Thursday, November 17, 2011

You think they're related!?!??!

This was last week...but I had to laugh when I looked at all my boys...

You think they're related?!??! Or that they take after Daddy!?!?! Yes Ryan is making the funny face...but he did NOT pose with his arm like that...he really was sitting like this!!! LoL...and then after I put the camera away...I realized Aysha was laying with her arm up too...just didn't get a picture...funny things kids acquire from us parents huh!!!

House...OUR house!!!

So...we're buying a HOUSE!!! WooHoo right!!! We're VERY excited...we're VERY busy...and we're tired and worn out EVERY night so far this week!!! We've been in painting and prepping to move in!!! We are closing please everyone pray, cross your fingers, whatever so it all goes through and goes well!!! Yay!!! I can't really believe it...I can't believe it's really happening and that we'll really have a place of our's been a LONG time coming...and to have so much many rooms to much much storage...and so much SPACE!!! Hallelujah!!! I am just HAPPY!!! :) :) :) :)

I've taken pictures of the house before...I haven't put them on the computer yet...but I will...we've painted Aysha's room...and the boys room...working on the dining Ryan is doing OUR room...he says it's HIS surprise...and I can't see it til it's done!!! So...YAY!!! Stay tuned for pictures and things...hopefully I'll get some on tomorrow!?!?! It's all FOR REAL!!! Closing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon...wish us luck!!!! :) :) :) :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

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I don't know if any of you are familiar with these toys...but they're AMAZING!!! So you should check out this GREAT deal they're having!!! Great for the holidays!!! :) :) :)

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seriously!?!?! How do I choose!?!??!

So we're waiting to finally and hopefully hear from the underwriter long as everything goes well!!! Then we'll HOPEFULLY be closing next week!?!?! Who the way...we're BUYING a house!!! For those who don't know!!!!
Now as for this post...I am going NUTSO looking at all these paint options and colors and everything!!! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE!?!?!?!
My eyes are going mind is getting too stimulated...and I just DON'T know what to do!?!?! Really??? This is OUR choice??? WE can decide??? It's so fun and so exciting...but SOOOOOOOO overwhelming!!!! Ryan and I have sat up til now...1:20 a.m...trying to decide colors to put in the house!!! I wish it was as easy for us as it is for the kids!!! Klous/Kyson want blue/white...GO BYU...(mostly Klous, Kyson just says...YAH!!!) And Aysha...well she's our little girly, girl...Princess!!! So she's all about Pink and Purple!!!! Oh to have such easy choices and decisions!!!!
Now for the living room...and the dining room...and the kitchen...and the family room...and the bathrooms...and OUR bedroom!!!!'s to hoping the colors we decided on all look ok and go well together!?!?!? We'll see how much I like painting after all these rooms get done!!! :) :) :) I'm excited long does this excitement last!?!?!?!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Try it out...

Ok...thank you all for letting me know that you want to be included...or that you stalk my blog...or whatever!! I appreciate it and love knowing that people really do read up on it!!! I will keep your emails and things on file or whatever....but for now...I'm trying this out.

A friend of mine told me that I can just not accept anonymous I changed up my settings...and we'll see how things go like this for now...I know I don't check the "private" blogs as much as the other I really didn't want to have to do that...but I will if I have to.

So for now...we'll try this out and see where it gets us...but it sure makes me happy to know and see how many TRUE friends/family members read this and want to help me and love me!! So thanks!!! Means a lot!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going PRIVATE....

Not cuz I want to...but more so because I HAVE to...I've decided to make my blogs private. It sucks, because I've had this blog for 4 1/2 years or more...and I've NEVER had issues or problems. Then this year comes around...and I have issues and problems on my "Burn Becki's Belly Fat" blog...anonymous comments coming that are very much un-called for. I thought we were good...I made changes...protected myself and family a little more...and then......


It happens I'm done. I can't take it anymore. I can't let pathetic, low, inconsiderate people put things on here and then NOT take the credit for them.

So even with the headache that comes along with it...I will be going private this weekend...please send me an e-mail or message or comment or something so I can add whoever would REALLY like to be a part of this blog. I'll get the invites or whatever out as soon as I get things going this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience...

Halloween 2011

We had a good Halloween...and the kids were THRILLED about their costumes!!! Thank goodness we have a sweet Aunt who helps us out and loves us!!! Cuz they wouldn't have looked near as cute with anything else...

Here's the kiddos...before all the fun festivities and parties on Saturday...Kyson - puppy, Klous - Iron Man, Aysha - Princess Belle
We went to Daddy's work Halloween morning...and ran to other was a BUSY day...and I was exhausted by the end...but it's worth it all for the kids right!!!
And here's the most important part!!! THANK YOU AUNTIE KIM for making this Halloween so GREAT!!! We love you more then you know!!!!
Hope you all had a good Halloween too!!