Monday, March 31, 2008

What the???

This weekend was kind of surprising when we woke up!! At least it was for me...Saturday we were supposed to wake up to snow and rain...and we woke up to sunny, clear skies...we obviously weren't complaining about that!! But then on Sunday we woke up...and Klous was happy as ever...(actually this picture of him was taken this morning)....but this is what we saw outside...WHAT THE???? Klous' toys are all covered in was kind of was cold and yucky again...
even his car was sticking out too far that it got hit with the storm too!!! WHERE IS SPRING??
Then this morning...Monday...Ryan got up and went to work...and Klous was sweet enough to sleep until 8:30...but when he woke up and I looked outside...this is what I saw...a nice sheet of ICE on everything...YUCK!!! I'd rather have the snow!!
This is our sidewalk outside...yucky huh...I called Ryan to make sure he made it to work...don't think driving on it would've been that much fun?? But that's just me...guess I'm glad I didn't keep the car from him!! Oh yeah...he made it fine!! But Klous & I are very sad it's so yucky out that we can't go play...sad day :(
Oh that's alright though...cuz Klous is all smiles on the couch watching his shows!! What a cute kid!!!
Hope you guys are all enjoying the RETURN of the winter weather as much as I am...NOT REALLY!!! Hopefully warm temps and sunshine will come back soon!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend!!

This Easter was so much more fun then last...I mean last was good...but Klous enjoyed this one a lot more I think!! I guess that's what another year of life will do for you!!

Saturday we had a family picnic and Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Pulham's house...Klous had a lot of fun playing outside and looking for the eggs!! It was cute watching him!!

Here's Daddy, Klous, & Zack playing baseball in the garden...Look at my cute boys...I sure am a lucky girl!!
Klous all ready for the egg his Superman basket and all!!
OH...found one egg...gotta make sure no ones gonna take it from him!!
Finding some more...
And some a TREE...
Look how cute he is...he really liked finding them!!
Mommy & Klous...aren't we cute!!
Our cute little family...BIG SMILES for everyone...probably because we were falling over!!!'s this one...nice face daddy!!!
Klous also liked swinging in the tire swing...he's big enough to do that now!!!
CHEESE :) He's so dang cute!!
Then came Easter morning...Klous is usually ALL smiles in the morning...but I think he knew something was up this morning!! He was extra happy!!!
The Easter Bunny left a trail of eggs from his bedroom door, all through the house, and to where his basket was!!! He did surprisingly well at picking each one up and putting it in the you'll see from the video!!!
Here's part of the trail behind the chair...
and then through the living room and kitchen!!!
Then it led to the back door...which this is what was left outside for him!!!
He didn't really know what this stuff was doing in the backyard?? Is it really for me??
Then he was quick to check it out!!
And climb right in the car!!
It was too cold to drive it outside...since it was still we brought it in!!
He was ALL smiles!!! CHEESE...even from the driver's seat!!!
It was a great day...I forgot to get pictures of him in his outfit...he was very cute for Easter!!! It was fun...and I'm sure the years to come will only be better!!! We hope you all had a great Easter as well...and reflected on all our Savior has done for each of us. We truly are blessed!!!

Stay tuned for a video coming tomorrow probably!! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2007 vs. 2008

Yesterday it was pretty nice out I went through some stuff in the shed and got out Klous' toys. Then I thought...well I better take pictures of him and then I can compare to what he was like last year at this time!!! Well needless to say...he didn't really play on the toys last spring/summer...he was too little still!!!

So these first couple pictures are from last year at this time...just gives you an idea of how much our little monster has grown!! He's getting so's kind of sad actually :(
Look how smiley and happy he was...oh such a good baby!!! He couldn't even sit up...let alone stand up!! :) Cute kid!!!
And now...this year!!! There's the toy I set up...$5 bargain at a garage sale a couple years ago!! :) :) Woo Hoo!!
He thought he was pretty cool he could climb the steps and get up there...
Then he was all smiles saying CHEESE as he went down the slide!!!
He even liked to look at the scenery while he waited to go down!! Silly kid!!Blowing kisses before he goes down...he was pretty cute waving at me and blowing he's saying good-bye!!!
Now down the slide he goes....

Ugh...on the ground!! He laid on his back every time he'd get off the was funny!!!Here is a video of Klous playing on can show a bit...but not everything!! He's so active and fun's so nice to be able to play outside and have him run off some energy!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stinkin' WARM!!! :) :) :)

Yesterday it was SOOOO nice outside!!! Klous & I went across the street to our friend's house...and it was actually HOT sitting in the sun. It got up to like 60 degrees I was kinda nice!!! After coming home, I decided I was gonna BBQ some polishes for dinner. So we went outside...Klous' feet were I got out his NEW sandals!!! He was pretty excited...and I just had to take pictures to show them off!!!

He liked that he could touch his toes!!!Look at those HUGE feet...size 7 already!! He's only 18 months old!! Ahhhh :D
Then he found his chair...and had to say CHEESE to Mommy!!
I was going in and out of the house...getting stuff ready for dinner...Klous was trying to keep up with me and do what I was doing...this time didn't go so well for him. :( I heard him coming...then he screamed...then I looked to see this....his poor head. :( He tripped on our back step and hit head right on the corner of the bricks. It was terrible...I was a bit scared at first...cuz it was just getting bigger and bigger by the minute. Of course I had the camera still, from taking pictures of his then I got shots of this too!!!
He was VERY happy to see Daddy pull in the driveway after he calmed down!! Look at that goose egg on his forehead...poor kid. :(
He looked MUCH better this morning...and it wasn't nearly as swollen...just bruised!!! Good thing he's a tough kid, with a LARGE cranium!!! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're here!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!! I guess there hasn't been a lot of exciting stuff for us around here!! Just living day at a time!! :)

Here are a few pictures of Klous lately!!! Last week, Charlotte was here...and I was trying to clean up lunch...I asked Klous to go "talk" to her because she was crying. Next thing I know...I look over and see this...Klous was so sweet at sharing his stories with her...then even sat by her to "read" one!! It was pretty cute...after the stories...he went and got his cars and trucks...(aka...vroom vrooms) :) It was sweet!!
Then yesterday he was just being cute, so I took some pictures!! He just loves his stories...and he LOVES saying CHEESE!!! He's just getting too big and cute!! I just love him!!!

P.S...stay of our friends who has a blog has posted their "How We Met" I think that will be coming soon!! We'll have to see!!! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just random pictures!!

Last week was so nice the end of the week, it was up to 60 was GREAT!! BUT...we are in Utah...and it is just barely by Saturday it was snowing and freezing again!!! Anyways...last week we had LOTS of fun outside playing, going to the park, and just getting out of the was great!! Made us all real anxious for spring-time!!!

Klous has to have a bat & a ball every time he goes outside...regardless if we're just going to the store or church...he still needs a "baaa"(him saying ball)'s pretty cute!!
Hopefully he'll like baseball and sports...I'm sure he will...he's pretty cute trying to hit and kick the balls!!!
Another thing he does...he has a special "story place"...when we rearranged our living room...the rocking chair has a "spot" behind it that Klous & Zack like to go into. They just bring their stories and whatever else and just sit behind the's cute!! He'll sit back there and "read" his stories...he just jabbers on and on...then brings the story to one of us to read it!! He's just so cute and smart!!!
Ryan got these pictures of him reading his stories the other was cute!!!