Wednesday, April 21, 2010's been a LONG time... I've been REALLY bad at updating our blog lately...I'm sorry friends :) I'm also sorry for the picture overload on this post!! But we've been busy the last month or more...and I just wanted to give a quick synopsis of what's been going on!! Hope you enjoy it!! We're all good and healthy and just waiting for the NICE weather to come back!!!

We've gone to a couple movies...and we entertain Aysha with CANDY as you can see!!!
We got the kids a trampoline!! They LOVE it...and just jump whenever they can!! Definitely a great purchase!!! The whole family has fun with it!!
We've had friends over a LOT...and played outside!!

Aysha has inspected and checked out everything now that she's BIG and walking all over!!!
Made the kids pose for pictures...and Aysha is REAL thrilled about it!!
Kyson is just getting BIG...cooing and talking and trying to sit up when laying down...he'll be rolling soon I'm sure!! So many cute faces and expressions!!
Klous is my little man...a big helper at times and like his shirt says...a "little devil" at other times...I struggle at times!!
Kyson LOVES being outside...and he's such a good baby...just sits and entertains himself!!
Aysha is ALL attitude and I don't know what to do at times...but we still love her to pieces!!
We've been to the park...and had picnics outside with friends...
Walks in the wagon & strollers...
Aysha entertains herself when it's yucky weather and we can't go outside...she keeps me smiling too!!
Klous could just all day if I let him...but a kids gotta eat and pee and run too right!?!?!
Aysha likes to just run around on the tramp...hasn't quite gotten the "jumping" thing down!!
Then there was Easter!! Egg hunts...finding their baskets!! Klous' was in the dryer!!
Aysha's was in the cupboard things...
And Kyson's just on the floor!!!
Klous likes to teach his sister CRAZY things!! Like pulling all the toys out and climbing in the toy box!!
Oh my boy...he's just so dang cute!! LOVE his smiles...and he's getting so big already...the bouncy chair is shrinking I think!! ;)

We blessed Kyson in April too...special day for our baby boy!!
All ready for church and taking pictures quick before they were grumpy!!! Aysha, Klous, Kyson, & Zack!!
Buddies!! Handsome little boys huh!!
Jones family...with Grandma/Grandpa Pulham too...
JJ & her kids with us...(my sister) :) :) :)
Our little family...and yes...Grandpa Pulham thought it was funny to put my shoe on the annoying in ALL the pictures...UGH...
My handsome boy...LOVE him to bits!!!
COUSINS!!! Alyssa, Zack, Kyson, Klous, & Aysha...quick take the pic before they're all screaming!!!

Ok...hope that was a good update...I have more pictures too...but figured this was enough for tonight!! Sorry again it's been so long...and I'll try to do better!!!