Thursday, August 28, 2008

South Dakota Pictures...

Here are just some slideshows with the pictures I have...figured it would be a bit much to upload ALL of them on the hope you all enjoy the pictures!! It was such a good time...and so much to see and do!!! You can look at the pictures and enjoy the Dinosaur Park, Bear Country, The Flintstones, and Mount was so cool...but I'd have to say Klous like the Flintstones the best!!! It was so fun...and the family time was great!! It was nice for Klous to get to play with his cousins who are his age!! It was fun!!! Can't wait for next time!! :) :) :) Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're home...

We made it home after a long 11 1/2 hour drive to South Dakota...lots of site seeing, laughing, crying, running around, and more driving...then another long 11 hour drive back to Utah...we're home. Klous did SOOO good in the car and just slept or watched movies...only one real crying was good!!!
This was simply AMAZING...I was very impressed with Mount Rushmore and all the things that went along with it.
Stay tuned for more pictures and explanations of what we was fun!!! Glad to be home and in my own bed...but it was a nice "vacation".

Monday, August 18, 2008

New "job" :)

So remember at the beginning of the year when I started watching this baby for some extra money...and to "try-out" having two kids?? It went alright...Klous had fun...and it was good extra money for us!!! But then I got pregnant and sick and tired and moody...and decided I needed to focus on my little family for a bit!! I felt HORRIBLE backing out, especially since there was only a little over a month of school left...but I was feeling terrible...well here is Klous & little Charlotte back in January when I started...cute huh!!!
Well school started again today...and I've really been thinking about little Charlotte and her mom wondering if they needed help again. We're in DIRE need of "extra" money right I figured I could sacrifice a bit again and help out!!! So at 6:30 this morning I was up and ready to watch this adorable little girl!! She had a tough time at know being left with a practical stranger, separation anxiety from Mommy, and not sure where she was tough at first. But after her nap and some breakfast...we were good to go!! Klous had even more fun this time with the "baby" because she's more interactive now!! She scoots, plays, squeals, and laughs at he was having a great time!!! Here they are playing together cute...and so big!!!
I guess we'll see how it all goes...I told her mom I'd help out for sure until this baby comes...then we'll have to see how I do!! Gotta recover and get used to having a newborn in the house again, but I sure am grateful for an "easy" way of being able to make some extra money for now!! At least I don't have to leave the house for a REAL job!! I like MY job!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

24 weeks and counting!! :) Just kidding...

Some people have been wanting more belly pictures...ok well mostly my sister-in-laws because they want to be prepared to see the BIG COW in a week!!! Just kidding...I have definitely POPPED out all of a sudden...and this baby is OUT OF CONTROL at times...usually later at night and in the afternoon. I don't remember Klous moving around this much...but maybe I'm just forgetful??

Well I'm 24 weeks along now...things are going alright...I've been feeling okay the last few days...(knock on wood)...because as soon as I talk positively about it...I get more we'll see. My belly is getting BIG and in the way...doing dishes has become a chore cuz I can't get as close to the sink...and trying to "squeeze" through places...doesn't really work anymore...can't suck in my tummy!!! Silly thing!!! Here are some pics Ryan took the other night...Anna...YES I am getting BIG too...and feel like a cow!!! We'll be HUGE together in South Dakota!!!

Then there's Klous...he's been obsessed with this helmet...pretty much wears it ALL the time...but oh well!! At least his head is protected right!! This is usually what he looks like when he puts it on himself...squishes and folds his ears down so he can't hear me!! It's kinda funny...but at least he's having fun right!!!
What a silly boy...sure do love him!! He's getting so big and smart lately...he'll randomly say words now that we didn't even know he's kinda fun!! He's getting more talkative and is able to communicate better!! It'll be fun to "talk" to him!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Think he likes baseball??? :) :) :)

Klous has always had a love of sports...and balls...and outside...and bats...and whatever else he could get his hands on to throw, swing, or hit!! Last night while Daddy was at class...we were sick of being in the house, so we went to the park...and then ran to Wal-Mart...we walked around and looked at the fishy's (Klous' favorite thing about that store)...and then went back by the balls...always a mistake, but I had to look at something. Anyways...they had all their baseball/T-Ball helmets on CLEARANCE. They were like more then 1/2 off and Klous wanted to wear one as soon as he saw them!! Now you'd think for a little boy who is almost 2-years old...that he'd be able to wear the smallest ones...NOPE!!! We had to put the T-Ball ones aside and find a "YOUTH" size....he has such a BIG head!! Either's cute and hopefully he'll be able to wear it and use it for was only $5...obviously nothing way special...but good enough for us!!!

When we got home, he had to wear it and play some baseball...I don't like to brag, but he's getting good!! He doesn't like us to tell him to "SWING" anymore...he just does it on his own...and since we've gone to a few baseball games...he has to "lift his leg" when he throws the he's pitching or something!!! He's silly!! I'm excited to go to South Dakota in a couple weeks and have him play with Papa, and his uncles, and his cousin!! Yeah!!!

Here are the pictures from our "baseball game" last night...hope you like his stants...swings...throwing...and pitching!!! He's getting big!!! And he's so dang cute!!!

Oh more side note...I had some ice cream at like 10:00 last night...just as the news was was REAL good...but it was a bad idea...the sugar all got to the baby around 11:00...and we were up for awhile doing flips, kicks, punches, and whatever else she could maneuver in there!! Silly kid...note to self...don't eat ice cream that late at night anymore!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Such a BOY...

The other day, I had opened the door and Klous of course RAN out right I let him play while I finished some stuff in the house. I went to check on him because it was a little TOO quiet for my liking!! When I found him...this is what he was doing...

Just sitting on the ground in front of the van...throwing sticks at the shed...he likes to hear the "clink" noise...and he's watched Daddy break some sticks he was trying to be "tough" and break some too...then he had more pieces to throw...what a BOY!!!
He'd throw them in the air too...I think he also saw a bird in the tree...or an airplane in the sky...can't remember which one!!
Throwing some more...and looking for the BEST stick...
Uh-oh...Mommy caught me...:)
Then he was done with that...he went to find his tractor next!! This is another garage sale special...$1 bargain!! He LOVES's just the right size and weight and everything for him...he goes and goes and goes on it...he's taught himself how to steer it and maneuver it down the driveway and on the sidewalks...
He's pretty proud of himself...
Here it is...perfect shape...there is one little break in the steering wheel...but doesn't bother Klous!! Can't beat the price...only $1 :) :) :)
On Friday...he was in the kitchen...I heard him dump something out...kind of ignored it and then I heard him saying..."HELLO"...well in his language..."HAWO"...but it was kind of I wasn't sure what he was doing...he was getting closer to me and saying..."HAWO MAMA"..."HAWO MAMA" I looked at him and had to hold in my laugh...I quick grabbed the camera to get a picture before he pulled it off!!! Yep...he was walking through the kitchen with this bucket on his head...what a GOOF...luckily he didn't run into anything...don't know how he managed that...but it was funny either way!!!
Sorry they're a little fuzzy...I was laughing and he was walking...and the camera wouldn't focus!! Either way you get the idea...when he heard the click of the camera he had to peek out to see what I was he makes me laugh!!!