Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonderful Hubby...Congrats Jess & Michael...and Prego Pics!!

Remember this was only about 10 months ago!! Aysha was fresh home from the hospital and we were all home together as our new little family!!! Pretty cute huh...
Then just this last week I saw the SAME layout of the picture, so had to grab the camera again!! I'm really lucky to have what I have and don't always appreciate what I do have. Especially I had to post these and say THANK YOU to my amazing hubby. He really does put up with a LOT from me...especially the last 5 months...and he loves me no less. He takes the kids when I've had too much...he gives me a hug even when I'm a NOT NICE PERSON...and he is just great. So thank you Ryan for loving me and standing by me even in our tough times. And thank you for the beautiful babies you have given me too!! I love you!!
Then this weekend Auntie Jessica (Ryan's sister) got married. It was a nice day, but the kids had been sick all week long and Ryan/I didn't feel great much either. But we did the best we could and enjoyed it as much as we could!! The kids were actually great and as well-behaved as can be expected for being in a church all day long!! It was a great ceremony/luncheon/party...bride/groom were BEAUTIFUL...and we all had a good time!! Here are just a couple pictures from the morning...because the photographers got all the other GOOD pictures!!!

My babe & kiddos...
Our family...aren't the kids looking SO happy :)
Klous, Aysha, & Zack with Michael & Jessica!!! Happy Marriage to them...they looked so happy all day!! It was cute!!
A better close up shot!!
Klous & Zack helped carry her was cute...can't really tell what the picture is, but that's what they're doing :)
And the boy cousins...they were buds all day...until they had ENOUGH of each other...that wasn't til night time though!! Luckily!!!
And lastly...I probably over-did it at the wedding and all weekend...because now I'm sick and I've been in pain all weekend. But I had Ryan take some prego pics finally!! So people will stop asking!! 27 weeks and still going!! Forgot to do the glucose test I'll have to do it this week...but we're surviving!! Baby moves like CRAZY!!! No positive names yet...just trying to think of some cute ones!! I like Kyson, but I don't know how much Ryan likes it!?!?! Klous is still convinced on Baseball Guy...or now Football guy (since it's football season) we'll see ;)
We're just taking it a day at a time and can't really believe Christmas will be here so soon. In the next few months we've got Klous' birthday...our Anniversary...Aysha's coming...and then it'll be a quick end of the year I think!! I'll try to do better at posting prego pics though!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oreo's anyone!?!?!

Ok well some of you might remember and know that I LOVE the holiday Oreo's...they taste better then the regular ones!! And some of you might remember how much Klous liked them when he was about 10 months old...I think they were a hit...but here are some pictures to remind you of it!!

And here he is last week eating the Halloween ones THIS year!! I was so excited to see them at Wal-Mart and had to get a pack!! I'm pretty sure Klous is STILL a fan!!!

Well I couldn't let him have some and NOT we had to see if she liked them too...I'll let you be the judge and see what you think...personally I think she liked them...and she'll probably eat them again!!! Yep...must run in the family, because me and my kiddos LOVE the holiday Oreo's!!!

Isn't she adorable!! How can you not love her little cute!!!

Yep...they're a hit for her too...YAY for the Halloween ones...before we know it the Christmas ones will be out and we'll try those too!! Baby #3 will get to try next year too!!! Yay for holiday oreo's...don't they look delicious...I know these pictures make you all want to go out and get some!!! They're FUN!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sorry for the OVER abundance of pictures tonight...but I feel WAY behind with this blogging thing. I'm finally feeling more like myself...we have the computer back...and the pictures are all safe. It was gone for a couple weeks...luckily I had the laptop still...but our main PC had a fried power supply AND a fried mother-board...I had no idea the information ISN'T on the that was a relief!! are some random picture of the kiddos for the last month or more!!! Enjoy!!

We have enjoyed a number of BBQ's this summer and LOTS of s'mores!! The kids have loved them as you can tell!!!

Klous showing off for Ramma Judy & Papa Bob!!! :) YUM :) :) :)
Kisses for you guys too!!!
Aysha has discovered juice in sippy cups too...she seems to love them!! For some reason though, Klous' cups are much more exciting and taste better then her own!!!
My juice drinking babies!!!
We had a couple weekend in August when it actually got a little "chilly"...which here means like 70 degrees maybe!?!?! But it was cold for Aysha and I had to pull out the next tote and warmer clothes for her...made me excited about the NEXT season!! Bring on the cooler temps PLEASE!!!!
Aysha had her first AND second black eye all within a couple weeks...this is her first...she likes to play with all Klous' toys and doesn't realize they take a little more work and practice to actually when you push on one side of a tool bench thing...the other side WILL come up and hit your face :( Poor was a nice little bruise for a few days!!!

I didn't get pictures of her 2nd black eye...but that was from face planting on the bottom of one of Klous' cars too...guess boy toys are WAY more fun then girl stuff!!! Who knows...she's a tough cookie!!
We also made it over to Farm Land at Thanksgiving Point in August...Klous had fun with the animals...and Aysha just stared in awe at them!!
Klous even pet the horsies!!!
AND rode a pony all by himself...Daddy just walked by him, but he was pretty proud of himself for doing it all on his own!!!
Look how big he's getting!!!
Klous has also been bugging us to ride in the go-karts at the local mini-golf a couple weekends ago, we went with Zack & Shauna to ride the go-karts and play golf!! Aysha & I just watched...but Daddy, Klous, Shauna, & Zack had a great time going round and round!!!
They kept racing and being the leaders...then Shauna would pass them...for awhile there, Klous & Zack looked a little sick from going in circles for 5 minutes straight!!!
But they were all smiles each time they came by us!!!
Then it was time to get off :( Luckily it was long enough to please the boys!!!
Aysha is now 9+ months as well...she has discovered new talents this last month...crawling, pulling herself up, and standing while holding onto something!! She thinks she's pretty cool, and HAS to roam around the yard when we're outside. STRONG immune system with all the dirt, sticks, ants, grass, and whatever else is out there going in her mouth!!!

Here she is pulling herself up to check on Klous...she's always worried about where he is and what he's doing!!!
Really I think she was trying to get his juice :) :) :)
And she's off...
Exploring every room in the house to see where we are and what we're's nice to have her follow us around instead of being stuck and crying all the time!!!
And finally...I've been having fun with her FINALLY having some hair!!! She's been able to have the pony on the top...but on Monday I tried PIGGIES...look how cute she is!!! Ryan says she looks like BOO from Monsters Inc...I just think she's adorable!!!
My baby girl is getting so so big!! I just can't get enough of those eyes, smiles, adorable faces, and giggles...TOO CUTE!!!
That's our update...hope you enjoyed the pictures...sorry...still no prego pics or anything...guess I'll have to work on that...I'm almost 25 weeks and just growing!! Baby boy moves like CRAZY and Klous loves feeling him and checking to make sure he's still in there!! It's getting more and more exciting...but stressful too, cuz 3 kids is a LOT to deal with I think!!! Yikes :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Park City Get-Away...

A couple weekends ago, Ryan had taken a couple days off...and I told him I NEEDED to get away. So he planned a fun weekend in Park City just relaxing and playing with the kids. It had been a hard month for me, because I wanted to go back home, but couldn' it was a well needed trip away from "reality" THANK YOU to a great husband that planned a nice time!!

We left Thursday morning and went to the zoo first in Salt Lake...we hadn't been since March, and figured we better take advantage of our year pass thing we we went. It was bloody HOT the whole time...Aysha got sunscreen in her eye and swelled all up...Klous was tired and crabby...but it was an alright time. We just walked around and saw some of the animals then left...figured we'd go back again when it cools down and isn't so hot!!!

Klous had fun with the statues and holding Aysha on them!!! Aren't they cute kids!!!

He wasn't too sure of this elephant, so Daddy had to stand with him and be in the picture too...tried to tell him it wasn't real, but he was still scared??
There was this CUTE little i know it's still big, but not compared to it's parents!! This is a new baby giraffe that was there...I had to get a picture!!!

After the zoo, we headed to Park City...Ryan had reservations at one of the resort things up there...since summer is their off was only $59 a night and it was great. Of course I dind't get any pictures of the place we stayed...but it was pretty much a little apartment. Full kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. 2 flat screen tv's...a pull out couch bed...VCR/DVD players, WITH movies in the was more then I expected. But it was nice!! Anyways...we couldn't check in until 4 and got there at we went and walked around main street and looked at the shops...I had never done that before!!!

Here's Klous & Mommy resting on a "horse bench" he found and wanted to sit on :)
We hung out and swam...relaxed...shopped at the outlets...and just wasted time. It was great!! No real plans just doing what we wanted to do when we wanted to!! On Saturday though, we invited Shauna & Zack up to spend the night and went to Olympic Park...from the 2002 winter olympics. Here are a few pictures from that!!

Klous & Aysha as little skiers!!!

Daddy, Aysha, Zack, & Klous in the bobsled...pretty cool huh!!

Then they tried out the little sleds...I don't know what they're called :)

Finally we checked out the upstairs and saw all the medals and equipment used in the olympics...pretty cool stuff!!
It was a GREAT weekend, and I hated coming back to reality, but someone's gotta do it and make money so we can live right!!! Thank you honey for planning a great weekend and letting us get was GREATLY appreciated!!!