Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well it's been a CRAZY, BUSY day today!! But it's been so so fun!! We started out pretty early this morning getting ready for the day...had to try on the costume again to make sure it looked alright...and to get official pictures of Klous!!! He thought he was pretty cool with the costume and Elmo bucket!!!We started out by going to Great Grandma & Grandpa Pulham's house this morning...they were happy to see Klous & Zack...we were with Shauna & Zack all day!! It was great!!
After that, we went to find Daddy/RyRy at work...had to show off the boys in their costumes and get some candy!!!
Then off to Grandma's work...she always enjoys showing off her that was fun...we had lunch with her too!!
After all these stops...the boys were pretty pooped out!! As you can see by Klous!!!
After a long nap for both of them...some playing outside...and Ryan coming home from work...we were ready for some Trick-or-Treating!!! Got the wagon out for those tired, little legs, with all the walking!!!
Here's cute picture of Klous...where you can actually see his WHOLE face!!! :) He got REAL good by the end of the night lifting it up though to see!!! :) Too cute!!
After hitting a few house up in Orem...we made a stop at McDonald's for some dinner...even though the boys were just filled up with candy...we had good time!!
We went to a few more houses in Provo by Grandma & Grandpa's...then it was just time to run off some energy...and who better to do that with then Daddy/RyRy :)....they had fun bouncing on his tummy...don't think he liked it all that much though???
Then "Shauna, the Tickle Monster" came out...and wore off some more energy!!! :)
Well...that was all we did today...we hope you all had a great, safe, HAPPY HALLOWEEN today!!! Enjoy all that candy...cuz next time you see me, I'll be a total FATSO, since Klous can't eat his candy...BLAH :D

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Preview...

Hey...just got Klous all dressed up last see how it all matched and looked!!! He laughs hysterically when we put it on him...even though he has a real tough time seeing!!! I'm still wondering if it's a dinosaur, alligator, crocodile, or monster?!?! Who knows...I'm leaning more towards an alligator?!?! We'll have more pictures on Halloween for real!!! Hope you like it!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pay it Forward... :)

A friend of mine put this on their blog, and I thought it sounded cute!! She chose me, so now it's my turn to "Pay it Forward" to whoever comments on this post!! The rules say that you have to have a blog to participate but I don't have enough people who comment that have I'm gonna change it a bit...and we'll say whoever comments, I'll choose from them, and we'll work it out through e-mail or something?!?! So hopefully LOTS of people will leave LOTS of comments, and I'll have to choose!!

I don't know how many of you have seen the movie "Pay it Forward"...but it is amazing how quickly and how many people this affects when it actually gets going!! Pretty neat I think!!! So leave some comments...and I'll be letting you know next Monday who I've chosen, and who will need to do it next!!!

I will send a handmade gift to the 3 people I choose...from their may not get it this week, or this month...but sometime in the next 365 days you'll receive a heartfelt, handmade gift from the Jones' :)!!! So leave your comments...and I'll put another post on next Monday/Tuesday to let you know who was chosen!!! Love you ALL!!! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colder Weather...

The last couples weeks have really been cooling off...and it even snowed last it's been a change for Klous!!! He was too little at this time last year to realize what it was like...but now...he's all about playing outside...regardless of what it's like!!! If the door gets opened, you better be ready to let him out or block him so he can't get out...and then listen to him SCREAM because he wants to go outside!!! It's been fun to pull out all the "warm" clothes...and get him bundled up to play!!! We went and got him some snowpants, winter coat, mittens, and this hat!!! He'll be so so cute building a snowman!!!

These pictures were from last week...he had fun playing with the hose and finding more sticks!! Isn't he so cute with his little hat on his BIG HEAD!!!
Regardless of how warm or cold it is...he's all smiles and excited to just be outside!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anniversary Weekend...6 years!!

This weekend (October 20th) was our 6 year Ryan had quite the weekend planned!! I'm not one for surprises...and really just get irritated and upset over NOT knowing what's going after some talking and explaining that with Ryan...he told me what the plans were!! Woo Hoo!!! He took Friday off, so we could have an extra day together which was nice!!! We left Klous at Grandma's :( which was very hard on all of us I think!! In a good way though...we all need a little time away...and it was a very happy reunion when we came home!!!

Here's Klous & Grandma "seeing us off"...GOOD LUCK!!! :)Ryan had reservations at Red Lion Hotel in Salt that's where we headed...and when we got there...this was our view outside our room!!! There was a little balcony for us to look out on...and I thought the mountains and view was beautiful!!!
Here's the part of the hotel we stayed in...we were on the 8th floor...our room is right in the middle...2nd from the top!!! We were high up there!!!
When we got up Saturday morning and went outside...this was what I saw on the balcony!! Gave Ryan a hard time about picking up a new habit...since he was up until 2 a.m. watching T.V!!! We didn't get back to the hotel Friday night though until after midnight!!! We went to the Gateway on Friday & Saturday to see Game Plan & Bourne Ultimatum!! Both were VERY good movies!!!
On Sunday morning, Ryan had it planned that we would go to Temple Square and watch Music & the Spoken Word!! Neither of us had been it was exciting...although quite chilly to be standing outside the Tabernacle waiting!!! So I used some time to take pictures of the temple and Angel Moroni!!!
For those who don't know Music & the Spoken Word is broadcast every Sunday morning, and has been since 1929...they've NEVER missed a Sunday!!! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings...and it's just AMAZING!!! I want to go back!!!
Here's the choir during their rehearsal!!! So So good!!!
After that, we went back to the hotel...and I guess I didn't mention earlier...but when we checked into our hotel, 2 charter buses pulled in as well, with a football team...or so we found out!!! When we were going to our room, we were on the elevator with some of the players, and their coats all said Eastern Football!!! Well come to find out...that's who BYU was playing on yeah...we were in the same hotel as that team!! Saturday night after we came back from dinner...and heard on the radio that BYU WON...42-7...we had to get on the elevator picture this...Ryan wearing his BYU hoodie...I had my BYU T-Shirt under a sweatshirt...and again...4 players of Eastern Washington's team in their with us!!! Ryan got looked up and down by 3 of the players...and I just asked them if it was snowing through the whole game?!?! The only one that would talk said..."it started in the 4th quarter...and it was stickin'...and I DON'T play in snow!!" So maybe that was the reason for the loss?? Who knows?!?! But also when we got back to the hotel Sunday morning...I stepped onto the balcony and saw the team loading up to go...I just had to take some pictures to prove they were really there!! So I'm guessing this first one is a coach??? And the second picture is just a player getting on the bus!!!

Ryan thought this was pretty...with the mountains, high clouds, and low clouds!!! Utah got some snow Saturday the mountains were looking awfully pretty!!!
Then we just headed home...Klous was all hugs and kisses when he saw us!! It was good to be back...made us appreciate what we have more...and also bring us closer together as a couple!! Thanks babe for the GREAT weekend!!! :) :) :)

Oh's a video I did at the end of the program this morning...all the broadcast had stopped...and they were just thanking the audience for I pulled out the camera!! Don't know if I was supposed to or not?!?! Hope you enjoy it...we did!! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birthday toys.... :)

After a long weekend, and crazy birthday...we were all just ready to RELAX!!! On Sunday we went to my sister's for dinner, and Klous enjoyed just relaxing in the Love Sac!!! We had to say good-bye to Grandma Judy & Papa Bob, which was hard...but it sure was nice having them out here!!Since they left, Klous has been trying to figure out what all his new toys are supposed to do...and what the purpose of them all is!!! I don't think he's really figured out what the REAL purpose is...but he doesn't seem to mind what he's done with them!!! Here are some pictures of how he's been enjoying his new toys...guess he is a TRUE boy...and a MONKEY!!!

This is a wagon for all his new Mega Blocks...but he likes to empty it out and climb in it...

Here he is with his school has little blocks that are different shapes...and you have to fit them into the right hole...well...not Klous!!! He leaves all the blocks where they are...and just climbs in too...
I think he thinks it's a "Power Wheels" bus or something?? He sure does rock back and forth to get it to move a little...
He'll be such a cute bus driver someday huh!!

Oh least he's having fun with all his "big boy" toys...maybe someday he'll figure out what he's REALLY supposed to do with them all!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Klous!!! :) :) :)

Can you believe's been an entire YEAR already...I can't believe it!! Doesn't seem like that long ago that he looked like this....
and now he's ONE!!! :) :) :) And so much bigger and happier and mobile and has such a personality!!!
He woke up all smiles this morning...and was so so happy to have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Mommy & Daddy didn't want to wait for everyone else to give him this we gave him an early present....a stuffed ELMO!!! :)
He pretty much loved it!!! He even fell asleep with it while we were on our way to Magna, UT.
Our niece Hailey was baptized this it was a special day for her as well as for Klous!!! Here's a picture of them after the baptism!!!
Then we came back home...after he had a nap...and people showed was time to get the party started!!! We had homemade spaghetti for just the family...Klous was excited in his chair!!!
Here's part of the people that were here for the dinner...Papa Bob, Gramma Judy, and Auntie Jessica were also here...but just not in the picture....don't mind the birthday decorations mixed in with the Halloween decorations too!!! (Like the spider web on the ceiling!!!)
After dinner, more friends showed up and we were able to have cake, ice cream, and presents!!! Mommy worked REAL hard on making an Elmo cake ;)...really it wasn't too hard with the Elmo cake pan and just some frosting!!! I think it turned out pretty cute!!!
Klous was pretty excited about the cake...and didn't know what to think about all the people singing to him!!!
Mommy had to help him blow out the candle...and Auntie JJ got quite a cute picture of that huh!!! Nice face mommy!!! :)
Then we just put the cake in front of him and let him go...we had cupcakes for everyone else!!!
I think he liked it??? Maybe???

Until he was ready to get down...and all caked out!!! So Mommy took him to the tub...while Daddy took the high chair outside to hose it down!!! :)
Then came all the presents...Klous wasn't real sure what to do...Mommy had fun with that too...and so did all the other kids here to help!! They kept taking each new toy Klous was fun!!! Thank you to everyone who came...hope you all had fun!! We love you guys!!!
Still can't believe it's been a whole year...and I can't imagine how fast all the next ones will go too!! YIKES!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KLOUS!!! :) :) :) :)