Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Minnesota here we come!!!

Just wanted to post a little note...we're headed out at 3:00 A.M tomorrow morning (Thursday) to start our long drive to Minnesota. We're hoping things will go smoothly and easy on the's a 21 hour drive straight through...we're planning on stopping tomorrow night...and will have the hopefully I'll be able to update something, if not sorry!!! But just so you're all aware...we're going to visit FAMILY...and I can't'll be great to be there and relax from reality and see people we haven't seen....anywhere from 9 months to over a's time!!! Watch for updates and pictures if I can do it!! Love to all!!! And THANK YOU to all the amazing friends who have helped us the last couple days get ready for all is greatly appreciated!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brotherly LOVE :)

Klous decided he needed to play with Aysha yesterday...and this is what it consisted of...Klous, Aysha, and a rubber bullet thing. And this is what he did with it...
Licked it...and STUCK it to Aysha's forehead :)
Hmmm...I think she doesn't know what to think...'s not so bad...I can smile :)
Then he had to do it to himself too...lick it and stick it...
Ta-Da :)
Silly kid...good thing he loves his sister so much!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ryan's little sister Erin came down to visit this last weekend. We finally got to meet her sweet baby Alyssa...she's so so tiny and sweet!! Makes my little Aysha look like a MONSTER!!! It was good to visit...we had the family over Thursday night for dinner and tried to get some "decent" pictures of the grandkids on the Jones side!! Here are a few!!

Alyssa & Aysha...look how CHUBBY Aysha is...
Don't they both look so thrilled!!!
Trying to get 4 kids under the age of 4 to look at the camera is tough!! But we managed!! Zack, Klous, Aysha, & Alyssa!!! I just can't get over how BIG Aysha is!!!
I think this is how Alyssa REALLY feels about being with the "big" kids...looks a little scared don't you think!!!
And the boys...Zack & Klous...they're getting big too!! Seems like not that long ago they were Aysha & Alyssa's size!!!
Now we got the Jones cousins together...we can't WAIT for Minnesota in only 17 days when we'll be able to have Klous & Aysha play with the Klous cousins!! Yay!!!