Monday, December 22, 2008

Last week in the Jones' home!!

Well it's been kind of an uneventful week at our house this last week. Both kids were sick...they got a cold, and then decided they had to share it with Mommy over the weekend. Luckily they're both over it now and I'm on the mend as well!! We did have some cute times though this week that I had to get on camera!!!

Klous has always gone into his bedroom when he needs to "poo" one night he went in there and I asked him if he wanted to try going on the toilet...he said "YEAH Mommy" we put him on there...and sure enough he did it!! He was so proud of himself...and now when he needs to go poo, he wants to sit on the toilet...we'll see how long this lasts!! He's pretty excited sitting there though!!

He just loves his sister, and it was so hard for him NOT to say HI to her, cuddle her, kiss her, lay by her, or anything else when he was needless to say, she got the germs too. There's only so much I can do I guess...and if he wants to show his love, I don't want to stop here's one of those times...he just does it all on his own and just cuddles up next to her...holds her hand...and lays there. TOO CUTE!!!
Oh we go...when we had Aysha, Ryan's sister Shauna got her this BYU onesie from Wal-Mart, since they still had a game left. Ryan was happy of course, because his little girl is gonna watch football too and root for she finally got to wear it this last weekend for the Las Vegas Bowl game. I was also at Quilted Bear last week, and found this beanie hat for her...I couldn't resist...and knew that Ryan would love it!! The "Y" thing is just a clip, so I can move it to different headbands or hats too!!
She wasn't real sure what to think about the hat...but she looked pretty dang cute...
And she must've had some feelings that it was going to be a rough game, and that she would need to yell and scream...cuz that's what she did while I was taking pictures of her...and then sure enough our poor BYU football team lost. Oh man...but there's always next year right!!! Either way...Aysha is cute I think!!! I love this picture!!!

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow...

Holy cow...I'm beginning to feel like I'm back in Minnesota with all this snow we've been getting. I really don't like driving in it...and dread that all winter long...but I must say it sure is pretty!! Last week we had 3 storms come through...and I think we got probably 8-10 inches out of all that...then this morning I woke up to it snowing AGAIN. When Klous & I went out to shovel, there was probably 4-5 inches already...thanks to a very friendly man on a 4-wheeler for helping me finish the driveway!! It was/is very WET and HEAVY perfect for a snowman...but no fun for shoveling!!!'s really pretty outside, and I'm glad we'll be having a WHITE Christmas...and Klous is LOVING looking outside and seeing the "NO" (snow) that's cute to watch...

He was all ready to come outside and help Mommy shovel today...see how happy he is!!
Here's our snowman we made...Klous wanted to just knock him over when we were done...but I told him we have to show it to Daddy!!!
Then we were tired and all we came inside...I asked him if he wanted lunch, he said "NO"...I asked him if he wanted to take a nap...he said "YEAH" next thing I know I look over at him on the couch and see this....

I guess the snow pooped him out!! What a cute kid...yeah for Mommy's quiet time now!! Since Aysha is asleep as well!!! Oh's STILL snowing too!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretty in Pink :)

The other day I found this outfit that Ryan and I just happened to get when we were trying to have kids...and it's the right size...well kind of...and the right season...and it's pink for our baby girl!! So I had to put it on her...and she was simply adorable!!! So so PINK...and cute!! I think I'm just loving the girl stuff!! Now if we could just get her over this cold she's got...and then I wouldn't worry about her struggling to breathe and it turning into RSV...thank heavens for blessings and prayers though...she's actually getting better, so that's a great blessing for us!! Nothing more scary for me then watching a 3 week old struggle to sleep, breathe, and eat...but she's getting better!!! 'Tis the season for sick germs!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!
She's so tiny in all her clothes...
And her binki is practically the size of her face!!
She's just beautiful...don't you think!?!?!
Then my friend Amber came over and just snuggled her...and this was the adorable pose she we had to get a picture!! Too cute!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watching Mommy you think????

Obviously Klous has watched a little TOO closely when I'm feeding Aysha...what do you think?? :) He's so cute though with his little baby...he's so concerned that she's eating and getting all she needs!! This was him yesterday after he stripped off his jammies and got ready to "feed" his baby...oh Klous!!
He eve does both sides...
And uses his "nursing pad" to clean up!! Too funny!!
Just saying cheese...he didn't want me to get a picture of him burping the cute!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Girly Girl...

So I'm loving having a little girl and all the things that go along with it!!! We found this cute bow last night...and she just looks so stinkin' cute!!
And I thought this shirt was funny and very true when I saw it..."Silent Night...Yeah Right!"
He's so big compared to her...but here's our two binki babies!!
Big yawns!!!
Too cute...I just love this!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Pictures 2008

Last Friday while Ryan was off...we had family pictures taken. It's great the coupons you get in the diaper bags from the hospital...when you have a baby!! So yeah...we wanted to do pictures of the kids for sure before Christmas...but when we got the coupon and it was NO sitting fees for anyone...and all the sheets of pictures were $3.99 we couldn't pass up doing all these. So yeah...I would be like some people and keep out the ones for Christmas cards...but I'm still not sure how I'm doing those you just get to see all my favorites of the pictures!!

My adorable little family...we matched so nicely...and everyone is smiling!!
A little "extra" thing the studio made up with the pictures...didn't buy it, but it's cute!! Look how hard Klous is laughing in the family picture!!
I LOVE this one of him...he's so handsome...and those are the puppy dog eyes that get me everytime!!! I love my baby boy!!
Handsome lil' devil!! Check out that dimple in this cheek!!
He's getting so big...I just can't believe it...
So precious...he just loves his baby sister!!
My precious little girl...I love her leg and her lips...she's so beautiful!!
Ryan had a good idea Friday morning to bring her blessing dress...thanks mom...and she looks so beautiful in it!!
I think she just looks like a little princess in this one...her expression and all!!
Aysha in Daddy's hands...she's so little!!
I love this one...I like baby feet anyways...but I thought this was a cute idea...our wedding rings on her little toes...Ryan's hand on bottom...mine on top!! CUTE!!
Ok...there you go...we don't get the actual pictures back until Dec. 17th...but now you can at least have a sneak peak!! Thanks to JJ for making me realize I could download them and save them to my computer!! I sure am a lucky girl to have such an amazing little family with 2 happy, healthy kids!!! Who could ask for more!?!?!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love Christmas time...even though we don't have a lot of money to make things as great for Klous & Aysha like I would like...but that's not the point right!! That's not the real meaning of it all anyways...and it'll be good to teach that to Klous I think.
Anyways...this weekend Ryan & Klous got the Christmas stuff out of the shed...we were just going to set up a small tree again because we don't have a lot of room...and I didn't want to deal with Klous and pulling things off. After seeing how excited he was about some of the decorations we have...I told Ryan we needed to bring in the big tree...we'd move the rocking chair into Klous' room for now...and put it there. So we did...Klous had a you'll see with the pictures!!!

He was all about helping Daddy and getting it all out...he even took breaks from watching the football game on t.v.
He helped Daddy get it out of the box...
And put it in the stand...he didn't like when the branches fell and got him though!!
I think his favorite part of setting up the tree and fluffing the branches was playing with all my snowmen!! For the last few years Ryan has gotten me one snowman that's cute...usually they sing or Klous had a blast with those!! I'll post a video tomorrow maybe so you can really see him dancing with them...but in this picture, he has all of them singing and dancing and he's know...that annoying kid in Wal-Mart that pushes ALL the buttons and they're all singing at the same time...yeah that'll be Klous!!!
Today we decorated the tree...Ryan just put the lights on yesterday then we got busy with other after church, we got the ornaments out...and Klous had fun doing that...Daddy helped him put this one up a little higher...
Otherwise they're all about this height...Klous could only reach so high you know!!!
Here he is dancing again :)
Klous and the finished tree...he's pretty proud of it!!
Aysha and the tree...she stared at the lights for a bit!!
She's so cute...and changing so much already...
Klous had to lay on the boppy too...he's a bit bigger then Aysha though :)
Here's the tree...well from the middle down...notice how the majority of the ornaments are in the same area...even on the same branch...we thought it was cute and funny...and couldn't change it of course!!!
This branch is Ryan's favorite...all those bells are on individual strings...but apparently Klous thought they all had to be together...because after putting them all over the tree...he took them all off...sat down on the floor...and put them all on the same branch. He hasn't touched them since...silly kid!!
That was our Christmas adventures for the weekend...hope you all are as excited and anxious for the holiday season as we are!!! Happy Holidays!!!

The changes with having a girl...:)

Last week I got Aysha dressed and ready...I got one of her bows to put on her head...but then realized I didn't have any Karo I had to wait til I went to the store...anyways...Klous got a hold of the bow!! This is what he showed me when he came up to me...he was saying..."Mommy me...Mommy Me" I had to get pictures.

Isn't he a pretty little boy with a bow!! :)
He even does his big cheeser smile!!!
I don't know that Daddy was too proud of this...especially since he kept wearing it because I was laughing at him...but that only lasted for a minute...guess we'll see how many other things he gets into that are "girly"...he just loves his sister!!!