Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Klous loves his Daddy!!! :)

Ryan's favorite thing is to give hugs, kisses, and "do noses"(Eskimo kisses) with baby Klous. I thought this was an adorable picture...and I love Klous' expression in it!!! They are my two favorite boys...and I don't know what I would do without either of them!!! This picture is the best!!! :) :)

Klous & Gavin :)

Well last Friday night, Klous was able to play with his friend Gavin!!! Gavin was born only 9 days before Klous, and their dad's are best friends...so hopefully they'll be close too!!! Here are a couple pictures from the night!!! Klous looks so little next to him, but that's okay...they're both too cute for words!!!

Klous & Gavin playing with the toys...
Gavin sitting up and looking at the camera...kind of :) :) :)

Friday, March 23, 2007


When Daddy gets home from work tonight...we get to go out with friends...and Klous gets to see his friend Gavin too...so he had to get all dressed up for it!!! Mommy got a little crazy with the hair!!! MOHAWK style!! WOO HOO!!! I'm sad though because you can't really see it in the pictures...but here are a few!!! :) :) :) Soo cute!! Oh yeah...if you click on the pictures you can see the actual mohawk better!!!
Umm...get out of my way...I want to watch Baby Einstein!!!
This smile and picture is funny to me...looks like he's wanting to smile but really fill his diaper or something too!! ha ha ha :) Kind of a crooked smile!!
Ok...I'm hiding now...no more pictures!!! (really doing his sooo big thing!!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SOOOOOOOOO...BIG!!! This is for you Papa Bob!!!

Well he thinks he's pretty cute with his new trick he's discovered!!! All Mommy or Daddy have to say is..."SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG" and this is what he does. Pretty good huh!!! Now trying to say it to him and take pictures of it...he's a little stinker at times...it took awhile to actually get pictures of him doing it...but I had to get them because I knew that Gramma Judy and Papa Bob would think it's really cute!!! So here you go guys!!! Love you LOTS!!! And Baby Klous is SOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!

Here are the many stages of actually getting him to do it!!! He teases you for a bit....
Then slowly raises them up over his head...
And then...TA DA!!! He did it!!! :)
Another close up of him being just sooo big!!!Oh man...being so big just poops him out...it makes him SOOOOOOOO tired at times too!!! :) :)
Oh yeah...sorry guys...I really don't dress him in all the same clothes...I know this outfit is the same as the shorts post...it really was on different days...and he doesn't always wear the same outfits!!! :) :) :)

Summer Accessories!!!

Well...what can I say...Mommy can't pass up cute accessories for baby Klous!!! I don't have a girl...so I have to make my little boy SOOOO cute!!! We go on walks quite often, and he doesn't like the sunshine in his eyes. So I found these sunglasses!! He leaves them alone most of the time...but the real secret is...they have an elastic band and velcro on the ends...so they STAY ON!!!! So hope you like these cute pictures of our COOL DUDE!!! :) :) :)

All bundled up and ready to go walking/running with mommy!!! He's so cute huh!!!

Papa...he needs one too :) :) :)

At Christmas, Papa Bob got all the boys in the family one of these gun things....they're kind of dangerous...but the guys had fun with them!! Well Ryan was playing with it...and Klous wanted a turn too...so Papa...I think he needs one too :) :) :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shorts weather!!!

Well we're very, VERY happy that the warm weather is here...don't know that it's here to stay, but we're glad it's here. Today was about 70 degrees...Klous started out in overalls and a shirt, but got too warm, so I had to pull out a shorts outfit!!! He's REAL happy to have it on as you can tell!!! YEAH WARM WEATHER!!! :) :) :) Mommy & Klous spent most of the day outside walking and painting!! It was very nice!!!

See...he's so cute in his little outfit!!! They actually look like shorts when he's laying down!!! He likes them!!

And he's happy to pose for the camera and let me take a few pictures!!!

But when he stands up....you can't see his legs!!! He's being a gangsta :) in them!!! But he's cute either way!!!

Rolling from Back to Tummy!!! :) :) :)

So within the last couple weeks Klous has been working and working to figure out how to roll from his back to his tummy. He would lean to one side and not get any farther, so Daddy would help him...finally he was able to do it himself, and he's rolling ALL over the place now. Now we REALLY have to watch him...can't leave him on the couch or bed anymore. For those of you who have been in our house...just yesterday I put him on the floor by me when I was sitting in the computer chair...after not watching him for a minute...he rolled all the way over to the couch by the window in the living room. For those that haven't been here...it's probably 6-7 feet?? He just rolls and rolls...so yeah...here are a few pictures to show what he's doing!! Good job Baby Klous :)

He likes his tummy time whiles it lasts...but then he's off and rolling...
Then he gets on his back and it's off again to rolling...and leaning...
Then it's back to tummy time!!! For a second...it's just a fun game for him now!!! :)
The only bad thing about him doing all this...the floor has new carpet on it..and so there are still LOTS of fuzzies and since I've had him...I swear I've lost a whole head of hair...and there is LOTS of it on the floor...so we'll pick him up and he'll be all hairy...poor kid. And I even vacuum, but it doesn't work I guess??? Oh well...he's having fun!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Who needs Kiddie Kandid or any other studio!!!

So Klous is getting big...and I decided it was time to get "kind-of-professional" pictures done. I'm not going to pay the OUTRAGEOUS prices at Sears, Kiddie Kandids, JCPenney, or anywhere else...because what's the point?? I can get Klous to smile just as good or even better then those dumb photographers!!! So...I set up my little "studio" and got some "friends & props" and got some awfully cute pictures!!! Don't worry family...I will be printing them out and sending them to you as well!!! He really likes his elephant from his cousins: Hannah, Max, Emma, Yoda (Briella), and Bekkah!!! So thanks guys!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures and like his cute smiles!!!

This was the first one I took...he wasn't quite sure what to think of the stuffed animals!!

Then we had to get rid of the duck and puppy...he just like the elephant!!

He liked to eat it!!

And squeeze it...look at that smile :) So cute!!!

And yes...he is a little boy...he likes to play with balls...and if it's up to Daddy...he'll like basketball!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ha Ha Ha :) :) :)

Gotta love this one!! Ryan was feeding him his bedtime bottle and he told me to look...couldn't pass up the camera this time!!! Guess this is what he thinks of holding his own bottle!! He's just not ready yet!! I just had to post it...this too was taken during his grumpy, fussy, mad time!!! Guess he knows how to show it maybe!!!

Teething?? Sick?? Who knows!!!

So we're not real sure what his problem is...he's had a fever, stuffy nose, sneezes, LOTS of drooling, and gnawing on stuff...I don't know...thought it was teeth...thought he was sick?? I don't know...but regardless of the hard times we've had in the last few days...since Friday...he's still our happy little boy at times!!! He really like peek-a-boo and big surprises...makes him laugh!! So even though he's been sad and grumpy...he still has his happy times!! Here are a couple pictures of his CUTE smile!! :) :) :)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Photo Shoot :)

Ok...so Mommy got bored today and thought she would do a little "photo shoot" with Baby Klous!!! He was cooperative for a while...but was really more interested in watching "Elmo's World" instead of smiling for me...but here are a few pictures to show the many faces and personalities of our lil' baby Klous :) :) :)

Gotta love the REAL smile...he's so happy...happy eyes...happy eyebrows...and those dimple!!!
He's learning a new trick to sit up lately...he needs to be supported still...but he's getting there!!
This here is the "Kermit the Frog" face!!! So funny!!! Or the Papa Bob smile :) Love you Papa!!!
Gotta love his eyes...such a happy glow in them!!! He is awfully cute huh!!
OK MOM....I'm sick of posing now....grrrrrrrrrr :)
Ok baby...then we'll switch to BLACK and WHITE!!! And move you...it stopped the whining!!
Ummm...I'm a little tired, drunk, stoned, whatever!!! Are we done yet?? :)
Oh my...gotta love his little toes...ok so his LONG toes!!! And yes...he got his mommy's toes...his 2nd toe is longer then his big toe...it's okay that's how mine are too!! :) Only a few people make fun of me for it!!! :) :) :) :)
I'm so strong...and love being only in my onesie!!! I'm BIG!!!
Ok...so I fell over and I'm done...one last smile for Mommy...then we're DONE!!!
Hope you enjoyed that photo shoot!! I enjoyed it and got a lot of pretty cute pictures!! These are only a few of them!! Gotta love my baby!!! Makes me smile even when I'm sad!!! :)