Thursday, March 5, 2009

Springtime...PLEASE :)

The last few days we've been kind of spoiled with warmer in the 60's and almost 70's...but then this morning we woke up to SNOW...yes...SNOW on the ground. It was a little disappointing, but I guess it is only March!!
Anyways...with the warmer weather, I've been trying to get out some of the "summer" clothes I bought for the kids...and trying them on for size...I got Aysha some pretty cute capris....but right now they just look like high-water pants...too long for capris and too short for she didn't wear them...hope she gets a little longer by May/June. :) But the shirts are cute...and it's just making me more anxious for spring/summer so I can see those cute clothes on her!!! Here are some pictures from the last couple days...she's getting so big!!! And it's SOOO great to see her so happy and healthy again!!!

She's getting more into toys we've tried out the floor toy more that Grandma Judy & Papa Bob got her for Christmas...she's happiest when someone stands over her and talks....
And saddest when you walk away :)
Klous is still a cheeser...he's really liking this warmer weather...he thinks as soon as he's up and the sun is out that it's warm enough to go outside...I think we've all got a little "cabin fever"...let us OUT!!!
Today I did some "tummy time" with Aysha...and she actually didn't fuss...but I thought these pictures turned out cute!! And this outfit was so so springy and PINK :) Love our little girl!!

No she's not sitting up on her hand is on her back ;) She's not that big yet!!

This was from last Friday...but this is a cute shirt I think...and it's BLUE!!! But I took the picture to show the new bow I made last week...I was pretty proud of it!! I'm slowly learning all the tricks!!!


Mindy said...

Those are some really cute pictures of your little girl. I love how close up you got when taking them.

Andrea and Danny said...

wow! she looks gorgeous in purple! i love all the close ups! its so cute you have so many outfits for her, we just have all these sleeper outfits. Your kids are gooood lookin!
Love you!

Steven & Adrienne said...

Cute pics, and she is getting so big. I am glad to hear you guys are all well now. Don't you love little girls clothes and bows!!! And our kids are having cabin fever also, everyday they beg to go out and play in the cold...oh I can't wait until it is warm again!

krista said...

I totally wish it was Spring time! I am so ready for warm weather. I love the pictures of Aysha in the little pink outfit! Too cute!!