Saturday, December 1, 2007

The finished project... you all saw the start of our morning...and the START of the fun...but here is the FUN!!! I of course couldn't pass up making a SNOWMAN!!! Ryan & I realized it was the first snowman we've made together since we've been married...kinda funny huh!!! Anyways...Klous liked to watch...and sometimes "pat" the big snowball if he felt it necessary!!! Although we didn't get any pictures of that...dang it!! :)
Sorry this is so wasn't THAT early when we went out!! Just didn't flash right or something!!! Here's Daddy & Klous starting out though...didn't mean to make it sound like it was all just me & Klous in the last post...Ryan was helping too!!! :)
Klous had fun outside...EXCEPT for the times he would trip and do face plants in the snow :) ha ha ha :) I'm terrible I know...but I couldn't help but giggle a little...and tell Ryan to grab the camera!!! He was so cute with a face full of snow...he was fine both times it happened though!! Although this picture proves he was NOT happy!! :) Aren't I cute when I jump out of bed and throw on winter clothes!!! ha ha ha...yeah right :) it is...our finished product!! He's cute huh!! Klous was pretty happy with it...and would give it big hugs!! I did put a mouth on him after we got the pictures...oops!! I also took care of him through the day as it continued to snow and snow and snow...poor snowman was getting all covered again!! :)
Klous finally had enough and was running away from him!!!
Maybe we'll go out in the next couple days and make a Mommy & Baby Klous snowman too!! We need a snowman Jones family!! That would be cute huh!!! :) :) :) Yeah for snow!!!


Morgan said...

Yeah for snow! We don't have that much snow quite yet. But when we do we'll for sure be in it making snow angel's and snowmen!

breckster said...

I love the tripping in the snow face first... at least he was giving himself whitewashes instead of somebody else. :D

krista said...

What a great snowman! How fun! It would be so fun if Ava decided she wanted to try walking and we could actually go out in the snow. Klous looks so cute. I just can't believe how big he is getting!