ALL of Klous' clothes for church. He has a better wardrobe then me and Ryan...but that's alright!!! Anyways, I found this cute little outfit in a tote we had!!! I think it came from one of my sisters, but I'm not positive!!! Anyways...when I got him dressed in this 18 MONTH outfit...:( I began to realize how big my "baby" is really getting :(. It was kind of a sad realization for me. Most of the 18 month clothes we have for him are still too big...and really these pants are too long for him if he doesn't wear shoes, but I just can't believe that he's almost a year old. Doesn't seem like that long ago that he was in my tummy, and then born, and then just slept, cuddled, and laid there...and now he's walking...RUNNING...and getting into EVERYTHING!!! I love him just as much though...just as much as I did when I found out we were expecting...just as much as the first time I "met" him...and just as much as I always's only getting stronger!!! Anyways...I guess this was just a big wake up call for realize that "Baby Klous" isn't so much a baby anymore...getting more like a toddler I just have to accept it!!! Then I went to Wal-Mart last night and saw all the "itty-bitty baby stuff"...and got a little baby hungry...but I don't know!!! Dealing with the "issues" of my body...and challenges I have to have...oh well. Okay...enough venting and blabbing!!! Here are some ADORABLE picture of Klous in his little church outfit!! He's so dang cute!!!

Papa...he LOVES this walker by the way...drags it around everywhere with him!!! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Klous & his new trick!!!

Klous has figured out spitting and making LOTS of noises with his mouth...and I just think it's funny sometimes. It's gonna be hard to get him to stop, but at least right now he's not doing it directly AT people...he just walks around the house with his toys making these noises. I had to get it on video, but of course now he's just amazed with the it's a little tough. I hope you enjoy it...I think it's cute!!! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Just to let you all know that BYU won!!! WOO HOO!! 20-7...unfortunately Arizona scored in the last 5 minutes or something!!! Guess Klous' small game before worked for the cougars!!! YEAH!!! He's good luck!!!

BYU Season Opener!!!

Well today is the opener of the BYU football season...and Klous is ALL smiles about it!!! He gets that from his Daddy!!! Although I'm kind of excited about it too...mostly cuz I like to watch Ryan's reactions to the game. He's like a little kid!!!

So we got this cute outfit for Klous...and he was EXCITED!!!
Then we gave him the football, and he got way serious...
When Daddy pushed the lawn mower by him, he took off...(he's scared of it)...but this picture looks like he's running a play I think!!
Then was the final excitement of a "TOUCHDOWN" :) :) :) WOO HOO!!!
Now we'll just have to wait and see if the BYU game is really as good as Klous' little game by himself!! GOOD LUCK COUGARS!!! :)