Friday, August 28, 2009

Sharing with his sister :) :) :)

Klous has always liked his sister...and really hasn't been the mean big brother like some people have warned me about. He's had his moments, but really he's been sweet most of the time. He's really liking her even more now that she can crawl, giggle, play, and interact more with him...she follows him around and laughs at him and flails her arms/legs when he walks in the room and so much more. It's so cute to watch them...and a couple weeks ago it was cute too. Klous had gotten a ring pop and wanted to share it with are some pictures of the whole episode!!!

I think they liked it...check out how BLUE they got!!

Look how sweet that problem sharing and giving her a lick!!
And she's willing to share too...or grab it from his mouth!!!
Adorable #1...
Adorable can you resist those eyes of the kids!?!??!
All in all it was a yummy treat and they shared quite nicely and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Future Baseball All-Star!!!

Everyone knows that Klous is ALL boy and plays all the sports he can. He's our little athlete and is getting better the older he gets. We have a bucket of baseballs that he wants us to pitch to him. I refuse to pitch anymore, since he's done a line drive back to my FACE with the ball...and it doesn't come back here's Daddy pitching to Klous and you can see how good of a hitter he is!! I like to watch Ryan jump out of the way of the ball too!! :) Enjoy!!!

Klous doing the Prophets :)

When we read our scripture stories at night...Klous is extra and excited about the Doctrine & Covenants book, because it has all the prophets in the back. So we've helped him learn them and he's been able to repeat them back to us with us helping with the first names. We were a bit surprised and decided we better get it on video!! Hope you enjoy it!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're having a.....

baby BOY :) :) :)
Yep...that's pictures yet. I haven't put the ultrasound ones on the computer yet, and Ryan hasn't done any belly shots. Maybe this weekend?? But just thought I'd let you all in on our news!!! Klous was right all along...about having his "baby brodder"...he's excited and wants to name him "baseball guy" and really wants him to come out NOW...he just doesn't get that he has to wait til Christmas...but Mommy is NOT ready yet ;) Here's to another'll be fun!!! We're excited!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finding out...

Hello all...just thought I'd let you all know that we go in for our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning...we WILL be finding out what it is...even though I have one of each...I can't wait any longer!! So stay tuned for the update and news...maybe even a belly pic...but no promises!! I think it's a boy...Ryan thinks a girl...Klous says a baby brother...and Aysha goes completely straight faced whenever we ask her what it is...STINKER!!! So we'll see...I might be in denial, because I want another boy...but judging on how I've been acting/'s probably a girl. Keep will be here tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

No pics...just a proud Mommy moment!!

So today was fast Sunday at church...and ALL week long, Klous has been bugging me that he wanted to "give a talk" in church this week. I didn't know where he got it from...or why he was talking about it...or what I was going to do about it...but then today we figured it out. He won't go to nursery because he's scared or something...and he's not in primary so he can't give a talk there. Then we were in sacrament meeting, and it hit him and I at the same time!! When the testimonies started, he looked at me with sad-puppy dog eyes and said..."Mommy, I want to give a talk..." and then just kinda pouted because we weren't rushing to the front. So after a few testimonies and watching him be sad...I leaned over to Ryan and should bring him up there and help him give a "talk"and bear his testimony. So Ryan did...he brought him up there (so I wouldn't have to) and Klous was so cute. Of course had to yell in the microphone at first, but then with help from Daddy gave his own little testimony. So clear and proud of himself...then Ryan did his. It was cute...just went something like this..."I'd like to bear my testimony...I know this church is true...I love my family...I like to read the the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." So so cute...brought tears to Mommy's eyes...then Ryan did his and made me cry more. Man I'm a lucky girl and really do have lots to be grateful for!! Especially Klous' example...I love that kid!!!