Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lack of posting :(

Hey just wanted you guys to know I'm still here...and still alive!! I haven't taken any pictures of Klous lately...he's been sick the last week...and it's been a ROUGH week!! Luckily he's on the mend...or at least I hope he is!! And hopefully we'll get REAL spring weather again soon to play outside and get cute pictures again!! Just wanted to let you all know we're still here!!


JJ said...

Glad to hear you are ok...I was wondering. I am glad Klous if feeling better too!

Tara said...

No Kidding! I was beginning to wonder. I guess you picked up on my hint last night. Ha Ha Just kidding! Have fun on your date tonight!

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

If it makes you feel any better, you keep a lot better than I do! Sorry I have become the long lost friend. I have (silently) agreed with your comments that we need to get together. Yes, we do! I have been having a lot of family visit, but let's hang out week after next!

Thanks for all the cute posts and picture you do. Klous is so cute and growing so fast, and I'm glad I can still read about your fun adventures even whenI'm a slacker. I hope all is going well.

Mindy said...

It should be warming up quite a bit. We were in Utah this last week and it was a nice change from the freezing cold we were having here.
Post more baseball pictures--those are the best, especially with his new stance.