Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are they brothers???

I've been putting Kyson in more of the outfits that Klous wore...and it's just crazy I think...funny how many memories it brings back of when he was a baby!! Anyways...I took a few pictures, because I wanted to be able to compare Klous & Kyson to each other and see if they really do look alike!! Obviously they're siblings, but I just think Kyson has his own look compared to the other 2...he's so much lighter featured...and has blue eyes I it's interesting!! But I just wanted to share some and see if you guys think they look alike and if you can tell who is who!! Good luck!!!

Just their staring expressions...

And my handsome boys in the church clothes!!

And then the jammies!!!

Ya...I think they're related!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 anyone that wants/needs it...

I took Mom up to Salt Lake this last Sunday to see Music & the Spoken Word...she had never been we got to go see it and she was thrilled!! I've been a couple times and am just in awe every time. This was extra special in a way though, because a couple weeks ago our stake had a fireside thing and Lloyd Newell (spoken word guy)...spoke at it and is simply amazing!! Always has such great things to say and gets it across so simple. He also informed us what the topics were going to be for the next couple weeks, so we were excited to go up and hear about the "Untold Olympic Stories"...
It was truly uplifting to me and I wanted to share part of it with my blog friends...sometimes all we need to hear is that we're doing a good job...and we are ok people...and that we can be proud of what we're doing or have done. Here you go!!

..."one powerful message of the Olympics is that excellence is all around us. Most of it is never acknowledged with gold medals and elaborate ceremonies - in fact, it may never be acknowledged at all. But the truth is that countless ordinary people everywhere deserve the gold of praise and thanks for living quiet lives of decency and honor and goodness.
They may not compete on the world's stage, but they bless their loved ones and families; they may not perform in front of millions, but they reach out to help and improve the life of someone in need; they may not grab headlines, but they make meaningful contributions in their communities and nations. Long after the Olympic torch is dimmed, these stories of dedicated work, sacrifice, and excellence can be as inspiring as the feats that thrill us during the Olympics."
-Lloyd Newell, Spoken Word - February 21, 2010

So I hope that's an uplift to some of you and that you all realize that I think you're amazing...I look up to you and admire you for all of the individual people that you are and the lives you live. Thank you for being a part of mine and for being an example to me. I really do appreciate it!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too much Pepsi!?!?!

Well I like Diet Pepsi...or Diet Coke...but lately have been buying Diet Pepsi because I knew Mom would be here and she doesn't do anyways...we've gone through some Diet Pepsi ;) And when Mom went to my sister JJ's house a couple weeks ago, she bought more for up there...then brought it back here...Aysha LOVED the box...Mommy never buys the "cube" so Aysha thought it was pretty cool!! When it was full, she'd use it as her stool and climb up to see whatever she could...(mostly what was on the table that she wasn't supposed to have) :)...but then as it got emptied...she thought it made a pretty nice chair I guess!!! Silly girl...
But ever since she could suck on a straw...she's loved her pop!! Guess it got through to her when I was prego and she built a liking for it!! So she sometimes finds her own cans and "tries" to drink them!!! Guess we'll have a 3 generation liking of Diet Pepsi!!! What have I done!?!?! ;)

Klous needed to try too...even though he doesn't like pop or I don't know why. I think he really just wanted his picture taken!! You know...oldest child getting a bit jealous I think cuz he's not getting ALL the attention anymore!! ;) We still love our Klous boy!!!
And these are just a couple cute pictures of Kyson...he's getting to be so much more alert and recognizes voices and sounds and his name a little I think!?!?! But he's more fun now and doesn't just sleep all the time!!!
He even smiles if you're lucky...just don't expect it all the time...cuz he WON'T do it if you really want to see it!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

LoVe :)

The kids got to wear their Valentine's shirts on Saturday, because no one would really see them on Sunday...and can't obviously wear them to church!! So them all dressed and did pictures BEFORE the did anything else!!! We were going to IKEA and I wanted to get them done...Aysha was moody and not cooperating because she hadn't had her morning "good" picture of all 3 kids together...but oh well....these are pictures of my 3 amazing kiddos!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Kyson is getting so big, and I can't believe he'll be 2 months already this week...he's smiling and cooing more and it's so dang cute...even though he isn't so willing to share his smiles ALL the time.
Our little man...Klous is getting so big and really turning into a little man!! Love this kid!!!
And our princess...Aysha is stubborn and gives you looks...but she is so stinkin' sweet and cute all at the same time. LOVE HER!!!
And my little "eligible bachelor" :) Couldn't be happier with this baby...he's doing well being the 3rd child and not always having a lot of attention!! Love my baby boy!!!
And yes...they love each other...couldn't ask for better kids...I LOVE THEM!!! More then I can say...
Hope you all had a great Valentine's day with those you love!!!