Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting better?!?!?! Maybe???

This week has been rough...ok well the last 6 weeks have been tough...but we're getting through it!!! The last 6 weeks, obviously because of all our "house drama"...but this last week...Klous has had EVERY sickness imaginable I swear!!! It started out with the sniffles...which I thought was just because of his teeth...(his molars are coming in)...but then sniffles and runny nose got worse. Then it turned into coughing...which became the dry, barky I thought he had croup...luckily didn't get to that point!!! When that was getting a "little" better...(sorry to get too graphic)...he had too much snot running down his he would cough and cough like he was choking...but nothing would ever come up. Thank goodness for the booger sucker!!! Well the next day, or that night I don't remember...Ryan was putting him into bed, and he PUKED...BLAH!!! Then he was up again at 2:30 a.m...just whiny and crabby...then I held him cuz he wouldn't calm down...and BLAH...puked again!!! UGH :) Isn't it great being a Mommy!!! :) I woke Ryan up at that point!! Then he decided he didn't want to go back to sleep until after 4 a.m...I was so tired and just wanted my sleep!!! He didn't have a fever through any of this...well the puking part at I wasn't real sure what was going on. The next morning he was alright...wouldn't really eat much...but was drinking juice and eating more then the day before. BUT...that's NOT the end...unfortunately!!! :(...then started the EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Poor kid :(...I feel so sad for him...he's trying to smile and be happy...but I can tell he's just not himself. So yeah...there's our week in a nutshell. I'm really tempted to just lock our doors and stay inside for the next 3 months!!! But that's not healthy either...I just don't want him to keep getting sick...and sharing it throughout the family, and having it start the cycle ALL over again!! Blah!!! So I'm sorry there haven't been any cute posts or pictures...I'm tired and hoping this next week will be a little better??? We'll see I guess!!!

I did get a couple cute pictures in his Snoopy hoodie from Grandma Jones!!! He thought he was a cute puppy!!! Enjoy!!! :) Hope you're all doing well, and staying healthy!!! :) :) :)


breckster said...

I think in heaven the best part of heaven is going to be that no one ever gets sick. You are such a good mommy! I don't think I've ever let reuben throw up on me, he spit up, but never vomit. I always point him towards justin, I don't think its on purpose, but it might be.

Good luck this week!

krista said...

I totally know how you feel! This past week Larry has been very sick and severely dehydrated. Then Ava also got sick with a bad cold. She would cough so hard that it would make her throw up. It has not been fun! Here's hoping everyone gets better very soon!

Mindy said...

OK, so Henry has had diahrea all WEEK! I can't figure out what's wrong. No fever, seems fine, just gross diapers. I'm finally ready to call the doctor when all of a sudden, he's better. So, hopefully Klous will be better all of a sudden too.