Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Silly kids...

Here are some random pictures of the kids this last weekend!! Aysha is really starting to notice toys and reach for things...so the toys on her carseat get a LOT of attention while we're out driving!! When we got home Friday night from running around...Ryan went to take her out and this is what he found...he had to get the camera :)
She had been playing with the sunshine toy from Grandma...and decided she needed to "accessorize" since Mommy forgot to put a bracelet on her that day!!!
So she did it herself...silly girl!!!
Klous has been so SO silly lately...maybe cuz he's getting stir crazy and can't play outside...I don't know, but he just makes me laugh!! His latest "outfit" and thing to do is pretend to be "SUPERMAN"...and he yells it whenever he talks about it!! He puts on his "football helmet" (really his easter basket)...and his Superman cape...and runs through the house pretending to slide, fly, and crash. He just cracks me up...

This is him looking at me saying..."Mommy, say ready, set, GO" :)
Then he runs through the kitchen...
And back to the living room and dives on the couch...(this has been a new thing and we REALLY don't like him jumping on the couch)...ugh boys :)
He's just cute...I can't resist NOT taking pictures of him!!!
So I agree with my friend Amy and would really like for Mother Nature to bring SPRINGTIME to us...kids are REALLY sick of being in the house...ok maybe Mommy is sick of it, but either way...can't we just have nice weather to run outside!?!?! Winter has been SOOO long...

Monday, March 30, 2009

My house at 10:15 p.m...

Guess it was a tough day today with dr's appointments...shots...being stuck in the house...watching movies...FREEZING with the wind outside...and just being lazy...cuz the kids were out in seconds after putting them down.

Aysha in her swing...
Klous on the love seat...
Oh yeah...and Ryan on the other couch...gotta love my sleeping family...
And here I sit looking at blogs...chatting with my mom on MSN...checking facebook...and my bank account...and my email...oh a Mother's work is never done huh!! :) Bedtime will come sometime!!!

Aysha's 4 month appointment...

Aysha the night she was born...
It's true...Aysha is 4 months old now...it was last week, but we just managed to get her in for her appointment today!! She's just growing like a weed!! She weighed in at 14 lbs 7 oz and is 24 inches long. She's short and chubby...she's in the 64th percentile for weight and only the 35th percentile for height. Oh well...she's adorable and I can't believe how big she's getting. Wanting to sit up all the time...smiling and cooing like crazy...knows when someone is talking to her and will look to see who it is...rolling over from tummy to back...and just CUTE!!! We love our Aysha baby...and couldn't ask for anything better then her & Klous...happy, healthy kids!!

This is a picture Jessica took yesterday when we were together for family dinner...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love You Becki

So I was just looking at our blog and noticed that I could put a post on here. I don't know anything about all of this online social networking stuff so I am kind of behind the times I guess. So anyways I just wanted to put a little post on her to let Becki know that I Love you very much and I want you to know how much you mean to me. The last 7 1/2 years have been great. I was truly a blessing to be called to serve in Minnesota and for that to be the way that I was able to meet my eternal companion. You are my best friend and I love you so much.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME...yesterday :)

It's true...it was my birthday yesterday...March 25th...it was a good day...fun with my family...who could ask for more!!!
It started Tuesday though, when Klous & I made my birthday cake!! Ryan hadn't said anything about making one...so I figured it was up to me!! I wanted to be sure and get the yummy Angel Food Cake that my Mom always made for Dad...so I had to make it...Klous had fun helping Mommy. We baked the cake...he went down for a nap...20 minutes later he was in his bed yelling for me...darn it, why didn't he sleep longer?? I went in there and he looked at me with bright eyes and said..."Mommy birthday cake all done, make frosting??" It was cute...who could pass him up!!
So he came out and we made the frosting...he was all ready to help, look at that smile :)
Once it was frosted I went to get the camera...came back to the kitchen and he decided he needed a taste...so since he had already done it, I made him do it again to pose for the picture!!
Then this is the best part of making it I think...dipping the extra pieces of cake into the extra frosting....
YUM...yep...he's definitely a Klous :)
The finished product...there's ton of frosting on it, but it's so yummy...and I'm sure it's real healthy too :)
Mommy & Klous after making the cake...so cute!!!
Then Daddy came home from work...we did our stuff Tuesday night...went to bed, and woke up Wednesday morning. When I woke up...from my phone ringing at 8:25 (my dad calling to say happy birthday)...I missed the call, but got up and called him back. Ryan was supposed to have the day off...but when I woke up, there was no sign of Ryan or Klous...???? Where did they go??? I chatted with Dad and got done with that...sat around for a little longer, then my boys came home!!! They had to go get me donuts and chocolate milk...how sweet!!! They gave me the cards/gifts...and the gift was to get a "make-over"...maybe Ryan thinks I need some "uplift" on my birthday as I get older!?!?!?! So he said I got to go get my hair cut...nails done...and pick a new outfit. I got my hair cut...got a new outfit, but passed on the nails...might have to be a girls night sometime soon!!! We'll see.
Anyways...after getting all that done we came home for the kids to take naps...got to hang out with Ryan for a bit and just relax...it was great!!! Then it was time to get ready for my big night!!! Got all showered and "prettied" up for my hot date with my hubby!!!
I wanted some pictures of me and the kidlets before we left...so here's Mommy and her kiddos...Aysha looks a little concerned in the first one... :)
Then we got another one...we're pretty cute huh!!!
Mommy and my baby...Klous ran off before I could get a picture of me and him...guess he had enough!!!
Ryan had it all arranged for his sister Shauna to come watch the kids, while we went to West Valley to see "The Phantom" at Hale Center Theatre. I was a little "un-excited" at first, because I'm not a big theatre fan...but got more excited when I found out it was the Phantom...I really REALLY like the Phantom of the Opera...and having been to France I like to be able to see the sites back there. So Shauna came over with Zack and played with the kids...gave her the low-down on what needed to be done...and we headed up the West Valley.
We were gonna do dinner then the play...so we decided on Applebees since it was right across the street from the Theatre...I got a couple pictures first though...
Here's the sign for the performance...
And the Theatre...a pretty cool looking building I think!!!
We had some yummy dinner at Applebees and of course Ryan had to be a dork in the pictures...we only got one decent one of him actually smiling, but I looked dumb...so this is the one I'm posting!!! Oh and of course he had to tell the server it was my birthday...so yes they brought me ice cream and sang to me...woo hoo. So embarrassing :)
Me and my babe :) Gonna be 8 years this year of being together...WOWZERS :)
After dinner it was off to the show...it was pouring rain outside..so thank goodness for my sweet hood...didn't want to mess up my pretty hair ;)
Ryan didn't want to get water on his glasses either...so we're the hoody twins!!
The performance was good. It wasn't Andrew Lloyd Weber's version...so it was different. It was the same story pretty much, but different music. It was still good, but I'm a bigger fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber's version!!! It was fun and was just nice to be with Ryan with no kids...and it was a fun experience. Now I won't be so ANTI when it comes to going to a play I suppose!!! After the show was done we were leaving the theatre...coming down the stairs and all the cast was by the doors. I told Ryan we should get a picture with the "Phantom"...but didn't have anyone to take the picture...so I just went up to him and asked if he'd pose for a picture with me since it's my birthday ;) He of course said sure...and wished me a Happy Birthday!! It was nice!!! (no I didn't give him the flowers :) )
It was a great day...I'm so lucky to have such an amazing husband who loves me so much. Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who called, stopped by, emailed, left me a message...everything....THANK YOU. I love you all and appreciate you thinking about me!!! Now on to another year...woo hoo :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just some cute pics & a video...

I've been meaning to post these pictures and it just hasn't happened...so here are some of the kids...ok so mostly Aysha...but some recent cute pictures!!! Mommy & Klous at the zoo...Klous "playing" cards...poor little Klous got sunburnt last week, so I'm trying to show his poor arms and cheeks...oh and me of course burnt as well...LOVED the warm weather though!!! Then there's their church outfits before St. Patty's day....Aysha just being cute in her overalls and with her fingers...starting to play in her exersaucer...and bath time...can't get enough cute pictures of her in the tub!! She just LOVES the water...and kicks and splashes non-stop. It's great!!!

Just enjoy the pictures!! I just wanted to post them, because I keep seeing them and haven't gotten them on here...I've been trying to do better at taking pictures of the kids...weekly if not daily, because you just never know what'll happen, and I want to catch as much as possible in pictures!! I sure do love my kiddos!!!

His poor arms...I'm a GREAT mom :(

Then again...look at me!!! Gotta get the one burn a summer...then it's all tan from there :)
Isn't she adorable...
Such a stud...even if he has cheese all over his face :)
She LOVES her fingers...and it won't be long and I'm sure she'll be sucking either her finger or thumb???

I love her big eyes!!! She's just so stinkin' cute!!!

Stretch that leg...just kidding...getting ready to SPLASH mommy!!!
Ha ha...got you :)
I just love the wet baby look...their eyes are so so bright!!!

This video shows exactly how much she LOVES bath time...it's great...can't wait for her to be able to sit up a little better on her own though...she's too wiggly and squirmy in the tub!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend up north :)

We went up to Salt Lake, then to Brigham City, then to Tremonton this weekend. A friend of mine is going on his mission this week...goes into the MTC on Wednesday, so we went up to listen to his farewell talk. I decided we should make a weekend of it and stay in a hotel...and then later in the week I thought we should go to the zoo Saturday on our way up there.

Klous was so so excited to be on our way!!!
Daddy was too I think ;)
Aysha was out before we got on the freeway I think!!!
Got to the zoo and it literally was a ZOO :) People everywhere...guess that's what we get for going the first REAL nice Saturday of the season. Luckily we got a family pass, so we can go back a few times this summer and have it pay for itself!! Klous was done after seeing like 6 animals anyways!!!
We of course had to check out the lion fountain...Klous pretended to get a drink...even though the water was shut off or something???

I love this picture of my little man...he's so cute...and really liked watching the monkeys!!! He's getting so big :(
Klous & Aysha with the gorilla...people kept walking by saying..."oh that's so cute"...guess it is pretty cute...they're so little in that BIG gorilla!!!
How do they measure up!?!?!?! Could you imagine having a baby the size of that baby gorilla...YIKES :)
She'll get there someday!!!
This was Klous' favorite...he liked the elephants and liked to watch them eat their lunch!!!
Ryan pushing our BEAST of a stroller...it's a monster to push with both kids, a crowd of people, and hills...ahhh!! :)
Getting ready for our picnic lunch...it was fun!!!
Then off to Brigham City and the hotel...Klous slept for a bit on the way up there...but he was oh so excited when we got to the "swimming place"...that's what he called it at least!!!
After a full afternoon of swimming and playing and visiting the kids were pooped out!!!
Swimming before check-out...Klous couldn't get enough of the water...and luckily it was like a warm bath, so Aysha enjoyed it as well!!!
Our cheeser smiles!!!
We went to church in Tremonton with our friends and listened to Brandon speak. His mom is like an adopted daughter in my family...so we've always been close to this family. I used to babysit Brandon and his other siblings, so it's kinda really crazy to see them (and me for that matter) all "grown" up!! He's going to serve in the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission...Ryan says it's the best mission in the world ;) Might be a little biased since he served there too!! But Brandon lived in northern MN when he was little...so it's kinda neat for him go back there!!!
Mommy & cutie Aysha!!
Me & my little man!! So handsome!!
Back to home and reality...isn't it great!!! Was a nice break with friends and family!! Good luck to Brandon...he'll be great!! :) :) :)