Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things he's done lately...

Klous has really enjoyed the last couple have's been between 70-80 degrees outside...and it's been GREAT!!! We got to play at the with his baseballs...turn on the sprinklers (although I forgot to get pictures)...and Klous had really discovered the DIRT. He was too cute the other night while we were making I had to take some pictures!!!

We don't have a very big backyard...but he enjoys it!!
Here he is finding some "treasures"...
And showing Mommy his rocks that he found...those were the "treasures"...
Then he goes back for more...just likes to get dirty I think...he is a boy you know!!! What's so amazing about sand running through your fingers???
I love this look..." I doing something??"...Man he's a cutie!!
Now he's got another "treasure" to bring to Mommy...
Here he comes....
TA DA...more sand!!
He was one DIRTY kid...he looked like he had his face painted for Halloween or something...

Check out those was a GOOD night in the tub too!! :) :) :) Here comes summer I guess!!

Klous also has this new thing...this doesn't completely show it, because he's strapped in his car seat. BUT...he just randomly closes his eyes...and when he's not in the car...he'll just walk around and try to find Ryan or I with his EYES CLOSED?!?! What's wrong with him?? But don't you worry...he's not stupid...he's learned how to "peek" when he's doing'll look like they're completely closed...but he can's the funniest thing!! He just walks around the house like that...weird kid!!
This one he was trying to peek at me...but I took the picture too long after he had them opened more...usually he doesn't open them that much!! Oh...he just makes me laugh!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Full day of FUN adventures!!

Today we have had a BUSY day!!! It was a good day that's nice!! I didn't take pictures of everything we did...just part of it...but I thought I'd post some of them!! We started off this morning, by heading up to Sandy, UT to have lunch with a friend of mine!! Before we left...Klous decided he wanted to drive...figured we'd start him a little young!!! He'll be great I think...See how excited he is when we let him "drive"...I remember being like that!!!
We got up to Sandy...and met up with my "long-lost friend Morgan"...her & I haven't seen each other since our senior year of high school. So that was in March 2001!!! Here's a picture of us back then...that was SEVEN years ago...crazy!!! Man we're cute!!
Then this is us now...she's still so much ;) Anyways...we're still the same...just older...
Oh yeah...and we have husbands and kids!! Morgan's got 2 ADORABLE boys...and I've got Klous...he's pretty cute too!!
Here's all of us together...Morgan's little guy Tyler was pretty proud of his Narnia book!! He's showing it off if you can't tell!!! It was GREAT seeing them and meeting each other's hubby's for the first time!!! We had to do it too...they're headed to Texas for "REAL LIFE"...someday we'll be at that point too!!
It just made me realize again...that no matter how long it's been...when you've got a TRUE's like there was never a gap in the time you saw each other!! We still laughed, chatted, and hung out like we used to. It was great!! Friends are great...good luck guys!! :) :) :)

After that visit...we made our way back to Utah County...I had a bridal shower...went to a craft fair...then we had a wedding reception tonight too for an old was a BUSY day...and we're all glad to be at home just relaxing!!! Ahhhhh :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He's a TRUE boy...and is definitely MY son :)

Hello...sorry for the LONG time no pictures or posts. Things have been crazy!!!

Anyways...I just wanted to write and show some cute pictures of Klous from the last week or so!!! Last weekend, we realized his high chair was pretty NASTY Ryan decided to bring it outside and spray it with the hose...well Klous was a TRUE boy and was first to find the extra water running off!!!

As you can see...he was ALL smiles splashing in it too!!Then he had to march march march in it!!
And as you can see...he didn't have any shoes on...(since he's holding it) his feet and pants were SOAKED!!!
Then yesterday...I made a veggie & fruit pizza for church...Klous was all about helping me with the fruit dip stuff!! He's definitely my son, because he likes the Marshmallow cream as much as his mommy!!! He was ALL smiles again when I gave him a spoon with some on it!!!
Crazy how fast he can clean off that spoon when he LIKES the stuff!! Silly kid...he liked saying CHEESE too with his marshmallow face!!! Man he's a cute kid!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lack of posting :(

Hey just wanted you guys to know I'm still here...and still alive!! I haven't taken any pictures of Klous lately...he's been sick the last week...and it's been a ROUGH week!! Luckily he's on the mend...or at least I hope he is!! And hopefully we'll get REAL spring weather again soon to play outside and get cute pictures again!! Just wanted to let you all know we're still here!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lil' Baseball player!!

He is definitely a BOY and a definitely a KLOUS!!! I can't believe how much he loves baseball, basketball, football, and pretty much any sport that involves a BALL!!!

Just last week, he actually started holding the bat with 2 hands, and getting into these batting stants!! He is so cute, and reminds me of my brothers when they played baseball!! This looks like a little baseball card pose!! So cute!!
Just throwing the ball back to Mommy...Papa keeps telling me I have to get him to throw left handed...but no matter what I do...he always goes back to his right hand!!
When it got dark and cold out...we went in the house, and he got to show Daddy his batting skills!!! He's trying to swing here...didn't hit it though...
He is so cute...he just tries to get as low as he can sometimes...and falls down on his bum!!
Then he's not quite sure which way he's supposed to face...
Don't worry...just when you think we've run out of balls...he'll find us some more!! Check out all those that he kept getting for us!!
I love his expression in this picture...I think he thought Daddy was going to hit him with the ball...silly kid!!! Gotta get him over being scared of the ball huh!! :)
Well hopefully our little boy will have more of the baseball skills like my would be fun to watch him play all those games!! I'm glad he's inherited the genes he needs to know how to throw a ball...cuz he DOESN'T throw like a girl!! :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Holy Terror!!!

Yesterday I was having a TOUGH day...sometimes I feel like I can't get ANYTHING done. Then I decided to take some pictures and show WHY I can't!!!

Klous always decides right away in the morning...that any toys or stories that Mommy & Daddy have put away so nicely...they shouldn't be like that!! So he crawls into that little cubby where the green ball is...and has to throw every single toy...then he feels complete!!!Once he's done with that...he has to move on to the next project...this is what he did while I was doing frustrating!!!
He pulled EVERY SHOE off of the shelf...and if you guys know know I have a LOT of flip-flops...he couldn't just pull them off to get them individually and throw it on the floor....
It was quite the mess...and then he looks at me like..."What Mom??"...look at him...
Then he thinks he's so so funny!!! That shelf is see's supposed to be full of SHOES...but no...all the shoes were on the FLOOR!!!
Look at that mess he made...ugh...he just makes me tired!!!
But you know...with some stuff that has happened in the last couple days...I sure am grateful that I have him...I know I would be a mess if anything happened to him...he is my little boy, and I love him to death!! I love his smile, giggles, babbles...I even love his naughty things too!!! He is an amazing I'm sure every child is to their Mom...but really...I would be lost without him, and heart broken if anything bad happened to him. So heart goes out to all of you who have had to suffer loss...even people I don't truly are amazing to handle the loss of a little one!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ok...I got tagged by Tara awhile ago and kind of ignored it...sorry Tara!! But then Jana did it here you guys go!! I'm actually doing it!!!

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Wow...that was a long time ago...I was 15...and in high school. Nothing too exciting!! Living with my parents and brothers...I don't even remember what grade I would've been in??? Probably 9th maybe??? WOW...I was pretty much a loser!! ha ha ha :)

2. 5 things to do today.
  • Play with Klous
  • Do dishes
  • Find something for dinner
  • Spend time with my hubby tonight!!
3. What snacks do I enjoy?

Lately...Reese's Peanut Butter cups, leftover Easter candy, Fruit snacks, and Diet Coke!!

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?

Shout for joy!! I'd pay a house with a good "family" car for me...and a nice Toyota Tundra for Ryan...put a LOT in savings...put a LOT in savings accounts for my kids (present & future)...send some to my parents and Ryan's parents...go on a REAL vacation...maybe a short one with Klous...then one for just me & Ryan!! I would just enjoy not having to worry and live paycheck-to-paycheck

5. 3 Bad habits
  • Saying I'm going to exercise but instead eating junk!!
  • Assuming things before I know!!
  • Thinking of all the "what if's"...they don't get me anywhere!!
6. 5 jobs I've had.
  • Worked with my Dad doing inventory at the car dealership-Parts Dept
  • Teller/Collections officer at 3 different banks
  • Selling Pampered Chef
7. 5 things people don't know about me
  • I have 5 siblings all who are married and 13 nieces/nephews and one on the way ;)
  • I HATE when guys or girls "hock loogies"...seriously makes me want to PUKE!!
  • I'd like to be an Elementary Teacher someday...after Ryan's done with school and the kids are older!!
  • I played softball in junior high, but didn't make the varsity team...but I love softball and baseball!!!
  • I really am a billionaire!!! HA HA HA...JUST KIDDING...just couldn't come up with a 5th thing!!!
Ok...I tag Brecken and Morgan!! :) :)