Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're coming around!!!

Yesterday was a pretty decent day...after getting home from the doctor and everyone getting a nap...having some lunch...and just "relaxing"...the smiles slowly started coming!! Aysha didn't need to be sucked out near as often yesterday...I think she went 8 hours even before having to go in...then made it again til bedtime. After she woke up from one of her naps...I was talking to her while she was in the swing...can I tell you how HAPPY I was to see MY little girl again...so so happy to see the smiles and hear the coos :)

Check out those red eyes and that nose...poor girl...all her sneezes and coughs...she's still adorable though huh!!
Once she quit sneezing, she was even more playful and happy :)
I love this face...she was going to sneeze, but it didn't come!! She's so stinkin' cute!!
She's pretty hooked on that fist...anytime her binki is out of her mouth...she's trying to figure out how to get that fist in her mouth...or just her finger/thumb. It's pretty cute!!!
And poor Klous...he had a rough day again yesterday...so tired and stuffy...lots of sneezes, coughs, and gagging...but he was still willing to smile at the camera too. Poor sick babies...
These were just before bed last night...before her last treatment for the night...she sure is a smiley girl and I'm SO SO happy to have this back...crazy how much you can miss it in just a week.
Yeah...BIG smiles!!! :) :) :)
This is today...Klous woke up even better then yesterday...(which doesn't take much)...but we got up and laid on the couch for a bit watching his shows...after a while I got up and Klous told me..."Mommy...my almost done sick" :) :) :) It was so cute...and he's so ready to be over it as well!! Today got up to 60 degrees and it was LOVELY!!! We played outside with some friends and Grandma was here to visit/help too...was so nice to be outside and enjoy a nice day!!! Can't wait for spring to REALLY be here!!! But as you can see...Klous is feeling even better today!!!
And Aysha...she went in for a suction treatment at 4:00 A.M this morning...and just barely went back in for another one...it's now 10:50 P.M...so she made it ALL day without going in...and we loved it!! We sucked her out a few times here at home...and she still ate, slept, peed, and played...so she's really doing better finally!! I'm so ready and excited for it all to be done!! Knowing there's actually an end in sight makes me so so happy!!!
She's more active and happy now...and it's great to have our happy baby back...having sick kids is so tough...and it's gotta be a better week now right!!!
I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all the family and friends that we have who have shown care, concern, love, help, advice, and anything else. I'd list them, but I know I'd miss someone and that would be mean...so you know who you are...and please know how much we love and appreciate all of you!! It's great to know that we have such close friends and family that want to do whatever they can for us!! Thanks especially though to Ryan for staying home with me to deal with it...taking Aysha in every FOUR hours...and for staying right along side me with very little sleep. And to Grandma for all her love and concern and help...it was great having you here today to help and entertain the kids...and to have you around so we could catch up on sleep!! I'm just so lucky to have such great people in my life...I love you all!! Here's to happy, healthy kids SOON :) :) :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi...here we go again!! I called our pediatrician this morning and got in for an appointment...and we just got home. He said she's going to have to continue having the treatments...she's a little dehydrated and I can start giving her drops of pedialyte...he's hoping this is the worst of it and we only have MAYBE 2 more days...and he just felt real bad. He told me to stay positive and keep doing what we're doing cuz it's keeping her out of the hospital...and if she makes it through the rest of this winter...she should be fine and next winter won't be nearly as bad. So...ahhhhh...I'm just ready for it to be done. Klous & Aysha both had a HORRIBLE night last night...which means Mommy & Daddy didn't sleep at all either...so today is rough. But we're hoping and praying for the best...and hoping they're both on the mend. At least Klous is coughing, sneezing, and gagging enough to get the crap out...terrible that I say that's a "good" thing...but really it is. So we'll see how this week goes...

Just thought I'd share some pictures of a day at the Jones House lately...

Aysha gets a LOT of sleep in her carseat...since she falls asleep on the way home from each treatment...we want her to continue sleeping and just leave her there...if her darn congestion would just go away...she'd sleep so much better!!! But isn't she still beautiful...even when she's feeling miserable :(
Taking shifts on our bed...here's Daddy & Klous taking a nap now...I came home with Aysha and this is what I found...how sweet...glad someone can get some sleep ;)
And yes...here's my bed where I SHOULD be sleeping because the rest of the house is...but I have to many things on my mind...too many things I want to clean up and figure out...too many feelings of...well if I lay down one of the kids will just wake up, so what's the point...so instead...here I sit posting on my blog!! Wonderful huh!!
All I want are my two healthy, happy kids back...the Dr. was pretty hopeful that by the middle/end of this week it would be clearing out...and with the warmer weather we're supposed to have...it'll make things even better. So here's to hoping...and missing my beautiful, smiley, happy kids!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're still here...kind of :)

Just an update...little Aysha is still yucky. :( Breaks my heart...Ryan's been taking her in every 4-6 hours to get suctioned. Yesterday it was more on the end of 5-6 hours...and she was showing a lot of signs of being in distress...so we decided to do it every 4 hours on the dot and hopefully that'll get her on the mend. Ryan's been AMAZING at doing it and sticking to it. I made the mistake last night of going along to watch one of the treatments...and it seriously broke my heart. I came home and just cried...to see my baby like that was more then I could handle, and to know I can't do anything for her...that hurts even more. I couldn't imagine if we were admitted and I would have to see an IV in her or oxygen or any of that...no thanks. So hopefully she's getting a little better...which I know she is...she's eaten 6 oz of formula in the last 6-7 hours...so that's GREAT. Since that was all she ate ALL DAY yesterday :( I've been nervous and watching for signs of dehydration...but hopefully she will continue eating and getting her strength back. Thank you all for your care, concern, prayers, and love. We really appreciate it...and are still putting our trust in Heavenly Father to get her through this!!
P.S...Klous is hacking and coughing too...so hopefully we can just have a HEALTHY house sometime this week!!! YUCK!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It is RSV :(

Well it's true...we took Aysha in this afternoon to get "suctioned" out and be tested for RSV. The lab tech guy said it was RSV just from what he pulled out...but we of course had to wait for the Dr to confirm it. Finally at about 8:30 this evening we got a call confirming it. :( DANG IT...We're doing treatments every 4-6 hours for her...which means taking her to the hospital and having all the gunk suctioned out of her nose, sinuses, throat, and wherever else they get it from. She screams like crazy and really hates it...Ryan takes her so I don't have to watch or hold her down...thanks honey!! But if it'll keep her from being admitted to the hospital...she can do it!! We're just hoping, praying, and trying to have faith that our Heavenly Father will bless her and help her heal quickly. Stay tuned for more updates!! Gotta go take care of my crying baby :( Poor girl.

Sick babies :( :( :( :( :(

Why is it they can go from this happy, cute, sleeping baby on Sunday...
To this trying to sleep...hacking & coughing...sneezing...sad...baby on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Friday too??
She has been getting worse and worse...we took her to the doctor Wednesday morning after finding out that a friend of ours had admitted her son to the hospital for RSV. Not to mention the number of kids they're talking about on the news that have it. I thought maybe I could catch it before it got worse. However...I was WRONG...the Dr told us that it's viral and there's really nothing we can do but let it run it's course. :( So here I sit for the 4th day watching my poor baby cough and struggle to sleep, eat, and breathe. We're waiting on hearing back from the Dr again today, because he did tell us it's "just a cold"...but could easily turn into RSV and get worse. So we've been watching her close...and I've been more paranoid then ever before. Crying cuz I can't do anything...cleaning my house like MAD to get the germs OUT...terrible it takes something like this to make me clean better. So we'll see...but now she's in her swing...sleeping...and I hope it takes a turn for the BETTER and not the worse...don't know that I could handle sitting in the hospital with her like some of my friends have had to do with their babies...I'd be a wreck...I am and I'm still at home... :( :( :( Poor Aysha :(

Then there's Klous...who has been such a trooper through all this...a little sad and jealous that almost all of my attention is on Aysha and not him...he was so happy and smiley all last week and weekend too...
Now here he is this morning... :( Woke up coughing and gagging too...we can at least give him some cough medicine to ease it a little...and help him a little more. He just wants to sit on the couch and watch BUZZ (Toy Story) though...and he's content.
Why...Why...Why...that's all I can say. Will it warm up soon?? Will the germs all be gone soon?? Will we end up in the hospital with Aysha?? Do I not have enough faith and trust that things will be ok?? I don't know...I'm really struggling...and shouldn't be complaining or whining, because I am not the only one going through this. It just SUCKS...and I hate seeing my babies suffer like this. Maybe my emotions are even more out of whack because of lack of sleep...who knows...but I sure hope things start getting better soon...I can't handle another whole week of this :(

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

Just wanting to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you are able to feel loved and remember all those that you love today!!! I sure do LOVE my little Valentine babies!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!
Aysha in her heart outfit!! So cute!!
My kiddos...Klous loves his baby sister!!!
Cheese...look how big they're getting!!! Little smirks out of both of them!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just us...

Here are just some fun pictures from the last week here!! What a silly, crazy family I've got!!! All full of faces and expressions!!

Here's our Daddy...
Like father like son huh!! Can you see the similarities!?!?! :)
Just sitting up!! Don't ask her to do it for too long!!
And little giggles!! She's getting so big!! We just love her!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bath time and Golfing!! :)

I realized last weekend that we hadn't taken ANY pictures of Aysha getting a bath since she's come home. It's only been over 2 months!! But now she actually likes the tub and kicks, plays, and smiles!! She's so cute...so I had Ryan grab the camera and get some cute faces of her...we just love her!!

After naps and stuff on Saturday...we wanted to do a surprise for Klous and took him mini-golfing. He told us we couldn't go cuz the snow wasn't all gone...but we told him we could do it INSIDE...so he was ok with it!! He is so cute and had lots of fun...here are the pictures from our adventure...sorry they're so dark...they only have "black" lights in there.
Klous got one hole in one even!! Good job!!

This is what Aysha thought of it all!! Cutie Pie :)
Klous & Daddy having fun!!

This was funny...he was trying to pick that thing up cuz it was in his way when he hit the ball...silly kid!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy & Kids...

Last week I had fun taking pictures of me and the kids!! We're doing fun little surprises for Daddy...and this was one of them...so he'd have some new pictures at work. Here are a few of them...Klous and Aysha are so stinkin' cute. We really are pretty lucky...and hope Daddy appreciated the pictures as much as we enjoyed doing them!!

Klous & Mommy saying CHEESE :)
Kisses for Daddy :)
Aysha & Mommy saying CHEESE :)
Kisses for Daddy from us!!
Aren't they cute!!
Aysha's waving or something...but Klous liked holding her for this picture!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bows, Bows, and Flowers!!

So when I had Aysha...I was real excited about all the "accessories" for little girls!! All the cute bows and flowers and headbands and just ALL that stuff!! Well I didn't stay as excited when I started shopping around for them, and realized what people were charging for them. I had been to the kiosks in the mall...Quilted Bear...Wal-Mart...everywhere I thought might have some...and after buying some...I looked closer at them and thought...hmmm...I can make these!! So Ryan & I talked about it...and thought I can do this, try to sell some and make a little extra money, and see how it all goes. Well we stocked up on ribbon...flowers...clips...hot glue/gun...and the jewels. I started teaching myself and figuring things out...just at that time, we heard about this stupid law that is supposed to take effect on Feb. 10th. It's the one about having things tested for lead that are used or intended for children under 12. So our hopes have kind of been shot down...but regardless...I still have ALL this ribbon...flowers...clips...hot glue/gun...and the jewels. Not to mention the little girl I have...the nieces I have...the neighbors/friends I have...and all the other little girls I come in contact with. So I've still been playing...and thought I'd share some pictures of the ones I've made and still have at my house!! It's been fun...and if any of you reading this are interested in having some or are in need of anything specific...I'm willing to try new things and put them together!! Just let me know!!

My BIG flowers, little flowers, and bows!!
St. Patrick's Day bows... :) :) :) Gotta be ready for the holidays!!
BIG flowers...
Medium and little flowers...
and MORE bows :)
Little flowers!!
I always thought the moms were silly when they'd put flowers on their baby's heads that were twice the size of the head!!! Well now it's so stinkin' cute...I can't help but do it too!! Aysha doesn't mind the extra accessories...and she looks adorable...so I'll keep doing it!! Plus it's a fun hobby for me...not so much though when I stay up til WEE hours of the night cuz I can't put them away!!!