Sunday, February 25, 2007


So baby Klous likes to be a naked baby...and likes to get in the here are a couple pictures of him getting ready to take a bath and show how HAPPY :) he is to do so!!!

Too funny!!

I couldn't resist to buy this bib first of all...then last night when he was wearing it, and awfully grumpy...I couldn't help but get the camera!!! The face and bib say it all!! What does he really think of his parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, everyone??? Only he knows!! No no no...he loves us all!! He was just having a rough night!! But he's still pretty cute even with a grumpy look on his face!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just playing...

Klous really likes is Exersaucer!!! Not to mention the little instrument toys we have for him. He plays the piano, guitar, and trumpet!! He's a real happy boy when he gets to play if you can't tell!! I just love his dimples when he smiles!!! Makes me think of when I was little and Grandma Vera and Leonard would always comment on them!! Guess I was lucky to pass them on to him!!! So so cute!!!
The dumbfounded look of me catching him playing!!!
Giving his puppy BIG kisses!!!
His new thing lately is to make this face and hum real's really funny...then he blows/spits bubbles and gets all slobbery...hence the daily bibs he has to wear!!! But gotta love the faces he makes!!
Here is is again...look at his lips!! HA HA HA :) so cute!!

Daddy Splashing Klous...

When Daddy gives Klous a bath...he likes to pour the water on his tummy...and Klous enjoys it...most of the time at least!!! I thought these were funny pictures to show the faces he makes when it's happening!!! Gotta love the dazed/confused look on his face here!!

And the 1/2 smiles of the water hitting him here...

And the MAD look from the indentions the water is making!!! Crazy huh...don't know if it's really a water drop or his skin denting?? But it's funny!!

New Favorite bath toy!!!

Klous has found the cup we use to rinse him off with real exciting!! He tries to be big and grab it and suck on it!! Here are a few pictures to show the fun he has with it!!

Drinking from it...
Concentrating real hard on holding it...
And licking it... :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ryan's Good News!!

So I thought I would write and let everyone know Ryan's good news. I don't know that he'll share it or not, so I will for him!! I'm excited for him and for our family!! He got a job today at Utah Community Credit Union...he'll be working in the Collections department, doing the same thing I was doing before I had Klous. He's going to school for Business Management with an emphasis in banking/finance, so it'll be good for him to have a job in the banking field!! I really think he'll enjoy it and have fun learning all the things there are to learn!! He starts in a couple weeks, and we'll see how he enjoys it later. He's happy to not have to be on the phones all day long, he was having a real tough time going to work and enjoying it. So I'm REAL happy to have him at something new and something that has a little more excitement and activity then what he was doing!! Who wouldn't enjoy getting people to pay their bills...repo'ing cars...canceling cards...and all the other FUN stuff that people don't realize will happen if they don't take care of their bills!!! GOOD LUCK RYRY :) :) :)....sorry there's no pictures on this one....ok's a cute one of Klous!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gramma Judy's Sweater...

Baby Klous got a package in the mail the other was from Gramma Judy and had this cute little sweater in it. (she made it) We figured we better put it on him right away and take pictures, because we didn't know how long it'll fit him for?? I luckily took pictures of him before church when he fell asleep in his swing...we were planning on taking more when he was a wake and happy after church too...but then he decided to puke all over it DURING no more pictures. Here are the ones we took of him before, and he does look awfully cute in it!! THANKS GRAMMA!!! We LOVE You!!! :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

He Rolled Over!!!

So this morning I put Klous on his tummy...I was right in front of him with my back to him getting some toys out of his toy box...when I turned around he was almost completely on his back...I couldn't believe it. So I watched him a little longer, got the camera of course!! And watched what he could do. It took him awhile the first time, and I was luckily able to get most of it on camera so Daddy can see it...but once he figured it out he was a pro!! I tried to put him back on his tummy to get pictures of the different stages of him rolling over, but he wouldn't really only took seconds from the time I put him on his tummy til he was on his back again!! So was the FIRST time that Baby Klous rolled over!!! YEAH!!! He turned 4 months on good job baby!!! :)

Here he is on his tummy to start....
Then comes the leaning to the side...
Then balancing on his side...
Finally all the way to his back!!! YEAH!!!
Oh he's so proud of what he's done...he's learned a new trick!!!
Next it'll be back to tummy...rolling all around the house...crawling...and getting into everything!!! YIKES...let's not think too far ahead!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day :)

So it's Valentine's Day!!! Ryan was very sweet and stayed home from work this morning...he made me crepes...with peaches and cool whip...YUMMY!!! He was able to spend some extra time with Klous & I since he doesn't get to much with work and school. Klous of course had to be all cute in his outfit!! I couldn't find any little baby shirts that didn't look TOO girly...but then Shauna (Ryan's sister) told me Wal-Mart had some shirts. The smallest size they had was 18 months, so I got that and figured he could have it for next year too. Surprisingly's really not that big on him...I had to roll the sleeves up a bit, but otherwise it was good...and can't leave out the hat!!! Old Navy special!! I couldn't pass it up when I saw it!! And he likes it and keeps it on for now at least!!! So here are some pictures from the day!! LOVE YOU ALL!! :)

Klous was wiggling and wanted to be a thug I think?? are the big smiles and shirt!! "Hunk of burning Love" :)

Close up on the hat..."Future Heartbreaker"..."2 Cute 4 Sure" :)

Here's the flowers Mommy got!! The roses from Daddy...and the little Bamboo plant from baby Klous :) So sweet.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mommy & Klous Feb. 2007

So I decided today that I don't have enough pictures of me and Klous...since I'm always the one usually taking the pictures...I'm hardly ever in any...and since I'm not as worried about being so fat or looking retarded...I decided it's time to have some Klous & Mommy pictures!! Here are a few from our exciting adventure!! I think they turned out awfully cute...not to mention you can see my haircut better now too!!

Too bad we couldn't get him to smile...he was too busy sucking on his fingers, so I had to pull them out of his mouth!!

We're getting ready to blow kisses to Daddy!!! Looks like we're being real surprised or something though!! :)

MMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :) :) :) Big Kisses to everyone we love!!! Hope you are all enjoying the site!!! Look...Klous even has his mouth shaped like he's blowing a kiss too!! Oh sweet :) WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Spike :)

So when we go out in public...Mommy has fun playing with his little hairs!!! Thanks to some mousse and hair spray...he looks AWFULLY cute with spiky hair!! Here are a few pictures to show how dang cute he is...he's pretty proud of it too I think!!!

Mommy's new Haircut...

Well...Happy Valentine's Day early to Mommy!! I was able to go get my hair cut, colored, and styled tonight!! It was fun...never had it done professionally it was exciting. Shauna (Ryan's sister) and I went and got our hair done...I even got bangs...nothing TOO drastic, but they are short...need something to cover that HUMONGOUS forehead!! Just's a picture...not very good...but it shows you what it looks like!! Can't see the highlights...there aren't many, but they're "butterscotch" color according to the stylist!! I like it...Ryan likes it...and Klous wasn't too sure about it...he just looked at me funny for a bit, then realized it was Mommy when I talked to him!!

Klous & his fingers!!

Doesn't matter where Klous is...he's discovered how fun it is to just suck on his fingers!! Not his thumb like Daddy...and not just his pointer finger like Mommy...but his pointer and middle fingers at the same time!! He does it on Mommy's his exersaucer....and even when he's getting ready to get in the tub!! Not to mention he does it in the tub with a hand full of soap bubbles...but that doesn't seem to bother him, and we haven't gotten a picture of that yet. Here are a few new pictures of him and how he sucks on his fingers!! Too cute!! If only he'd do that at 3 a.m. when he loses his binki!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mommy's Favorite Shirt!!!

Gotta love Wal-Mart and their clothes!! You always see so many clothes for girls that say "I love Daddy" or "Daddy's Girl"...or all those things...but hardly ever see anything for Mommy' I was very happy when I saw this shirt...and I just had to get it for Klous!! Not to mention how TRUE it is!!! He loves me...and I love him!! :)

Tummy Time :)

Klous hasn't always liked Tummy Time...but as he gets older he doesn't mind it as much. He's getting stronger and can hold his head up for longer amounts of time!! I think he's awfully cute when he's like this and I'm on the floor with him and we look at each other...he gets awfully excited to have Mommy be at his level!! What a cute kid!!! :)

It helps if you raise your eyebrows like that too!! Lifts your head up higher I think!!

I think he's gonna roll over soon...he sure was trying when I took these pictures...we'll see how much longer it takes him!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Bumbo chair...

So I first heard about this chair thing at Christmas in Minnesota. My brother-in-law Mike told me that his niece got one and was describing it to me. I thought it sounded awfully cool...but I didn't see them anywhere...then I walked through Target one day and saw them in the baby I talked Ryan into getting one!!! Klous is to the point now that he doesn't like to just lay there anymore...he likes to be up where he can see what's going on and what we're doing. So here are a few pictures of him in his new BUMBO chair :)

A little 1/2 smile while sucking on his fingers!!

Check out this smile...he sure is a happy boy!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Getting Stronger :)

Klous has decided that when he's laying on your knees or sitting in the corner of the couch...that he isn't little anymore. He has found out that he can try to sit up and lift his head and back a are a few pictures of the progression he is trying to make!! Gotta watch him close...otherwise he'll fall face first on the floor!! YIKES :)

See...his head is a little off the couch...kinda hard to see...but it is :)
This is a good picture to see how strong he's getting!! Crazy he can lift that large cranium huh!!

This position was with a little help from mommy...but as I snapped the picture...he fell face first into the couch!! Oops :)