Friday, June 29, 2007

Fun times...

We went down a couple days before Ryan's we had 2 hotel rooms...the first one we were at Klous found a good spot to keep his toys...then he realized he could crawl in the cubby WITH his toys!!! :) So here he is reaching for them....and then showing off for Mommy with big smiles!!! :)
Then he thought he better inspect the place and check out the worked okay!!
We got to hang out with our friends Jared & Tara, who have their little boy Gavin...he's just 9 days older then Klous...and they sure were cute together...could be trouble if they were together all the time!!
Klous & Daddy bonded while watching Clifford and Curious George in the morning...something that doesn't get to happen very often!!
He thinks it's important to climb and stand up whenever he can....even when eating his snacks!!
He liked to watch ESPN with Daddy & Uncle must've been interesting....
even though Daddy was asleep...Klous enjoyed it!!! :) Ryan got lots of naps in and was a good break for all of us!!
Klous & Zack are so cute together...Zack watches out for him...and Klous follows Zack around wherever he goes!!! We got them matching shirts...cuz they're AWESOME!! :)
And here's Klous & Grandpa before we had to come home...just resting on the bed!!

Relaxin' in the sun...

We spent a lot of our time in the pool while we were there. It was so hot and no fun being outside unless you could cool off in the pool. Here are a few pictures of the fun things we did while swimming!! It really helped too that the water was the PERFECT temperature and you didn't have to get used to it or was just nice. :)

With Grandma, Auntie Jess, Auntie Shauna, Uncle Matthew, Zack, and of course was pretty fun!!!Daddy & Klous played for a bit...
Then it was Mommy's turn...Klous would get sick of being in his floaty tubes, so we'd play with him other ways too...he liked the diving sticks!!!
Cute face huh...had to wear a tank top after a bit because my chest got burnt...other then that it was great!!
When Klous gets tired he plays with my here...he was getting tired!!
Then he was out!!! We got him this cool jet ski floaty that had a sun was perfect, and he liked it too!!!

We're BACK!!!! :)

After a very nice, relaxing, HOT week in St. George, UT...we're finally home :( It's nice to be home in our own beds and be able to not live out of a suitcase...but I don't like the fact of being back to reality and real life. Oh will go on!!! We had a lot of fun in the sun, swimming, shopping, and playing...I'll be posting more pictures once we get all unpacked and organized...but as for are the "family" pictures I promised!!! Ryan & I got a little sun if you can't tell!!! Luckily Klous didn't get sunburnt or anything!!! Watch for more pictures soon!!!

We're pretty cute huh...a little different then the last family picture!! Ohhhh...Klous loves his Mommy & Daddy!!!
And of course...Daddy can't have all normal pictures!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


We got home tonight from running a couple errands...and Klous was crawling around. He was playing with his baseball...and saw his bat in the kitchen. He crawled to the bat...then to the door...and had both his bat & ball by the door. Don't know if he was trying to hint anything or not, but I thought it was cute!!! He's definitely a Klous!!! :)

Here you go Papa...he's got the big bat and ball!!! And obviously loves them!!See how happy they make if only the bat wasn't as big as him, and he could hold it better!!! :)
Hopefully he'll play baseball like his uncles when he's bigger...that would be fun!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going on vacation...

Well, haven't really taken any pictures since Father's Day of Klous...but here are a couple I haven't posted!!! We're getting ready to go to St. George this weekend, and we'll be there til next Thursday...I couldn't be more excited. Regardless of the weather reports that it's going to be 108 degrees on'll be nice to get away and relax. With the pool close and the air conditioned's gonna be nice.

Anyways...Klous is growing like crazy...and getting better and better at crawling, climbing, and pulling himself up. His favorite new toy is the coffee table...and anything he can crawl in is a starter shot of him going in...he wouldn't ever turn around to look at me, just kept going in the backing here you go!!!When he was helping Ryan clean on Saturday...he found a hat he was pretty excited about playing I had to see if it would still fit on his LARGE CRANIUM!!! And it did...I think it's funny...and this will be one thing we DON'T bring with us on vacation!!!
So there may not be any posts on here until the end of next week, but know that we'll update you with fun, sunny pics of our family!!! I'm determined to get a good new family picture...since the last one we have is from Christmas!!! Have a great week guys!!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!! :)

I'd like to wish all the daddy's out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! We had an okay weekend with Ryan!!! Getting the house cleaned...and just hanging out...despite the 100 degree weather...we found ways to relax and have fun!! Went to a water park on Saturday...but forgot the camera...but here's a few things Klous got to do with Daddy on his first Father's Day weekend!!!

This is after church today, Daddy's wearing the shirt Klous got him and the shorts Mommy got him!! (sorry for the glare on their heads!!)While cleaning...Klous just really wanted to help Daddy get the stuff from under the was fun to crawl under there with Daddy!!! :) Don't know that Daddy thought he was much of a helper though!! Kept pulling EVERYTHING out!! :)
Friday night, my boys were pretty pooped out by like I sat up and watched the news alone and took pictures of them!! Cute huh!! Like father, like son!! :)
And I just had to throw this picture in...this is me and my daddy way back when...probably like 1990-1992?? I don't know when for sure?? But wanted to wish him an extra special Father's day...he's a great dad and has taught me so so much!! Couldn't ask for a better one!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! :)

Our lil' drummer :)

Yesterday (Saturday) we were cleaning the house and getting ready for Klous' cousin Zack to come stay with us. While cleaning, I was going through stuff in Klous' room and packing the little baby stuff up...well I came across a couple toys we had gotten at garage sales last summer when I was prego, and they've just been forgotten. So I got them out and had Klous play with them!!! He enjoyed it I think!!

It was a little drum with other instruments inside...including a conductor's hat too...Ryan said he remembers it from when he was of course we had to get it!! I was getting Klous ready to be in the parade :)Now he's all ready to go...he's got his drum, baton, and maraca :)
Then we had to see what else there was...didn't get the tambourine or cymbals out in time for the pictures...oh well...either way, Klous had fun with it!! Mommy did too :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Playing catch with Mommy!! :)

This is a video of Klous throwing his ball...he's pretty good at it and picks it up with his left hand more then his right...don't know if he'll really be left handed, but we'll see!!! Papa Bob throws with his left hand...if I remember right?? :) Also...I don't know why it's just showing up as a YouTube video, because really when you play it, it should be Klous...hope it works!! Just trying to figure things out again!! Enjoy watching!!

Playing!!! :)

Klous is having lots of fun being able to move around more now...and even quicker then before. Not only is he pretty proud of his crawling skills, he's also getting real good at pulling himself up on things. From couches, to the coffee table, to the chairs, to his toy tote...he's getting good!! Here are a few pictures of him just playing and having fun with his new tricks!! Time for Mommy to really baby proof the house now!! :) He thinks the computer cords and buttons are extra cool!!

Klous likes to watch what I'm doing on the here he is holding on to my legs to see what's going on...And then he makes his way over to the coffee table to see what he can get in his makes a pretty cool sound when you slap it too you know!!
And when his little legs get tired...he likes to just find his toys and sit on the floor with them...throwing is also a trick he's learning quite quickly...
just give him a ball...and he'll play catch with you...ok so he'll throw it at you and get REAL excited when you throw it back to him!!!
He is truly a boy...and each day he's proving that just a little more!!! Now that he actually crawls, it's so nice that I can go into the bathroom, his bedroom, or our bedroom...and he doesn't sit in the living room and scream...he just follows along and finds's fun!!! But he doesn't move slowly...he's gonna be real quick soon...then I'll be chasing him and finding him!! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bubbles too???

Well not only does our son LOVE to eat the carpet fuzzies and any hair he can find...(by the way he likes to lick Ryan's legs because of the leg hair) he also like bubbles I guess. With the cold he's had lately, we've been using the baby vapor soap stuff in the tub...and it makes LOTS of bubbles...and this is what he does with them....


Then Ryan & I had to have some fun with the bubbles...he looks pretty good with a goatee huh!!
And he's laughing not crying!!! :) He loves his bath and bubbles!!! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well it's summer-time...and it's hot...and Klous needed a haircut. Ryan doesn't like that his hair hangs over his ears or any of the "girly" looks. So today I braved it on my own...and cut a wiggly, 8 month old's hair!! He was sleeping at first...but of course when I started he woke trying to distract him from the scissors...I gave him the comb, squirt bottle, toys...anything I could find!! He did good...and looks oh so handsome!!! :)

Here is a picture from yesterday to show how his hair looked before I cut it...And here he is after playing with the squirt bottle still...
then I realized you can't really see his I put a blanket in the background to see it better!! And he is awfully proud of his new look!! Look at his big CHEESER smile!!! :)
Oh he's so cute...and looks a little more grown up I think!!! I love when he smiles...too cute!!

Summerfest Fireworks...

Also this weekend, we went to the Orem Summerfest...and Klous got to see his first parade, and slept through the fireworks. However, we FORGOT the camera for the parade...and we watched the fireworks from our here are a couple pictures!!

Our camera got a little freaked out and didn't really know what to focus on or anything when they were all going you get the idea at least!!! They were fun!!

Eatin' Sticks...Dirt...and whatever else I can find...

This weekend Klous was out helping Daddy clean the sheds and yard...he got a little distracted though with all the amazing stuff on the ground...

He found a stick...and had to try it...And try it some more...
then the dirt looked really appetizing so he needed a handful of that...
So even with a runny nose, watery eyes, and a very dirty face...he's awfully cute!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

he CRAWLED!!! :)

Hooray!!! Klous finally did it!! People have been asking the last few weeks if he's been crawling...and today he actually did it!!! I was playing on the floor with him...and when he wanted the toy Mommy had...he came to get it...but it wasn't until he got to me, that I realized he actually CRAWLED to get it...not his typical army crawl...but really crawling...

So I threw the toys to the other side of the living room...and he went from sitting to his hands/ bound and determined to get the toys...and my cell phone...since I had to call Daddy at work to tell him!!! he crawled...
and crawled...and tried to reach for them...but I wasn't done getting pictures, so I moved them away again :) ha ha ha :)
then finally he made it to the toy and dove for them...and got them finally!! He's getting SOOO big...I just can't believe it...this month he'll be 8 months old!! Crazy!! :)