Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So nice out!!!

Can I just tell you how EXCITED I am that it's warming up!! WOO HOO!!! These pictures were from last was so nice out...Klous just went out and walked around the front yard!! I put this cute baseball hat on him...and he was so proud of it...he just kept it on!! I think he's a little sick of winter and being cooped up in the house too!!!He found STICKS....and played with those!!
Then Daddy went out with him too...check out my cute boys in their hats!! :)
Just checking things out with Daddy!! :)
I just love those boys!! They're so great...and I'm SOOOO... excited and ready for spring time!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Springtime??? MAYBE???? :) :) :)

There have been quite a few other people that have blogged and the pathetically, annoying, winter weather!! I COMPLETELY agree with them...I'm ready for spring...warmer temps...playing outside...sunshine...pretty flowers...EVERYTHING that comes along with it!! I walked by the window today and looked out...the whole yard was full of some ugly, mean birds...but next to our step I saw a ROBIN!!! I don't know if it means the same thing in Utah or not??? But in Minnesota, if you see a robin, that means spring is REAL close!! Because it's warming up, and they're coming back!!'s this year's ROBIN!! Maybe it'll bring good weather and happy news that Spring is coming quickly!! We can only hope right!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The other night I finally decided to do a cute video of Klous...after I got done with one...we remembered a few more things he can say/do that we wanted to share!! So are a couple videos of him...he's getting so big and talking more and more each day. We did these videos on Monday night I think...and last night he was saying "apple juice" that's not on here...but that's something he's learned in the last day!!! Hope you enjoy the video!!! My favorite part is when I ask him..."What does Papa do??"...and he sticks out his tongue!! Anyone who knows my dad...knows that's what he does!! :) It's cute!! Also...listen to what he says when we ask him to say "Mommy"...I just start out by asking him to say BECKI...but he won't say it unless you ask him to say "mommy" yeah...still calling me BECKI :) You'll also see some of the sign language that he's learned and's come in REAL handy to communicate with us!! He's just getting too big!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A bit tired maybe?? :)

Sunday after church...we got changed out of our church clothes...and were just sitting around talking...I was on the couch, and Klous was trying to come sit by me. I lifted him up...and of course he reached for my hair first. Ryan & I just kept talking, and I noticed Klous was breathing kind of he was asleep. So I looked down at him, and sure enough!!! SOUND ASLEEP!!! It was pretty cute...I told Ryan to grab the camera...guess this is the nice thing of him not sleeping in church!! He's out as soon as we get home!!!

See he has to play with my hair!!!
I thought Ryan was only getting Klous in this one...apparently not...don't mind my fatso tummy!! :)
He's so cute!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

We LOVE you!!!

Klous & I just wanted to let you all know how much we LOVE YOU!!! I've been sitting here today just thinking about everyone that I love and who loves's just a great feeling!!! So thank you for all that each of you do for our little family!!! We really do appreciate it!!

Here's some kisses for you!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danny's Wedding :)

Last weekend was pretty eventful!!! The main reason we went back to Minnesota was for my little brother Danny's wedding. We got to Fairmont, MN on Friday afternoon...and were there til Sunday afternoon. We went to the rehearsal and groom's dinner Friday night...and that's when the excitement started...Klous was a little...ok a LOT stuffed up...and decided he needed to gag on his snot...and puke...constantly!! It was great let me tell after throwing up 6-7 time Friday night...he was finally ok and feel asleep. He woke up Saturday morning all happy and normal...we went swimming at the hotel...hung out with family...then it was time to get ready for the wedding. We stopped by Burger King to get some lunch...and while we waited in the drive-up...there he goes again...puke everywhere. It was terrible...20 minutes before we were supposed to be at the Ryan was sweet and said he'd just take him back to the hotel and sit with him...but then I felt bad, because they'd be missing the WEDDING and PICTURES...ugh...but you gotta do what you gotta do right!! So dropped them off at the hotel...and headed back to the church for pictures.

Here's Danny and his ring bearer & flower girl...our niece & nephew...Eric & Briella...aren't they all so cute!!!Here's a close up too...
My big boy!!! My older brother Andy...he was a groomsman I think...not sure what they're called!!! So handsome huh!!
Here's Eric flexing his muscles...(Lightning & Thunder)...usually he kisses them...but I missed that part for the picture!! (Andy's little boy by the way)
My "little" brother...ok younger brother Danny & me!!! Check out those nice teeth of his...just got his braces off this last year...he's pretty proud of them!! Now he REALLY smiles!!!
And this is my REAL brother Danny!! He's kind of retarded...but I love him anyways!!!
My sister Kim and her girls...well 2 of them!! Katelynn & Jessi
Briella being SOO cute during the wedding...Eric decided he wasn't gonna walk down the a little nervous & stubborn....darn Klous genes!!!
Check out Danny...this was the CUTEST thing soon as Andrea started walking down the aisle...he just lost was adorable!!! Since he lost it...Andy did too...I did...Vicki did...Kim did...Mom & Dad was great!!! So nice to see a "tough" guy get a little teary eyed!!
This was during the candle lighting the "Unity Candle"...everyone in the congregation had a was kind of neat!!
MR. & MRS. DANNY KLOUS!!! YEAH for them!!! :) :) :) They're so cute!!!
That was the wedding...then it was back to the hotel for me...had to check on my boys...and this is what I found...Klous slept the entire time...didn't throw up anymore so that was good. But here he laid on his bed of towels just in case!!!
Then he decided he was hungry again...I guess after you lose everything in your get a little hungry!!! So he found his french fries and decided to eat was time for the reception to we were trying to decide what to do...we decided to take him along and just watch him close...I didn't want them to have to miss anymore of the fun!!
So we headed to the hotel across the street...for the's Danny & Andrea doing their "toasts" was cute...
Our cute little family during the dinner/dance thing!!
Mom & Danny...her baby we're all married and gone!!!
Klous liked the disposable camera...he was "taking" pictures of everything!!!
Klous doing the chicken was so cute!!!
Mommy & Klous dancing at the end...he did good through it...and no more that was even better!!!
That was the wedding was good...I wish I would've gotten more pictures...and that Ryan & Klous could've been there for it...but oh well. At least we were able to be there and see that was the best part!! Congrats Danny & Andrea...we LOVE you!! Now that they're enjoying their TWO 7-day cruises...must be rough huh!!! Oh yeah...the weather that -13 degrees...with a -30 degree wind was HORRIBLE weather...but we survived...gotta love Minnesota!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minnesota Trip...some of it!!!

We got home this was a LONG flight home...but we made it!!! We had a GREAT time in Minnesota...with family and having fun!!! Klous warmed up so quickly with everyone, so that made me happy!!! Here are a few pictures of our "fun" times!!!

Here's Klous & Daddy at the Denver airport during our layover...Klous was excited to watch the airplanes....I think he was just excited to be able to run around for a bit!!
Then it was back on to another plane...from Denver to wasn't a full we had 2 rows all to was nice!!
Klous had fun driving his cars...and throwing his balls around...we put an end to that quickly!!! Then he just fell asleep!! :) That was nice!!!
We got to Minnesota/Wisconsin on Saturday...the 2nd...hung out at Auntie Vicki & Uncle Glenn's for a day...then headed up north. We went to Auntie Kim & Uncle Mike's Sunday night til Tuesday afternoon. They just got a new puppy a few weeks Klous liked that...until Decoy jumped all over him...then he screamed!!!
See how excited he is...CHEESE :) That's Jared holding the puppy...him & Klous are a lot alike I think...
Then on snowed a out we went...for a good Minnesota day of sledding!!! Klous had fun til he kept falling over!! Then it was nap time...but he let me pull him around for a while!!!
We slid down the hill with Meghan, Jessi, Katelynn, & Jared....that was fun...

But I think his favorite thing at Auntie Kim's house was the STAIRS...he got a lot of practice going up and down stairs!! We don't have any at our it was nice that every house we went to had some!! He know what "TURN AROUND" means now!! :)
And Jared had to go "BOOM" with him too...he giggled every time!!
Then we headed up to Grandma Judy & Papa Bob's house...we were in Grand Rapids Tuesday afternoon til Friday morning...between Grandma & Papa's and Uncle Andy & Auntie Anna's house!!! On Thursday afternoon, Grandma made homemade was DELICIOUS!!! So Andy, Anna, Eric, & Alex all came out...Klous was taking a Eric was excited when I told him to go wake him up!!!
Here's Eric(3), Alexandra(Alex, 20 months), & Klous(16 months)...they had fun together!!!
See how cute these two KLOUS boys are!!! :) Too bad one has that has a first name and the other as a last name!! Either way it's a good name!!!
We didn't have any pictures of Grandma & Papa til after the we had to get some!!! Here they are in the hotel before we left...Klous warmed up to them REAL quick!! It was cute seeing him with them!!!
Papa Bob is known for sticking his tongue out...Klous was so good at it til we got to Minnesota...then he wouldn't do this picture he kind of tried!! I think it's funny to look at everyone's expressions!!!
After checking out of the hotels...we all went to Perkin's for was a BIG group!!! 22 people to be exact!!! Aren't we a cute bunch of people!!!

Then it was back to Auntie Vicki & Uncle Glenn's house...we were pretty pooped out from the whole Monday was a lazy, relaxing, getting healthy day!!! Daddy & Klous had a good nap you can see!!!
I'll be putting up some pictures from Uncle Danny's wedding tomorrow was a good time!! Everyone looked so cute, handsome, and happy!! It was watch for that post to come too!!! We're happy to be home and unpack...but it's always hard to be away from family again...and have to leave. It was a good time...and we sure do love the Klous family!! :) :) :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Almost time!!! :) :) :)

We went to Wal-Mart the other night to get the "last minute" things we needed for the trip...and Ryan thought we needed to get Klous a "leash"!!! :) :) :) So after thinking about it for a second...I thought it's probably a good idea...just in case he wants to RUN around the airports at all!! So today I was getting the last minute things packed...and figured I better try it out!!!

He was pretty excited about it...kind of :)
then he had to figure out how it's a cute monkey if you can't see that!!
Here he is posing again...CHEESE...can you tell he's saying that?? :)
Didn't like it much though when Zack was "walking" him!! :) LoL...I like this picture!!! lots of people have been getting new hairdos for the spring time...or just for a I followed the crowd!! I got a gift certificate to get my haircut for I figured maybe I should use it...since we're going home for a wedding...I'd do something different!! Then last night...Ryan helped me highlight it...he was nervous about "ruining" it...but I think it looks great!! If anyone else wants him to do your hair...I'll be happy to ask!! ;)
I'm still getting used to it...trying to figure out how best to style it and all...I like it more behind my ears...Ryan likes it just on my
When I get back from Minnesota though...there will be some SERIOUS exercising and work-outs...I'm grossed out with that double chin!!! Not to mention my tummy!! So you all know!! Check for updates...I'll try to do some while we're on our trip!!! Yeah for Minnesota!! :) :) :)