Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long, Hard Days...

Just a couple pictures to show you how our days have been going...and how "POOPED" out we get!!! Klous hasn't been sleeping as much as he usually does...he's decided it's better to just take ONE nap a day...and that he needs to be awake the whole time Zack is awake...and that he needs to get up at or before 6:30 A.M. when Charolette comes in the mornings. So's been rough!! Not to mention all the SNOW we've gotten in the last there's been lots of shoveling and helping Mommy outside!!! So yesterday he couldn't even finish his lunch. I was trying to feed Charolette while Zack & Klous ate their lunch...and next thing I knew...he was sound asleep in his high was pretty cute!!! Guess he just got pooped out!! :)Look how sweet he so sleepy!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Charlie bit me...

This is hilarious!! I saw this on one of my friends blog...and I couldn't stop laughing...I had to have Ryan come out and watch it too!! I love his change in expression, and how Charlie just giggles...I LOVE IT!!! Hope you enjoy it too. Guess it was on Ellen a few days ago!?!?! It's cute though!! Enjoy!!


Well I haven't posted pictures lately of I thought I'd share some!! He's getting so big...and has such a cute personality!! We're going to Minnesota this weekend, and I can't wait...I'm so anxious and excited for my family back there to see him!! It's been 10 months since we've been it's WAY past time!!! are some cute pictures of him!!

The first couple...I tried to get him and his new friend he's found in the oven!! :) He just sees his reflection in he constantly walks by and say HI or CHEESE to the baby in there!!! It's kinda cute...most kids do it in a mirror...not Klous...he likes the oven!! :)This one you can kinda see his reflection!!
Last Friday...we had Charolette over...and she had just woken up, so it was time to change her bum...well this is what I looked over and saw after I went to get the wipes!! I couldn't help but smile and get the camera!! Think he's a little jealous!?!?! He wants to be a baby too!!!
Tried to tell him that TINY diaper wouldn't fit on his BIG bum!! :)
And lastly...this weekend Ryan found this on "craig's list" was only $ we decided to get it!! It's HUGE, but is so nice to be able to close in the computer and anything else we need to hide!!! And an actual place I can put my Willow Tree's pretty nice!! We were up 'til 3:00 A.M on Sunday morning...putting it together and trying to get all our furniture to fit in the living room!! We're getting used to it though...the whole bottom opens up too like the top!! It's HUGE!!! :) :) :)
Klous was pretty happy to have it too...he liked the keys that came with it the most though!!! Here he is saying CHEESE!!! :) Stay tuned for a video of him...I need to get something with all the cute little words he we'll work on that!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pres. sad :(

For those of you who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you'll know who this is!! President Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet of the church, passed away about 1 1/2 hours ago. We were down at Ryan's parents watching Extreme Home Makeover, when BREAKING NEWS came on. My heart seriously sank when I heard this...I had chills run through my whole body. I'm real sad about this...I've been around for other prophets to die, but this is the prophet I've actually grown to "know" and love. So it feels like a close family member is gone. :( I called my parents and family back in Minnesota to let them know, since who knows when they would actually hear about it?? It's just real sad...I know death isn't supposed to be a sad thing, and I'm sure Pres. and Sis. Hinckley are SO SO SO happy to be together again...but I'll be sad not seeing him at the conference center anymore...or hearing him at General Conference...or reading his GREAT words of wisdom in the Ensign.'s to President Hinckley...I truly love this man, and have learned and know for myself that he is truly a Prophet of the Lord. I know without a doubt that he has done amazing things for the church...and in my life. I'm grateful that he was prophet at this time in my life, because I've really learned a LOT from him. So THANK YOU President Hinckley...I love you and will miss you..."God Be With You Till We Meet Again" :( :) :( :) :(

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So far...So good :) was the first day of this new schedule!!! And surprisingly, it went ok!!! I was a little nervous this morning when all 3 of the kids were here...and I was trying to manage them all!! It worked though!!! Klous & Zack were very good at checking on "the baby" while she was sleeping in my room...then Zack was sure to let me know that the baby woke up when her eyes were open!!! It was cute to watch those two with a little baby!!! Here are a couple pictures of Klous & Zack shaking her hand and saying..."nice to meet you" was cute!!! She just laid there and smiled at them!!Zack only tried a couple times to share his juice with her!!!
I guess I didn't want to realize that my "baby" is getting so big!! I always thought he was still little compared to Zack!!! I still thought he had such cute little fingers and toes...but today...when this baby was here too!!! WOW...Klous is a MONSTER compared to her!!! Doesn't seem like that long ago that Klous was that tiny...but man how fast it goes!!! I was sure to tell Charolette's mom to enjoy this stage...because it doesn't last nearly long enough!!! None the less...I still love and adore my baby...and he wasn't too fond of this other baby that Mommy was holding!!! He had to do all he could to sit on my lap too!!! He was cute with her you can see!!!
Zack was just as cute too...I just have to remind myself that Klous & Charolette are like Zack & Klous were when Klous was born!!! So I need to remember that they'll (well really just Klous) eventually get better with the baby!!!
Hopefully this will be good training and help for Klous to get used to having a baby around...because SOMEDAY we'd like to have another one around here!!! NO...this is NOT an announcement of any kind ;)...things not working like we'd hope...but we're still truckin' along!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Newest issue.... I know I haven't posted anything lately...and I just haven't been doing as good at taking pictures or anything...sorry!!! Klous is a MANIAC at times...and he just wears me out!!! So yeah...that's my excuse!!! I don't like to take pictures either...cuz then you see my MESSY house...and yeah...oh well!! You'll have to settle for these pictures...he's cute...even though he's naughty sometimes!!!
Klous thinks the computer is simply AMAZING or something??? I don't really know?? He's learned how to climb on the chairs...stand on the chairs...reach for the mouse...and whine and scream til he gets my attention to give him the keyboard. Now I don't do that last part...but he tries...and just screams more if I don't give it to's great!! Sometimes I don't see the problem with him just playing with the mouse...he's can't screw things up THAT much right!! Until he starts throwing the mouse like a ball...then it's time to get down!!! Then he screams more and very dramatically throws himself on the floor!! It's nice!!!'s Klous at the computer....maybe he'll be a computer genius??Cuz he looks so intently at the screen and watches what he's doing!!!
Papa Bob & Gramma Judy got him this little computer thingy...well it's what we got him with the money...and we thought he'd like it!!! Yeah...he likes it...but nearly as much as the NORMAL keyboard!! I put this one on and turn the game on...and he just bangs on the real irritating!!! But again...he's just cute...and has a way with that little smirk and smile huh!!! :) Gotta love him!!
Stay tuned to more posts soon hopefully!! Starting tomorrow, I'll be watching Zack everyday and another little girl in the ward...she's only 8 weeks old!! YIKES...should be interesting having these 2 boys who struggle with sharing...and now another baby!!! We'll let you know how it goes...wish me luck!!! :D :D :D

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fun times lately...

A couple weeks ago...we were talking to Klous about needing to "go" somewhere...Ryan & I both got distracted...and weren't getting ready like we should have been!! But don't worry...Klous knew what he was supposed to be doing!!! I looked to see what he was doing, and saw this...however I wasn't quite fast enough to get the entire thing!!! He was sitting on the floor...putting on Daddy's beanie and Mommy's mitten!!!He was pretty proud of how good he looked!! And was ready to GO :)
Doesn't he look so cute with the beanie on!!! Hope it keeps his ears warm!! Ha Ha :D
Then as an earlier post was Daddy's birthday this last week. We had friends and family over to celebrate with him!!! Klous was excited when it came time to eat the cake...he got pretty into it don't you think!!!
Zack-a-roni enjoyed his cake and ice cream too!!! :)
We tried to get Gavin & Klous to pose together...but they just weren't having it!!! They're not like the good 8 month olds that just sat there and looked at you!! Now they just want to GO GO GO!!! :)'s some of the adults too!! Shauna, Jared, and Tara...we all had a good time...and hopefully Ryan had a good birthday!!! I think he did!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dumped On...AGAIN!!!

Well we heard on the news last night that there was a storm coming in...I didn't think it would actually HIT the Provo/Orem area...usually they jump right over us. So this morning when I woke up and looked outside...I told Ryan..." might want to leave a little earlier this morning!!!"

After Daddy left...Klous & I got all bundled up to go out and start shoveling...there must have been 3-4 inches at least by 8:00 this morning...and it was the heavy, THICK snow!! Good snowman snow!! Klous was all about helping Mommy!!!
The driveway doesn't usually seem so long...but when there's this much snow that needs to be shoveled!!
See...he's ALL smiles to help me out!!
Check out those snowflakes!!
This afternoon as it finally STOPPED...I went out to finish the last 1/2 of the driveway...then when Klous woke up from his nap, we both went out again to work on the sidewalk!!! It had to be done in shifts!! Here's the actual amount that we got...that's the sidewalk on the maybe 6-7 inches total. It was crazy...and BEAUTIFUL!!!
Klous thought it was pretty fun to sit on the BIG mound Mommy made!!!
He just stood there while I worked on shoveling!! I thought it was a cute picture!! Look how high the snow goes on him...up to the bottom of his coat!!
Ha..Ha..Ha!!! I had to take a "snow angel" picture!!! He just laid there so cute!!!
And check out that COOL angel!!! :) Yeah for baby Klous!!!
I think he had a good time outside...what do you think!?!?!?!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to my OLD hubby!! :)'s is Ryan's 28th birthday!!! I spent a little time this morning finding some pictures I have of him around put this hope you enjoy it!! He's getting SOOO old :) :) :) Love you babe!! :)

Isn't he so cute...and yes...that is Ryan and not Klous!!
A little older...and just as curious as Klous is lately...Some pictures of Shauna & Ryan when they were little...kinda reminds me of Klous & Zack!!! Gotta love the faces they're making...they both look SOOO happy :)That's better!! Cheeser faces in their clown costumes!!! :)'s some more recent least from the Ryan I know/knew!!! Here he is on his mission...that's actually my older brother on the day of HIS mission farewell!!! Our engagement picture...oh the good days!!! :)
Hotty up on the Y...after a LONG hike!!

Klous & Daddy last year at this time...
And most recent family picture!!!

Happy Birthday babe...I love you and am so so grateful for all that you do for me and our family!!! Thank you...Klous loves you as well...and we hope you have a GREAT day!!! Even though you have to be at work :(

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!! :) I didn't write anything about the New I thought I'd do something quick!! I always try to have "resolutions" or whatever, but after reading some other people's blogs, and NEVER accomplishing what I want...I'm just gonna set some easier "goals"!!! Maybe if I write them down on here, they'll actually happen??? Who knows...but here's what I'd LIKE to work on and do better with!!!
~Getting in shape, and losing 30 lbs
~Reading scriptures daily
~Praying daily...(personal, family, and couples)
~Saving money
~Being happier there you you can all see my goals, and hopefully I'll be able to post in a few months...that I'm achieving some of them?!?!?!

I also wanted to write on here...I need to thank my friend AnnaMarie...she's inspired me to do a "blog book" THANK YOU!!! She always talked about it, and it sounded to I'm passing it along too!!! She found it on and told me about I checked it out today. Ever since I started this blog, I wondered how I could keep it and have it for Klous when he gets well as for myself. I just figured I'd have to copy and paste EVERYTHING into Word or something and figure it out that way??? But NOPE!!! On this website, they just upload or import your entire blog...and you can pick your layouts and whatever...and make yourself a book!!! They're not priced too bad either...especially if you figure in the prices of having to print all your pictures, get the scrapbook, scrapbook supplies, and then DO the scrapbook!! So I think we're gonna go for it...just make one at the end of each year...and keep those!!! I'm pretty excited about it...and Ryan thought it was cool feel free to check it out if you guys want...I wanted to share it with you, and offer it to you too!!! Hope you find it as exciting as I do!!! It'll be REAL cool a couple years down the just pull it out and see all the "fun" things you did that year!!!

New Vacuum!!!

We got a Christmas card in the mail last was from Kathy Hachey...who I worked with in Minnesota last time we lived there!! She was the Kindergarten teacher I helped in Crosby...and she is an AMAZING lady!!! Anyways...she's been Klous' adopted "Grandma" and has always sent unexpected cards or gifts, which are greatly appreciated!! In this card, there was some money in it for I took him to Target last week to see what we could find!!! And he was SOO excited to be able to find this FUN toy!!! He didn't want to leave it alone, and just played with it constantly. It's a VACUUM!!! I'm hoping it'll help him not be so scared of the REAL thing!!! And it's worked so far...look how cute he is with it!!! It runs on batteries and sounds like a vacuum, and even has the little dust-buster that can come out too!! So...THANK YOU Grandma Kathy!! We love you and really appreciate you!!! :) :) Not to mention that we MISS you LOTS!!! :) :) :)