Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot days and cute clothes :)

I'm loving the nice weather so the kids and I can actually be OUTSIDE...and the ADORABLE clothes that Aysha has with all the bright colors and things...Klous is cute too of course...but this is the first summer with a little's been fun!!!
I've noticed a lot lately that I haven't had all the "accessories" on Aysha lately...and maybe these pictures will show you WHY :) :) :)

I put it on and this is what happens...
Uh oh...
Ha Ha Mommy :)
So I'll just put the little clip in her fuzz hair and hope it lasts...which it doesn't/didn't because eventually she feels for that too and pulls it out...silly girl!! Good thing she's still cute with or without them huh!!!
Yesterday after naptime I told Klous we could get the little pool out and swim for a was 90+ degrees yesterday I swear and it was SO bloody it was relaxing and nice...I also put Aysha in her swimsuit and she LOVED it...if you can't tell from the smile :)
And munching on the toy...the bathtub chair didn't work in the pool, so I had to hold it with my feet...and she just splashed and cute!!
Klous struggled to get in the pool at first...not cuz he wasn't hot...or the water didn't feel good...but because he chose to POOP in his swim diaper as SOON as we got outside...I was so this is him just standing outside the pool...
But after a good diaper change and a NEW swim diaper...he was all about swimming and playing in the water :)
Cute kids huh!!
Aysha decided to face plant in the water...but nothing cuter then a wet baby face huh!! This is the best I could do :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Us lately...ok well the kids lately :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures and posts...we're a bit busy with summer time and playing outside and trying to find something BIG enough for a family of yeah...not many pictures being taken lately.
Here are a few things that I have caught on camera...and these kids are just dang can I not want more :) :) :)

Klous & Aysha have liked taking baths together...and Aysha thinks she's so big in her chair now...not having to lay down anymore!!! My kids LOVE their bath time :)
Isn't she just so squishy :) I love her chub :)
I really want Aysha's hair to grow...and it's coming SLOWLY...but not fast I tried just putting some clips in there and isn't she just so cute!! Princess Lea huh!! I think she thinks she's pretty cute too...check out that smile :)
I'm ready for the 4th of July :) :) :) So dang happy :)
Klous had to have me take a picture of the bug he squished...yes...he's a boy :) I don't even know what kind of bug it is :)
And here's our princess on Sunday...isn't she beautiful...she's getting so big (7 months next week)
Her pretty princess dress from Auntie Jessica...and I think she liked it...especially cuz Daddy kept saying she was pretty and his "princess"...
Aren't they cute...they just watch each other...
Klous LOVES his sister...and that's why he says he's having a BROTHER this time...cuz Aysha is his sister :) Gotta love my kiddos :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 weeks down....

AND 28 TO GO....ahhhhh :)

Yes it's true...I was going to do cute pictures or something, but that didn't happen, so here you go. Ryan & I are having another baby...guess that's what we get for doing an April Fool's joke huh!!
It comes as a shock, but I'm's taken sometime and I'm still not there completely...the Dr told us that I'd always have to use Clomid to get a I have had to do with Klous & Aysha...apparently something got fixed with Aysha in my tummy!!
So anyways...there you go...we're prego...AGAIN...
12 weeks along...due December 25th....yes that's right...CHRISTMAS DAY. Yippee :)
Here's to another summer of being prego...and another fall/winter baby...
Oh one more thing...YES...Aysha will be ONE in November...and we'll have another baby in DECEMBER...uh huh...13 months apart...nice huh!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Priceless Pictures...

These are a few pictures from before our trip and on our trip that I just find simply priceless...the cute little things you catch and LOVE to share!!! Hope you like them as much as I do!!
Before we left, we had a BBQ with some of our friends before they moved away :( But it was a fun time for the kids!! Aysha loves her swing in the backyard...if you can't tell from that smile!! I just love her!!
Klous was all smiles too to be running through the sprinklers and playing with his friends!!! Handsome little devil!!!
While we were in Minnesota...this is one picture I will treasure for a long time...until we get back there and can do another one!! This is my Uncle Sonny & Aunt Dad's only brother who is 13 years older then him...I've always loved this guy...he's just so real and down to earth...and has loved me too. I make a special effort to see them when we're home, because you just never know when they'll be gone, and I'd HATE to know that we were there and "could've" seen them, but didn' here's a good memory for Klous & Aysha with their GREAT Aunt & Uncle!! So cute!!
And then my favorite I think...check out Klous just watching Papa...they built a special bond that was so dang cute to see!!!
Then a normal Dad picture...he can't look at the camera without sticking his tongue out!!!
Then the day we was a sad one :( but we had to do it. This was BEFORE the hugs and stuff though, so no tears!! Ramma Judy...Papa Bob...Klous...& Aysha...gotta get one of these each time we see them too...wanna have something for the kids to look back on when they're older!! I sure do love these guys...I'm lucky to have such great parents who love me and have taught me more then I even know...I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD :) :) :) :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

At Papa's house...

While we were in Minnesota...we went and STAYED at my parents house. That was the plan from the beginning, because it's just too hard to constantly pack up and move from house to house and city to city. This was so nice and relaxing to just be at one place and not do all the running around. My parents are both home all the time, and it was GREAT for Klous & Aysha to be able to play and spend time with them. They live on 20 acres in a little town called Swan River, MN...which is 20 miles out of any "big" city...(which is only like 8,000 people maybe) it's not a really BIG city!! was nice growing up out there...ya it was a "LONG DRIVE"...but not really...we figured since we were coming all the way from wouldn't hurt to have people come to us!! So that's what we did!!
When we got there, Klous was so fascinated that there were NO fences..."Mommy...Papa's house has NO fences"...that was cute...he could just run baseball...jump on the trampoline...ride his bike...and do whatever he wanted!!!
These pictures are from when we first got there...I think the kids were just happy to be OUT of the car!!! Aysha watched while the boys played baseball!!
Klous liked to go for walks too...I looked out one morning and Daddy & Klous were on top of the cute are these pictures!!!

Papa has a 6-wheeler too...Klous didn't want to go for rides with Papa (???don't know why???) but he'd go with Mommy or here's Mommy driving and Daddy in the back with Klous...
We went to the gravel pit to get some rocks for Klous...

Then headed to the lake so he could throw them...
He's such a boy!!!
It was SOO nice and relaxing to be out there in the middle of no just listen to the quietness!!! You forget what that's like when you live in town!! Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us stay there and letting Klous PLAY!!! I know I'm grateful you have that place and the peace and quiet that is out there!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing with the cousins...

Well here's the first post of a few I guess for was a GREAT trip...and it's always hard to come home and back to least for me anyways!!! The kids had fun with Papa, Ramma Judy, Toby (the dog), their aunts, uncles, and cousins. I didn't take near as many pictures as I would've liked...but I just have to enjoy the ones I have I guess!!! Here are a few of the kids playing with some of their cousins...within the whole 2 weeks, we saw ALL of their cousins on my side of the family...which is a LOT (17) of kids to get together and see!!!

Aysha was all smiles to be OUT of her seat and with the "baby girl" cousins!!!
Here they are...Ryleigh 8 month...Aysha 6 months...and Mya 4 months...aren't the cute...I don't think Ryleigh really like Aysha pulling on her ear :( Sorry Ryleigh!!!
Here's the girls again...cute huh!!
Aysha & Mya...just chillin'
Then to the bigger kids!!! Klous had fun driving in the "Escalade"...Eric is quite the pimp in his little car!! See...he can even pick it up to get it over the scooters and toys!!
Kinda crazy drivers...but what do you expect with a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and a 2 yr old!!! They had fun though!! Klous only tried to go in those planter boxes a couple times!!!
Cheesing it up!!
And Aysha with her 2nd oldest cousin on my side...Jared is 14 now...and this is the only picture I got of either of the kids with any other cousins...(sorry Vicki & Kim's kids) :) We had fun though!!!

We're home's true...we're finally home. I don't know that it's a great thing, but we're here. I miss Minnesota...I miss the relaxing...I miss my parents...I miss having Ryan here to help me...but now I guess it's back to reality. Yippee...I'll post pictures and stuff later sometime...since it's like 6:30 A.M the day after we get home...and BOTH kids are it's GREAT to be back!!! Stay tuned for more posts and pictures!!