Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring was here...

Last week was BEAUTIFUL outside...and it was even better for the kids. They loved being outside all morning and then a little bit after naptime too!! So I had to get the camera out and take pictures of them playing...cuz they were so excited!!! We also had to get new sunglasses for Klous & Aysha...cuz they really don't like the sun in their eyes!!

Stud huh!!
Our purple princess!!!
Klous & his friend Summer love getting ALL the toys out and playing...from scooters, to bikes, to basketball, to soccer, to frisbees, to bubbles...everything!! I think they're ready for summer!!!
Aysha just thinks she's cool she can walk around and follow the "big" kids...and do her own thing too!!
Yes...this is my little girl...and she has a CRUSTY look!!! Love the eyebrows!!!
Klous is proud of his scooter skills!!
Mmmmm...this poptart is GOOD :)
Just sitting by Mommy!!! Beautiful little girl!!
Oh and we can't forget about Kyson...he likes going outside too!! He mostly enjoys the walks and just looking around...but he sure is handsome all bundled up!!
And ALL SMILES!!! Love my kiddos!!!
Then much to our disappointment...we woke up Friday morning to 8 inches of snow...yeah...from 50 degrees to 8 inches...great!!! Here's to hoping this week and the rest of the month will just clear up and get better!!! We're ready for WARM weather...just not mid-July weather yet!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The kids got these cute sweaters for Christmas...and I wanted to get their pictures taken...but let's be are instead...we put them on today and I did pictures!!! Our friends were sealed today, and had a luncheon we got them dressed "somewhat nice"...and they were so stinkin' cute if I must say so!!! Hope you like the pictures!!

Klous is getting SO big...and I love his smiles...he's been a little emotional and naughty lately...just testing his limits maybe?? I don't know...but at the same time, he's such a GOOD helper and willing to do whatever he can. So let's just get through the tough days and look forward to the good days!!
Aysha May...she's our princess...and man is she a drama queen at times!! I've told some people that I think I'd be okay with just one girl...although Aysha would like a sister I'm sure!!! But boy oh boy...I think I'd take the rowdy, crazy 3 yr old boy over the screaming, whining, crusty look giving, 15 month old girl!! We'll see how things go, but she sure has an attitude...but also can be so sweet and cute at the same time. She LOVES to follow Klous around and do whatever he's doing...and she's trying so hard to talk and get involved with our conversations!!!
And our baby boy...Kyson!!! He's getting so big and is about 2 1/2 months now...he's smiling and cooing and just so dang CUTE!!! He loves talking to Klous & Aysha...and anyone who will talk to him really!!! Just looks around and see what's going on...he's a good baby!!!
All our cute in their little sweaters...and smiles!!!
Aysha gives LOTS of hugs to Kyson...and Klous gives LOTS of kisses!! They're pretty cute together...and even though I'm stressed and tired and overwhelmed a lot of the time...I couldn't ask for better kids or anything more!! I just LOVE them!!!