Friday, February 25, 2011

10 Commandments to Please your Wife...

This was on Dr. Phil today...I didn't see it...I looked it up online...and read about some of it...but my sister-in-law posted these...and I thought it was GREAT!!!
There are some times that us as women don't feel like we're noticed...appreciated...loved...or cared seeing these ideas were quite impressive!! I know I have a hubby who is AMAZING...(as most wives would say)...but I really think I do!!! I see other people or mostly women with their husbands...and I come home and squeeze Ryan a LOT tighter because I'm so grateful for what I do have to come home to!!! So he does good on most of these things...most of the time!! There's always room for improvement for each of us in after sharing these...maybe Dr. Phil will come up with some for our husbands too!?!? Who knows!?!?!?
Here are the 10 Commandments to Please Your Wife!!! Wives...feel free to copy and paste and share them with your hubbies!! Maybe post them somewhere he can see them!! HA :)

10 Commandments to Pleasing Your Wife

1. Thou shalt give her Free time
2. Thou shalt remember the small things
3. Consistently find new ways to say I love you (ie. run her bath water)
4. Thou shalt chip in...
5. Thou shalt help with kids
6. Thou shalt embrace the art of foreplay
7. Thou shalt respect her schedule
8. Thou shalt send her roses... just because
9. Thou shalt always remember Golden rule (you can be happy, or you can be right - your choice)
10. Thou shalt always take her side