Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve....

We were LUCKY and got a special visit from Santa on Christmas Eve!!! Ryan & I knew about it...we told some family/friends to come over...but we did NOT tell the kids. They had NO idea...and just told them that we were having people over for dinner...which we did after Santa left...but they had no idea. So when the big man in red showed up...there was LOTS of excitement...smiles...and some nervous faces!!!!
It was a GREAT time and experience...and some adults (me) were probably a little more excited then the kids!!! It was just GREAT!!!

Santa was so SO real can you NOT believe when he shows up at your door with gifts in his magic bag for you...and they are what you have been asking for!?!?!

Klous was all smiles and didn't stop smiling the whole time!!! He was outside with Uncle Matthew putting something in the truck when Santa showed all we heard was him yell...SAAAAAANNNNNNNTTTTTAAAA!!!!! Then he walked him into the house!!!
Aysha wasn't quite as excited...and would NOT sit on his lap...eventually warmed up enough to give him knuckles....and when she opened her princess baby she was a bit more excited!!!! I love the look on her face though!!!

And Kyson was NOT having it!!! He would not sit or even get close to Santa!! But I looked at the camera...said are you ready? And put him on there!!! This is the picture we got!!! LoL...classic Santa/kid picture right!!!! He was happier when he got the blocks too!!!
We were SO SO SO lucky to get this great visit. Thank you to UCCU for allowing us to be a part of it...and for blessing our Christmas more then they'll ever know!!!! Here is our happy, shocked, AMAZED family all with Santa after opening the gifts!!! Blocks for Kyson...a baby for Aysha...a truck/trailer for Klous...and for the family he brought a Wii....I'm still in shock and so grateful for how we were blessed!!!
Such a GREAT start to our Christmas weekend and holiday!!! I love this time of year!!!