Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids...Kids...Kids :)

Another update with pictures!! We had nice weather...then cold weather...then sunshine...then snow...where is spring and the SUNSHINE!?!?! I want the nice weather back...but oh well. Here are some cute new pictures of the kiddos!!

Aysha is definitely our little fashion-ista!!! So dang cute!!!
Gramma Judy started some blankets for the kids while she was here...then took them all apart...then said she'd finish them when she was at home...and send them out!! The kids LOVE them and sleep with them for naps and's so cute...and thank you thank you thank you Gramma!!!

Aysha carries hers around so cute...she's not so fond of the little hood on it though...
Klous is all smiles with his blue & white on...he picked it cuz it's like BYU!!! :) Silly kid!!!
Aysha was willing to give up her binki and say CHEESE :)
Kyson likes his while we're outside's warm but lets a little breeze through the crocheted holes!!!
Klous & Aysha have always liked being helpers and holding Kyson...I don't know how much longer it'll last since Kyson is more wiggly and bigger now...but the older two still hold him whenever they get the chance!! And man...Aysha is SOOO jealous when Klous gets to hold him and she doesn' sweet...
Kisses for Kyson :)

Klous thinks he's big enough to sit Kyson up and burp :) A little scary when he wants to lay him back down...Kyson's gonna be TOUGH!!!
And they're all so cute when they play...I think Klous LOVES that his "buddy" will smile and coo at him...they're so cute together!!!
Aysha actually sat and let me play with her hair the other day...more then just doing a pony on the top!!!
Klous is getting so big and handsome...sure love my kiddos!!
I thought this was really funny...I love her face and she's saying CHEESE if you can't tell!! LOL :)
See what she let me do with her hair!! It's getting so long...and she looks so grown up with it like that!! So cute!!!
Love his laughs...wish this would happen more then the whining and tears and pouting...someday right!?!?! :) :) :) :)