Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here's our a nutshell!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! We hope you all had a GREAT one, and that Santa surprised you with what you wanted!!!
We had a good was hard for me not being with my family in Minnesota, but this year was the easiest yet, because Klous was SOO into it and excited!!! It is definitely more fun with little ones make it SOO much more exciting!!
Anyways...our Christmas was a weekend event!! Daddy was able to take Friday & Monday he was home with us for 5 days, and it was GREAT!!! We miss him LOTS's kinda lonely here. On Sunday, Ryan's family came over for dinner, and when everyone left, this is what Klous did...apparently he wanted to go outside too huh?!?! He's so cute!! He found Mommy's hat and mittens!!!Santa made an early, quick stop at our house on Monday morning, because we wouldn't be home until late on Christmas here's what we woke up to on Monday morning...
And Klous was all about running out to see what was going on!! A little confused, because none of that was there when he cleaned up and went to bed!!! It was cute to watch his reaction...
He of course had to grab the first toy he could find...the one he picked out with the money Gramma Judy & Papa Bob sent him...the famous POPPER...ahhhh :) I'm already sick of that toy!!!
Then he looked at his gifts from Santa...he thought the singing chair was pretty cool!!!
He did really good opening the first few presents...then he pretty much got sick of it!! He just wanted to play with the toys he already opened or saw....
I LOVE this's the other present he got from Gramma Judy & Papa he won't need to POUND on our keyboard...he has his own computer keyboard!!!
And finally he was done opening...he got LOTS of trucks, cars, blocks, Little People, and some clothes...pretty much got spoiled!!! :)
After putting toys together and cleaning up...he just hung out and enjoyed the new things...his chair being the favorite for now I sings and plays music for him...and he's cute sitting in it!! That's what he did while Mommy & Daddy made another batch of Molasses cookies...first one went WAY too fast!!!
After spending time with our little family most of the day Monday...we headed to Provo to be with the Jones side...and Klous & Zackeroni got new jammies!!! They were so cute cuddling on Zack's bed and going "nigh-night"...
Then we had to get real pictures...with the uncles making them smile and laugh...darn Klous wouldn't give me his binki :( But he's got a BIG smile!!!
Oh yeah...Mommy & Daddy got new jammies too...Mommy & Klous have the same ones...well mine are 2 pieces...and Daddy got some pants...Klous should've sat on his lap huh...then we wouldn't all BLEND together!!! :)
Klous saying CHEESE to the camera!!! Before going to bed so Santa could come!!!
OH...GOOD MORNING!!! Christmas morning was an early one...we were gonna have breakfast at we were all up...and it didn't happen or fall into place like planned...but oh well!! Klous got his new Christmas outfit...and he was pretty handsome in it!!! SUPERMAN!!!
Klous & Zack posed in front of the tree for pictures...right after this picture was taken, they both stumbled and fell on the floor...they were giving each other such BIG hugs!!!
Finally it was time to open presents...Klous lasted for only 2 presents this time I think...Mommy got to open most of his, because there was just too much going on, and too many other NEW toys to play with!!!
But even more trucks and cars...he's definitely a BOY!!! Mommy & Klous took a break and were playing with cars together, while Daddy took a picture...
Then it was Daddy's turn to play with him...Klous is pretty good at making the car noises too...don't know how to type that?!?! :)
Uncle Jordan got a helmet for air-soft guns...and Klous was all over that...he got scared and cried whenever Jordan had it on...but he was just fine if he got to wear it!!
Grandma & Grandpa Jones got a fun easel for their Klous & Zack had fun with the crayons and markers yet...don't need that on the wall!! Klous mostly enjoyed biting the tips off the crayons...blah :)
We then had dinner, and opened stockings...then came was a long day, but fun!! A good Christmas yet again...and I even got to talk to my family, and didn't cry...well until Papa Bob said "I love you"...then I broke down a bit...I just miss them this time of year, and it's tough...but what can we do!!! Klous had a good time, and that's what makes me happy. Never fails, Santa always surprises me...and when I think nothing will come...the stocking is always full!!! Man that guy is amazing!!! :) THANKS SANTA!!! Hope you all enjoyed your time together like we did!!! Merry Christmas...and Happy New Year next week!!! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Molasses Cookies!!!

Yesterday...we took the challenge...and DID IT!!! I've been telling my family that I wanted to make the famous, Klous family Molasses cookies...but I've never done it before. Not to mention that the only time I've ever done anything with them is when my mom & sisters are it made me kinda sad to think about making them without any of the Klous family. :( ANYWAYS...enough sad stuff...Ryan & Klous helped with the cookies...and it was GREAT!! Here's the story...

We got Klous all ready with his cute little apron on!!!Mommy & Daddy mixed everything up...and made it JUST Mommy & Klous had to pose with the yummy dough!! Not too sticky...and not too dry!!!
Klous had to have a little taste...hey...he is a Klous...and he gets THAT from Papa Bob!!!
Then came the fun flour time!! Or I mean...cookie cutter time!! Ryan got a little crazy with his flour and counter space!!! But they were still alright!! Klous was "helping" so good with the cookie know, cutting the already cut cookies!!! :)
CHEESE...Daddy & Klous having fun!!
Then Klous just needed some alone time with the cookie cutter and flour!! He made a pretty mess on the floor!!
Sorry for this glare...but he was SOO cute saying CHEESE and licking the spatula!!
And then...VOILA...the finished product!! They we SOO yummy...Even made the frosting to go on them, but didn't get any pictures of that!! I'm sure there no where near as good as Auntie Kim's or Gramma Judy's...but hey...I'm learning!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Klous, Klous, Klous :)

Yesterday, I finally made the cookies I've been wanting to!! Thankfully Klous took a 3 hour nap, and I got some stuff was great!! Not to mention how YUMMY the cookies look...and taste!!!When Klous woke up, I got him some lunch, but of course he saw the cookies sitting on the in his cute little voice he was saying and pointing..."some some some"...then he rubs his tummy and says "pweaz"...(Please)'s WAY cute and I gotta get it on video...but yeah...I couldn't I gave him a cookie!!! Here's what he did with it...

Of course, like any other kid, he started with the chocolate!!
Then finger-painted...
Then licked his thumb....
And finger, while saying..."mmmmmmmmm"....
Then he wanted to share with thanks!! Obviously he enjoyed the cookie huh!!!
Klous is so fun lately...he's getting so big...and trying so hard to talk with us and communicate!!! Thank goodness for a few signs I've been able to teach him, and he does those!!! But the other day he found a glove that Auntie Jessica gave him...he brought it to I put it on...and he wore it for HOURS...the whole time we went to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, and the credit union. What a funny kid...
After baking cookies yesterday...and Klous squishing all his crackers on the floor...I had to sweep!!! Well Klous wanted to look how cute he is being Mommy's little helper!!!

He concentrates on it so much...I think it's cute!!! Yep...I love Klous!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The lights...and crappy pictures!!

On Monday night, we went up to Salt Lake, to see the lights at Temple Square. We went with our friends Jared, Tara, and Gavin!!! It was fun, but FREEZING cold!! Ok...not that cold, but it wasn't warm!! And I don't know how to use our camera at night time apparently...or with lights or anything...UGH...didn't get very good pictures. I was bummed...but here are a few to look at anyways!!!Klous was ALL bundled up...but good thing he's got thick, strong Minnesota blood in him!! He stayed warm!!
First family shot...see how fuzzy it is...grrr...was hoping to get a good one to use on Christmas cards...guess I gotta read the camera book!! :)
Beautiful Temple!!!
Uh oh...they're getting worse as I go down...sorry :( Hope you can try to enjoy them!!
Oh yeah...look close at this our way home, our car hit a milestone...100,000 MILES!! Ahhhh...that's a LOT of miles...but it's still kickin' :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Klous' Exciting Day!!

Today, the insulations FINALLY got put in the other side!! WOO HOO...this is a very exciting thing for us, because we've been dealing with temps of 59-61 degrees in our bedrooms...that's when we go to OBVIOUSLY it just gets colder as the night goes on right!!! :) :) :) So yeah...we're VERY excited to have insulation in the wall connecting us to the other side...maybe that'll keep OUR heat in HERE!!! after that was done...Klous was woken up from his nap by VERY loud men delivering the sheet rock!!! So I went to get Klous...and he was all excited about seeing the BIG trucks outside our house!!! (sorry for the glare)This is what he was watching!!! They had a cool lifter thing that would just bring it right to the door on the other was pretty cool!!
Then Klous was sick of my taking pictures and this is him trying to get the camera!! Cute face huh!! :)
Then tonight...while we were waiting for Daddy to get home from work...this is Klous watching the Wiggles...VERY intently!! You like that face...I was laughing at him...cuz he just sat like that!!! :) :) :)
Then he got a different expression when a song came on that he liked!! He was even shaking his head like they do in the song...he's so fun now!! All his jabbering and's GREAT!!! Can't wait for Christmas!! WOO HOO :) Just a little over 7 days :) :) :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting better?!?!?! Maybe???

This week has been rough...ok well the last 6 weeks have been tough...but we're getting through it!!! The last 6 weeks, obviously because of all our "house drama"...but this last week...Klous has had EVERY sickness imaginable I swear!!! It started out with the sniffles...which I thought was just because of his teeth...(his molars are coming in)...but then sniffles and runny nose got worse. Then it turned into coughing...which became the dry, barky I thought he had croup...luckily didn't get to that point!!! When that was getting a "little" better...(sorry to get too graphic)...he had too much snot running down his he would cough and cough like he was choking...but nothing would ever come up. Thank goodness for the booger sucker!!! Well the next day, or that night I don't remember...Ryan was putting him into bed, and he PUKED...BLAH!!! Then he was up again at 2:30 a.m...just whiny and crabby...then I held him cuz he wouldn't calm down...and BLAH...puked again!!! UGH :) Isn't it great being a Mommy!!! :) I woke Ryan up at that point!! Then he decided he didn't want to go back to sleep until after 4 a.m...I was so tired and just wanted my sleep!!! He didn't have a fever through any of this...well the puking part at I wasn't real sure what was going on. The next morning he was alright...wouldn't really eat much...but was drinking juice and eating more then the day before. BUT...that's NOT the end...unfortunately!!! :(...then started the EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Poor kid :(...I feel so sad for him...he's trying to smile and be happy...but I can tell he's just not himself. So yeah...there's our week in a nutshell. I'm really tempted to just lock our doors and stay inside for the next 3 months!!! But that's not healthy either...I just don't want him to keep getting sick...and sharing it throughout the family, and having it start the cycle ALL over again!! Blah!!! So I'm sorry there haven't been any cute posts or pictures...I'm tired and hoping this next week will be a little better??? We'll see I guess!!!

I did get a couple cute pictures in his Snoopy hoodie from Grandma Jones!!! He thought he was a cute puppy!!! Enjoy!!! :) Hope you're all doing well, and staying healthy!!! :) :) :)