Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in a Nutshell...

Christmas this year was different and special and fun and a lot more all at the same time. Having a newborn baby really made it feel different for me and brought an extra special feeling into our house, I thought at least!! It was fun to be together as a family and spend some time with extended family...even though it's always hard for me being so far away from my family back in Minnesota.
Alright...the kids got to open their "Christmas jammies" on Christmas Eve, and they were pretty excited about it!! Well Klous was, because he got to "help" both Aysha and Kyson open theirs!!
Aysha chillin' on the couch...she thinks she's SO big sitting up there!!!
Kyson's ADORABLE jammies!!! Isn't he just cute!!!
I wanted to get his feet, cuz they're so cute...but when I would pose them he'd move them...but then he sneezed and I clicked just at the right time!! Aren't they cute :)
Klous was so proud of his new Buzz jammies!! Can't you tell from his expression :)
Our fancy tree with the presents!!
We let the kids each pick ONE more present to open as well...that's our compromise (mine and Ryan's)...cuz he grew up opening them all Christmas morning, but I grew up opening ALL our presents from family on Christmas this is what we agreed on!!
Klous picked his race car, so here he is opening it!!!
And Aysha got her's even a baby BOY...just like Kyson :)
And Kyson got an amazing pack of diapers...WOO HOO :) What do you get a baby that is 5 days old??? Just the necessities :)
Aysha wanted her babies binki :) Silly girl!!!
Sweet little boy :)
Klous on Christmas morning...he was pretty excited that Santa actually came!!!
AND that he ate his cookies and drank the milk...but he was most excited about the note Santa left for him!!! We still have it :)
Aysha and her Santa presents :)
Isn't she so big!! Walking her baby :)
Klous got a knock off of the Wii...except this one TEACHES you things!! He's learning numbers and colors and letters...and playing sports all at the same time!! He seems to enjoy it!!!
Kyson in his cute Christmas outfit...made him look like a little man!! I just think he's adorable :)
Then we headed to Grandma's house to open presents there...the kids of course got even more spoiled!! Grandma made cute quiet books for the kids...with pictures of themselves and Jesus for them to look at during church. They were pretty cute!! Aysha was proud of it and liked looking at herself!!!
And Klous got a Zhou Zhou pet or whatever they're called...the hamster thing!! Since we've brought it home Aysha has played with it more I think...but at least it's getting played with :)
Kyson just sleeps and eats and poops...that's the extent of his Christmas!! But he's still cute and fun to look at and hold!!!
We hope everyone else had a great was good for our family and we couldn't have asked for more!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home, Tired, and trying to Adjust :)

We got to come home last Tuesday...and it was WONDERFUL to do so. I was ready for my own bed, my own couch, my own house, and seeing MY kids!!! After getting the ok from the pediatrician and getting Kyson's IV out of his head...we got him ready and dressed to come home...nothing special...just a pair of jammies!! And the cute little hat we got at the hospital!! It has a jingle bell on the top...

Then we had to of course pose him and take pictures in the stocking from the hospital as well!! He's just too stinkin' cute I think!!
Our BEST present for Christmas this year!!

Then it was finally time to go home!! All bundled up and ready to go...
We got home and the kids were extatic. They were so so happy to see Daddy AND Mommy AND Kyson all come home!! Ryan had been coming home at nights to help with bedtime...but now all of us were home and they were very happy!!
Aysha couldn't wait to get that thing out of the we tried having her hold him...she did alright for a minute...
They're being great big brother and big sister!!!
Then she had enough...and was ready to push him off...
Klous was very concerned and wanting that bandaid/gauze thing off his finally we gave him his bath after coming home...don't I look beautiful!! Oh so wide awake!!!
We got him all cleaned up and bandaid free!! And of course in his Christmas shirt!!!
Klous has been an amazing big brother!! He just wants to help and hold him whenever he can. The first morning we were home he was up at 6 to come check on Kyson and see what he could do to help...ADORABLE...whenever Kyson cries he's right there telling him it's ok...and he's always saying how cute he is...except when he stinks ;)
Aren't they proud siblings!!! Man I love these kids!!!
Here's our little man...looking a little yellow...but not too bad!!
The most important people in my life...I couldn't ask for more and I really realized this last week how truly blessed I am...I have an AMAZING husband who will do anything for me and 3 amazing kids that I love more then ever...I'm one lucky girl...
Then we tried to put him in the stocking we made...didn't work too well...he looks real squished :)
Here's Klous being a great big brother again...he didn't want to take a nap unless he got to hold Kyson we laid them both down and got these adorable pictures...
So sweet...
Then this goes to show how truly tired we've been!! Shauna & Zack were over and Aysha refused to take a Ryan went in her room with her...(he fell asleep on Klous' bed)...and Zack entertained Aysha...ALL of the stuffed animals in the house were in with was pretty hilarious!! This is what happens when a 4 yr old is left in charge!!!
It's been a long, crazy, tiring week...but we're slowly adjusting and realizing how much more work it is with another baby...and when the kids out number the's tough. We're trying to just take it a day at a time and figure things out!! We can do this!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kyson day 2...

It's been a crazy 24+ hours...trying to get back into the swing of having a newborn again and adjusting to all the changes. Kyson had a little bit of a "grunting" problem that they were trying to figure out and get under control. They had to do blood work, chest x-ray, labs, and finally put an IV in his little head :( The nurse warned me that it would look a LOT worse then it really is, and she was right. I'm just glad I didn't have to watch or see them put it in. With the grunting, they didn't know if he was having a tough time getting oxygen or the tests they did would help solve the mystery. Or so they hoped...everything came back fine and there were no issues, but the grunting didn't stop. It lessened, but didn't they were confused and still are a he also has low blood sugar we're trying to get back up...and also he quivers and shakes randomly. So we're just trying to get things figured out and under control, so that we can all go home tomorrow and be together as a family!!!

Here's my poor baby with the IV in his head...doesn't it look terrible :(
And at the same time he came in, he had all the battle wounds from having blood drawn :( Poor kid...
But he was awfully cute this morning when he came in STARVING and was gonna chew off his fingers!! This is how he was sucking on them...I think he'll be a hand/finger sucker and not so much a binki...but we'll see!!

Once we all got up and had rested a bit...Grandma brought the kids over to visit!! Klous was of course happy and excited...and Aysha was a bit more pleasant!! She had more of her personality showing and seemed to "enjoy" being here!!! I think she looks so cute in this picture sitting there...she thinks she's so big!!
Klous just loves holding him...but was sure to ask me when he came in..."Mommy, why is Kyson's head all screwed up?" Cute huh!!
Zack got to come over too and meet his new cousin...he was just as excited to meet him and hold him...they're such good big boys!!!
And finally tonight...he was bright eyed and bushy tailed :) Such BIG eyes for a bit...then he was fast asleep again!!

He doesn't like the flash so much of the camera, but he sure was cute looking around and just watching things...Kyson sure has won my heart and nothing can change that!!! Here's to hoping everything gets better and we can go home tomorrow!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kyson Robert is HERE :) :) :)

We came into the hospital at around 2:00 AM this's been a LONG weekend...not much sleep for me or Ryan and now we have NEW baby!!! We got here, was monitored for an hour, and luckily the nurse was able to convince the Dr to keep me, even though I wasn't really progressing much on my own. Got admitted about 3-3:30 and was on my way to having a baby today!!!
Things progressed kinda slow...I came in at 3 cm and made it to about a 5 on my own...I got the epidural around 6 AM and that just slowed finally the nurse talked to the on-call Dr and got him to ok the pitocin and break my water...that was around 9:30 this morning I you can see from the picture below I was VERY tired and looked oh so beautiful...I could hardly keep my eyes open and Ryan thought it would be good to take a picture...thanks babe :)
Once I got the 4th dose of the pitocin, the contractions were VERY strong and consistent...I could feel them still on one side, so they came in and gave me more epidural to numb my left side...I went from 5 cm to 7 cm in about 45 minutes...then just after I got the 4th dose of pitocin I got checked and was at a 10 and he was crowning...surprise went FAST with the drugs!!! Just like the other the nurse called in the troops and didn't want to leave my side just in case he came out on his own!! By the time the Dr actually got in here to deliver...half of Kyson's head was out...and they told me to NOT sneeze, cough, or laugh...he said to do a little push so I pretty much sat up and he said...STOP STOP STOP...and Kyson was out!!!
Kyson Robert Jones was born at 12:08 PM on 12-20-2009!!! He weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz and is 20 inches long!!! And his head measures BIG...another surprise right...cuz my kids don't have BIG heads or anything!!! He has really long arms and fingers and big feet!! Not much hair, and kinda looks like an old man!! But he's dang cute!!!

I didn't really think I'd have much of a bond or relationship with him, just because of how it's all gone the last 9 months...I got him in my arms and on my chest, and my heart melted. So amazing how you can just have SO much love for someone you just saw and met...I don't know how I'll be able to have enough love for another kid...but I pray for help and strength!!!
Daddy was awfully excited to have this little guy's hard for him to bond or anything he's always anxious for delivery day!!! He's so cute with him too and is very happy to have him here!!!
Grandma Jones & Auntie Shauna helped with the kids today...and Shauna brought them over before naps so they could watch the bath...Klous was SO excited about baby Kyson being here and couldn't wait to see him!! He's such a good big brother and so sweet...Aysha isn't so sure what to think or do I don't think...she just stares at him!!!

Watching the bath!!
Klous loving his baby brother "baseball guy" :) He's so sweet with him!!!
Aysha May being a brave big sister and "holding" him!!!
Grandma and the kids...can't believe I have THREE...Yikes :)
Our little family...aren't we cute :)
Here's our little man...eyes wide open!!!
And he's out...sleepy baby...
Here's to hoping it's a good couple nights and we're able to rest and relax in the hospital before we're home and back to reality!!!
Thank you to everyone who has offered or done acts of service to help our are greatly appreciated and will not go forgotten!! We love you all and are so so happy to have Kyson here with us and in our family!!!