Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday Preparations...

Well...let's just say Klous LOVES Elmo!!! Like I've said in previous posts, when he hears the music from Elmo's World, he'll come running to the T.V...and watch in awe!!! Now he's also able to recognize Elmo and other characters from Sesame Street. This has helped us make a pretty easy decision as to what we'll do for his 1st birthday. We got this catalog in the mail the other day, and it was all about decorations for babies 1st birthdays, and sure enough, there was a WHOLE section on Elmo & Sesame Street!!! Klous was VERY excited when he saw the pages and fun stuff on them!!!

He just sat with it and stared....
And gave kisses...and nibbles!!! :)
And wrinkled it to get the full effect...
And most of all was just :) HAPPY :) that Elmo has LOTS of options for decorations. He was all smiles!!!
Here's the pages we are talking about and looking at...gotta love the little Elmo costume on the right page, in the lower left corner!!!
Now...not that we'll order stuff from this or anything...(I'm hoping maybe something?!?!)...but we DEFINITELY will be have an ELMO PARTY in October!!! WOO HOO!!! :) :) :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

kids will be kids...:)

Last week, I accidentally left the bathroom door open...and Klous noticed it!!! Next thing I knew...he was coming out really excited and happy...and I could hear something plastic sounding?!?!?! So I turned around and saw this....Yep...Klous was pretty proud of his finding and treasure...Mommy's tampons :)...he wasn't gonna let them go...and even thought they made cool suckers :( BLAH :( ....
Then he decided maybe I'll go see what else I can find in here he is again...escaping for the bathroom AGAIN...luckily the door was shut this time...and has been since then!!! 'Til he learns how to open them!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

LiOns, TiGeRs, & bEaRs OH MY!!!!

Last Wednesday, (Aug. 22)...Ryan took the day off and we decided to go to the zoo!!! It's the last day he'll be able to have for awhile, so we had to enjoy it!!! We had Auntie Shauna & Zack go too, thought they might enjoy it!!! It was a fun trip, and Klous liked seeing the animals...well some of them!!! We had a good time!!!This picture was really taken just before we went home...we were tired and ready to go!!!
Klous anxiously waiting for the tickets... :)
Our first friend we saw!!! He's cute huh...Ryan read something that said he's the oldest one in there (of these type), and that he's in his 30's or 40's...and I guess in the wild they only live to be in their mid 20' GOOD JOB lil' monkey!!!
Zack didn't really know what to think when he got THAT close!!! Zack was right by the glass...until he came to say HI :)
I guess there's a picture of Ryan getting a drink from this fountain when he was we had to get Klous in it too...well I didn't mean "IN" it!!! :)
Here's the "Ghost of the Bayou"...the WHITE was pretty cool!!!
Klous liked the elephants!!! See them behind him???
This big one sprayed water out his nose...the boys didn't like it at first...but then got used to it!!
Tiger statues...they liked being able to be out of the strollers!!!
Klous was yelling at the cheetah or tiger that's under that shelter thing.
YIKES...this was too close for Klous!!
This little meerkat was running along the bottom of the glass...right where Klous was standing...
This is what he thought of it!!! "AHHHHH...get me out of here!!!"
HUGE snake...YUCK!!!
Mommy showing him something...don't remember what they were called though???
Klous had fun at the zoo...but was tired and ready to take his nap!!! Gotta love this "I'm done" face!!! TOO CUTE!!! I'd have to say he was the cutest animal at the zoo that day!!! :) ;) :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Like a LOT of kids...Klous is VERY fascinated by our cell phones. Luckily we have plenty of "toy" phones that he gets to slobber on, play with, and do whatever he wants to it!!! He's getting so so big, and picks up on a LOT more then I ever realized I think. He knows what to do when I say "HI"...he waves...when I say "YEAH"...he claps...and when I say "HELLO"...

He gets his phone....And puts it by his ear!!!
And yells...maybe he's saying "HELLO" too???
Makes me laugh every time he does it...and not only will he get a phone...he'll use a remote...a toy...and even any shoe he can get his hands on!!! :) Too cute!!! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They're COMING...and ALMOST HERE!!!!

Well...after another long...LONG 3-4 months...Klous is FINALLY getting his top teeth's been a hard process and time, because there seems to be NO comfort for him, or them!!! I've made the decision that he doesn't want to get any teeth in, unless they come in 3's!!! He got his 3 bottom teeth...and has had them for awhile now...and now he's getting the 4th tooth on the bottom...and his 2 top teeth!!! So until a set of 3 are ready, we won't see anything I guess!!! So here's a GREAT picture to show the teeth coming, as well as how painful his poor little gums look :(...poor lil' guy!!! Don't mind the mac 'n cheese in his nose!!! (his new favorite food) :) :) :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Klous really walking!!

Well, I posted pictures of Klous walking...but that really doesn't show it as well as a video!!! So I recorded him playing "fetch" with the diaper!!! :) It's kinda funny that he actually goes to get the diaper after I throw it over there...but what am I supposed to do?? If I don't throw it...he gets it when it's right next to me!!! :) So either way he'll get it...sorry for the quick ending on the video though...the diaper really did open up and he started to lick it...LUCKILY it was the outside...but it could've been REAL gross!!! you can get the full effect of him actually walking!!! Enjoy!!! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Klous is off on his own now...he's taught himself how to stand up in the middle of the floor...and to just go wherever he wants to!!! He really like playing with Daddy's shoes, and makes that a daily activity...along with "fetching" the diapers I throw over to the garbage can...guess I can't do that anymore!!!

He's getting so big, and will just walk back and forth between the living room & kitchen...And he has to look back to make sure Mommy is watching him...:)
Then he just plops onto his bum and rests for a bit...
His walking doesn't come without LOUD shouting, talking, and noises!!! He is his father's child, and makes noises just like his Dad!!!
He even has to make this face to get his point across...this is usually when he's yelling MAMA or DADA real loud!!!
See...then he finally gets to his goal...and finds the diaper I just took off of him :( Yucky huh!!!
But don't worry...he's soon forgotten about the diaper...and is off to find whatever else he can get his little hands on!!!
Making sure the whole time, that Mommy is watching and his show is still on T.V.!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Buzz Head!!!

Well, I got a bee in my bonnet...and did it!!! I've been asking Ryan for a couple weeks to help me do this, and we've never gotten around to it, or he didn't want to do it that night. So...this afternoon...I was in the bathroom...Klous was I did it!!! I got the clippers and sat him on the sink...which he eventually ended up in the sink!!! He wiggled a LOT, and moved around...but after he found our toothbrushes, my brush, and anything else he could reach...he was alright!!! I BUZZED IT!!! WOO HOO!!! He's so stinkin' cute...and looks so much older now. I can't believe it...Ryan & I both think he looks like our nephew Jared when he was little...which isn't a bad thing!!! I see a lot of Jared in Klous are some pictures of his "new do"...or lack thereof!!!

After we were done, I rinsed him off in the tub quick, and put on The Wiggles so he'd stay calm and let me get him dressed...
And as you can see...he was VERY fond of the toothbrush!!
Then later tonight during his REAL bath...I couldn't get over how cute and big he looked!!! So I took more pictures...
And I think he even likes it!! Look at that smile!!!
He has been rubbing his head and wondering where his hair is!!! Since he's like his mommy...and has to play with hair to go "night night" when he's not pulling on mine...he usually plays with his own. So it could be interesting!!! :) Either way...he's adorable!!! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We were able to help our friends Brecken & Justin yesterday, by watching their little boy Reuben. They're getting ready to move to New York :( and needed some time to pack and clean up...without the help of an 18 month old!! So I offered to watch him for them...Klous was REAL excited to have a new friend/playmate!!! They chased each other around the house...laughed at each other...shared their crackers...and when Reuben got tired and laid on the floor...Klous thought it was time to WRESTLE!!! So he'd walk or crawl over to him and wrestle with him...Reuben just sat there and let Klous attack him!! It was cute!!

As I was trying to make dinner...Klous & Reuben thought they needed to be in the kitchen since they were being cute, I had to grab the camera...Klous would just watch him in awe at times...It's kinda hard to get them both to smile for the camera at the same time!!!
Then they discovered a hiding place together...the HIGH CHAIR!!! Reuben was all about saying CHEESE and smiling!!! :)
We're glad we got the chance to spend some time with Reuben yesterday...and then more time with Brecken & Justin last night...we're sad to see them go, but know it's best for them, and that it'll be a great experience for them!! We'll do our best to keep in touch and stay close friends...will be crazy to see how big Klous & Reuben are next time we're all together!!! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Klous Dancing

Much to Daddy's dismay...Klous has been introduced to The Wiggles :) His cousin Zack has let us borrow a couple of the movies...and Klous really enjoys watching them!!! He's become a really goo dancer since we've had them...he used to dance a little before when he would hear music...but now...he just goes crazy!!! It's pretty cute if you ask me!! And yes...The Wiggles are a little odd...and sometime act silly...but I think it's fun!!! Our other nieces & nephews have watched them and enjoyed it's bound to hit Klous too!!! He likes them!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sad Minnesotan... :(

Hello all...I'm sure you have all seen on the news or internet or whatever, the horrible accident last night in Minnesota. That is a very busy area, and my home...well my home state. I've been on that road/bridge NUMEROUS times...and I just can't believe it when I see it on the news. To think that it was during rush hour traffic, with hundreds of people in stop and go traffic...and then it just collapsed?? WOW...I just can't imagine...think of what was going through those poor people's minds as they fell into the Mississippi River or wherever. I hope we will all appreciate what we have, and pray for those people/families that have had to go through this disaster. Here's a link of one of the local news channels back can check it out if you'd like...sad day in Minnesota :(