Thursday, December 6, 2007


We are finally back home after having to leave our house...AGAIN...we got home yesterday, but I didn't get these pictures on til now. was a nice little break to have...even thought it was unexpected, stressful, and boring during the day!! Klous just wasn't sure what to do...and was all screwed up on his sleep...and I didn't want to bring him swimming we waited for Daddy to get off work!!! But we're back home can still smell the fumes...but not nearly as that's a good thing!! Here are some cute pictures from the hotel stay...

When we first got there Monday night...Klous ran right to the phone...and called anyone he could to try and figure out WHAT was going on!!! He was a little confused with the whole situation...but he looked pretty cute jabbering on and on!! Needless to say...the phone ended up taken apart, unhooked, and up in the corner!!!
Klous also had fun climbing around on new things...he obviously didn't climb up here...but he liked sitting there when I put him up!!! He tried crawling around, but I got a BIT nervous about that...since it was like 5.5 feet off the ground!!
The lamp shade also made a cute hat he thought...he thought he was funny crawling across the bed and onto the night stands!!!
While we waited for Daddy...Klous got in his jet ski and had to try it out!! Here he is driving it...even making the "vroooom" sound!!! :)
Ok...I'm ready...let's go swimming!!!
Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...water...a BIG bathtub!!!
Ummm...think he liked to ride in that in the room more then the water!!! But he liked the water...luckily it was warm...however had a HORRIBLE taste...and hurt your we didn't last too long swimming!!
Daddy had to put on his "loin cloth" when he got out...didn't want to get too cold I guess!?!?! Goofy guy!!!
Another reason we got out of the pool...if you click on the can see the chunks!!! Zack-a-roni swallowed TOO MUCH water...and yep...all his dinner came up was pretty sick!!! So we didn't stay in the pool much after that happened!!! He was fine after getting that out though!! ha ha ha :)
And finally on Wednesday...Klous was just ready to go...he watched very intently and drank his I packed everything up and got ready to leave!!! It was a fun little break, but it's nice to be back home!!! Guess we'll see how long it lasts this time...AHHHHHHHHHHH :)


mateo said...

I'm glad that an otherwise crappy situation turned into a fun vacation. Ryan, that loin cloth picture reminds me of cousin Eddy's speedos with his wife beater hanging out the!

breckster said...

do you have to redo all your laundry? or where you like me and glad you aren't the most efficient laundry dower so you don't have to do it twice?

The Jones :) said...

No...not doing all the laundry again...I don't really care anymore...maybe I should just wait and wash it all when the job is ALL done!! HA...right!! :)

krista said...

I love the lamp shade and the jet ski in the hotel room pictures! Klous is too funny! The swimming sounds like a lot of fun right now!

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

Boy, I'm glad you have a sense of humor. Keeping a toddler entertained in a hotel room is not my idea of fun! I'm glad you're back, and hope you get to stay (and that it's warmer, too). My offer still stand to hang at my place if you need it...It really is no hassle for me, cuz you and Klous are so fun to hang out with!