Friday, June 27, 2008

Too HOT... :(

The last few days have been a TRUE Utah summer...and I'm not liking it. I was really okay with having temperatures in like the 70's-80's...but now this 90 stuff...YUCK!!! Klous & I have been trying to play outside...and we even have a pass to the water that's fun...but it still gets TOO HOT...

Yesterday...Klous had been playing outside...and he must know when it gets too hot, because he'll clean up all his balls from outside...and throw them in the house...then he comes inside and slams the door shut. Smart kid!!! Then of course he wants to watch The Backyardigans and have some juice!! I'm okay with that too!!

I was doing the dishes yesterday and looked at him in the living room to see what he was doing...this is what I saw...I had to sneak to the camera to get a picture...and it turned out bad and fuzzy...but then he posed for some more!! What a cute kid just relaxing on the couch...kid after my own heart!!!After the first picture he wanted to pose and then look at himself on the either way he was still cute!!

Then back to the couch to watch his show...silly kid!!!
I've really been slacking on taking pictures of my belly with this pregnancy...but they'll come soon I'm sure...just in case anyone was's getting HUGE and I can't believe it...but so far things are well...2 weeks and we'll have our ultrasound and find out what kind of baby this is ;) Will keep you posted!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summerfest in Orem :)

Last weekend, it was Summerfest in Orem...they have the whole carnival set-up, parade, fireworks...and more!! We took advantage of the available activities and went out for the day. Ryan had a WHOLE day of homework, so Klous & I needed something to do!! Thank goodness for friends that are willing to come along and go through this too!!
We started off the morning with going to the "Cutest Baby Contest"...I didn't take any pictures there, but I came home with a cute 3 x 5 of Klous that they took!! Every mom has to experience this at least once right?? ONCE is all :) It was retarded...I don't need some silly contest to tell me that my kid is cute...and I know I'm a bit biased...but he is a WHOLE LOT cuter then these babies that won...but whatever!! You live and you learn!!! It was an experience...that's for sure!! After the contest...which we went to with our friend Caradon and her little guy Chase...we went to bum around the booths...then to breakfast...basically wasting time til nap-time!!

We headed home and took naps...just to meet up at the park again for the announcement of the "winners" of the contest!!! Ryan had done enough homework, that he was able to come with us to that part. We got to the tent where it was...and Klous was excited to see his friend "Baby" Chase!!! Here they are together in the wagon...Klous thought it was pretty cool he was holding him!!
After finding out my kid is ugly according to the judges...just kidding...:) we walked around some more...I was definitely having the signs of dehydration...and it wasn't good. I was getting real nauseous and dizzy and I found some water and shade and sat for awhile!! It was kind of scary...guess I need to drink more...especially being prego!!! We went and found some dinner and snacks...then headed to our spot for the parade!!!
Klous was having a tough time staying with us...and kept running into the crowds of finally Daddy got to hold him for a bit before the parade!!! Klous seems real bothered by it huh!! But check out that look on Daddy's face!!! It was a LONG, HOT day!!!
Then the parade started...Klous was real nervous and scared about the noisy firetrucks, police cars, army guys with the guns...and everything else that he just sat on my lap for the majority of it!!
Once one float went by that threw candy...he was all over that!! He got a sucker, and was all smiles then!! That's definitely one BIG difference in Minnesota parades to Utah parades...there's NO comparison in the amount of they throw like seriously 7 pieces every 20 feet...back go home with a grocery bag full!! I miss that...not to mention the bands out here...nothing compared to the REAL marching bands back home!! Oh's still a parade...and it's fun!!
We were sitting by some friends...and they have a little boy who's just a little older then Klous...and they are crazy they are fighting...and dancing to the music!!!
Not sure what this is supposed to me?? Cody is a silly kid...and Klous just watched him most of the time!!
I guess the parade people watch for crazy kids though...the hair school float went by...and Cody got a new hair-do!! Lucky kid huh...pretty nifty!!!
Klous got scared of something again...and was walking back to me...silly kid...why won't he just watch it and enjoy it!!! I guess he did enjoy's a video I had to get of him...he's been REALLY into dancing lately...and I thought this was enjoy!!
After the parade...we headed home to get jammies on...then went to the hospital grass close by to watch the fireworks...didn't get any pictures of those...but they were fun too!! It was a LONG day...and we were happy to hit our pillows that night...can't wait for 4th of July though!! :) :) :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day!!

Yesterday was Father's Day...and Klous was very excited to spend some time with his Daddy!!! Last week, I got him all "dressed" up in Daddy's white shirt and tie...and took some pictures of him!! His gifts to Daddy kind of had a Superman it was cute!!! I just thought I'd share some of the pictures with you guys too!! They turned out cute...and Klous & Ryan both liked them!!!

I just wanted to wish Ryan and my Daddy and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY again!!! I hope you both realize how much you are loved and appreciated!! Klous loves you as well!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My kid or what!! :)

Yesterday I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner...then I looked at the ad for the grocery store...and saw CORN ON THE COB!!! I was kind of excited...I love that stuff...and it was actually something that sounded good to me...I thought it was a little early in the season though for corn already...but maybe not?? Klous & I jumped in the van and went to get some before Daddy came home...

We "husked" it...and Klous was trying to be so helpful and eat it then...but I think he finally understood that we needed to cook it first!! So we cooked it up and got things ready for dinner...this is definitely my kid!!

He LOVED it!!! This is his 2nd piece...He just dove into was cute watching him eat it...don't mind his eyes not looking at me!! Backyardigans was on...and they are apparently more entertaining then Mommy!!!
Going in for a BIG BITE!!! :) Oh yeah...we cut his hair the other day yes it's different!!
Look how much he was crazy...I mean I'm glad he ate dinner...but he cleaned that thing off!!!
Here's the finished product!! He left a little on there...but he must've gotten full after all that corn...cottage cheese...peaches...and a little bit of potatoes!! Good job kiddo!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weather I tell's CRAZY!!! The post from yesterday where it was warm enough to be SWIMMING...not today. It started out warm...but in a matter of a couple hours it went from 79 degrees to 58 degrees...the high for the next 2 days is like 65 degrees I think...WHAT IS WITH THIS!?!?! Oh well...I guess I can be happy I'm not having to deal with the weather that some of the country is having...sorry Midwest...sorry East coast...knock on wood...hopefully it doesn't get more crazy here!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer MIGHT be coming???

We got Klous a little, cheap pool at Wal-Mart last week...with the hopes that summer would soon be coming!?!?! I don't know if anyone else has noticed...but this weather has been CRAZY!! I'm not complaining that it's not 95-100 degrees already...but a little warmer and no wind would be nice!!

Today...we finally got some sunshine...just a light breeze...and 80 degree temps!! I filled up the pool this morning for Klous...and around 12:30 I let him get ready and get in!! He was a little hesitant at first...but then finally got used to it and was sitting, laying, kicking, jumping, and playing!! It was cute!! Of course he had to be in the pool with his BALLS...can't go anywhere without them!!He decided to lay and get his tummy wet too...he's so cute!!!
Then I moved the slide over...thought he'd have fun with that...and boy did he ever!! Here's a step-by-step show of what he did...of course having to look at Mommy and say CHEESE the whole time!! :)

He had a lot of about 1:20 he got out, which I was surprised...grabbed the towel on my lap and started shivering like CRAZY...he must've gotten real cold all of a sudden!! So we got out...warmed up in the tub...and he was asleep for his nap in 5 minutes!! It was great!!

Here's a video of him playing on the slide and in the water...he's getting so big and talking so much more!! His newest words are "NO"...which I'm really loving!! ;) And then also "ME"...he gets whatever he can find and shares with either Mommy or Daddy...then points to himself with the other thing and says..."ME"...yeah...he's fun!! You can hear a little of his talking in the video!! Enjoy...and hopefully warmer weather will be coming soon!!

Missionary Companion!!

On Friday night, we had plans to get together with one of Ryan's old mission companions!! We were meeting him and his family up in Sandy at "The Mayan" for dinner and some visiting!! Klous really enjoyed climbing on the snakes or dragons or whatever they are!! He liked them a LOT more then he liked the scary "Featherhead" guys inside the restaurant!!Daddy & Klous waiting for the friends...
We met up with Dustin Likes, his wife, and daughter!! It was a nice dinner and visit with them!! It's been about 4 YEARS since we've seen there was lots to talk about!! However...watching Ryan & Dustin...they were just the same as when they were missionaries!! Still as silly as ever!! They served together in Grand Rapids...(where I'm from) we've got a good relationship with them!!
Here's Dustin watching Klous hide in the mouth...
Klous and his CHEESER :)
This is Dustin's little girl Rylee and our little man!! They had fun together...although I think Klous is BIGGER then her...and she's 4!!! Nice huh!! :)
Here's proof that they're just as crazy...I wanted a picture of the 2 of them together...and right away Dustin jumped in like this...I didn't know that I wanted Ryan jumping in there with him...that would just be AWKWARD...but didn't stop them!!
Luckily Ryan didn't get completely on him...but look at those smiles...and the LOVE they have for each cute!!
It was a good evening, and fun to see them again!! Of course didn't get any pictures of me or Lindsey, Dustin's wife...but oh well!! Maybe next time!! Thanks guys for a great night and dinner...we really appreciate it!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Little Get-a-Way...

Last weekend we got to go to Park City with some was GREAT...and I'd love to go back for a week, just to relax!!! Ryan was able to get off early on Friday...and we headed up there...since we're fancy now, we all fit into our VAN...and drove up worked good!! Our friends, Brad & Caradon, have done this the last couple years...and they invited us to go this year with them...might be something we start doing also!! We stayed at a hotel just by the outlets...and it was just a nice break!!

Of course when we first got there...Klous ran to turn on the T.V. then he noticed the pool out our window...since we had a pool-side room!! He was very anxious then to get the beach ball and other toys and go jump in!!! Isn't he cute in his little cars suit...but I must is a PAIN IN THE BUTT to put on the regular swim diaper...the waterproof swim diaper...AND his swimming's not so bad I guess putting them it is taking them off when they're sopping wet. Oh well...if it keeps him from getting that yucky virus...we'll do what we have to do!!After our first hour of swimming...or however long it was...we headed into the room to change and relax before's Daddy & Klous being I wonder where Klous got it!!!
And here's Mommy & Klous...doing what "Papa Bob does"...Klous has yet to forget what he does!!! Man he's a cute kid...and when we're that close...I can kinda see some of me in him!! :)
The next day he was all ready to go swim was a little nerve racking to see him get so close to the pool...but luckily he knew NOT to just jump in!!! That would be scary...
Here he is saying CHEESE again...his favorite phrase around a camera!!
Daddy thought he had to show his BIG muscles by picking us both up...I was thrilled let me tell you!!! The pool was nice bath was great!! And even though I wasn't supposed to...I still got in the hot tub...just for a really wasn't that hot either...hopefully we didn't cook the baby!!
Here's another little family shot...Ryan was having a nice time relaxing too I think...or at least it looks like it!!
All that swimming and shopping and it just pooped him out!! He was pretty cute sleeping in that big bed!!!
On the last night...I think he was starting to miss his toys, stories, and scriptures!! He went and pulled the "Gideon Bible" out of the night table and laid on the floor like this...
guess he just wanted something to "read"...he was good on our little trip...sad it had to be so short...I think we'll have to do this again...if not twice before this baby comes!! We need some relaxing!!!