Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Much needed UPDATE!!!

Hi again...LONG time no posting...sorry :( This whole 3 kids, picture taking, living life, uploading pics, and blogging...just doesn't happen much. Sorry...I'm going to work on it...but for now, here is a BUTT LOAD...of pictures!!!
The kids are getting BIG...Kyson just had his 4 month check up, but will be 6 months on Sunday...oops...a little behind on that too!! But he's in the 97th percentile on his head...90th percentile for his weight and height!! He's 27 1/2 inches long and 19 lbs 9 oz!! BIG BOY!!! By far our biggest kid at this age...good thing he's so pinchable and cute!!!
Aysha is growing too...she's jabbering and trying soo hard to talk!! She copies Klous a lot, but not us so least not when it's prompted!! She's got QUITE the attitude and drama...She's loving being able to play outside IF it's actually warm enough!! She's so dang cute and I can't help but smile when she bats her eyes at me and gives me her cheesy grin!!
Klous is wanting and waiting for NICE weather everyday...our neighbors have been out of town for the last couple weeks...and he's getting a little...ok a LOT...bored with just we're trying to be creative!! Good thing we have a trip to look forward to next week!! (Minnesota)...but he's getting so big too...loving sports of course and playing and running and whatever else to use up his energy!!! are the pics!!!

So at the beginning of May...I was in the kids' room...the kids were all in the living room...Klous wanders in with me...then I hear Aysha say "UH OH"...and she comes in the bedroom with us as well...I don't hear much from Kyson so I figure everything is alright. I left him like this on the couch...

When I go back out into the living room...he's like THIS on the floor...must be the reason Aysha said UH OH...I asked Klous what happened and he was very quick to say he DIDN'T do I asked Aysha if she took Kyson off the couch...and she walks away smiling and saying...UH HUH...little stinker!!!

Then there was this excitement on Mother's Day...Klous actually went up and sang with the other primary kids in our ward...and on his way back to sit with us...he apparently tripped and cracked his head on the corner of the wood or something?? He was screaming and being carried to us...when Ryan brought him out and back into me...he had this GOOSE EGG on his head...poor kid :( Luckily no major issues and no stopping him...he was right back to jumping, running, and playing like normal!!

This spring we also had a cute little nest in one of our trees by our place. Klous & Aysha thought it was SOO cool to see the baby birds and hear them chirping!!! See the little beak?!?!?
The mommy bird was pretty nervous coming to feed the babies when the kids were outside...didn't last too long when we would watch or see just didn't know how to be quiet!!! But it was fun and cute to watch...
UNTIL...May 24th...when we got 4 freakin' inches of was RIDICULOUS. That night before though, it had been chilly, and Klous wanted to see the baby birds...he was playing with Ryan and Ryan noticed one of the baby birds had been pushed out of the nest and was on the ground :( We didn't know what to do, and hoped the Mommy would still find it and take care of it...well then it got colder, snowed...Klous kept wanting to check on it and get a blanket for it :( poor kid...he was heartbroken...then when we woke up to snow...that was his first concern...wondering how the baby bird was...well was frozen and had died :( So we dug a hole in the dirt and buried sad :(
But yes...this is our yard with WET, HEAVY, YUCKY's pretty in December at Christmas...but the end of May?? NOT SO MUCH...
We have also made a trip up to the aquarium in Salt was fun...and the kids liked seeing the fishies!!!
We even saw Nemo :)
Mommy & Kyson :)
Playing around!!
Here's our penguins!!!
Kyson is getting so big...I thought time went fast with Klous...then with Aysha...but with Kyson...I really don't know what has happened. He'll be 6 months this weekend, and he's doing so many new dang CUTE!!
Big man Klous!!
Chessy Aysha May!!! we have snow one day...then right back to the 70-80+ degree weather...OHHH...gotta love the weather!! So the kids enjoyed a nice, cool popsicle and Aysha TRULY enjoyed it!!
So so messy...
Then we got out the pool...and PLAYED!!! The kids thought it was great jumping with the sprinkler!!

Klous & Zack in their wash tubs!! It was so funny watching them fill it up and play in these big buckets!!

Aysha May LOVES to swing...
Daddy & Kyson...still silly!!!
Then we went to get ice cream at Maceys (grocery store)...and poor Aysha tripped and landed RIGHT on her mouth and face...her teeth went right into her lip and the blood just gushed out of it. :( It was so sad...luckily as I walked her to the bathroom to rinse it out...some EMT's were coming in and saw me, ran to see what was going on...and then ran to the ambulance to get stuff to wash it out, suck up the blood, and try to help. HUGE blessing!! But poor Aysha had such a fat lip and was SO distraught with sad to see her like that :(
Our crazy kiddos...this is what we do when we have Zack stay overnight!! The kids get CRAZY!!!
Aysha wearing Daddy's work shoes...somewhere there's a picture of me just like this...only in MY daddy's shoes!!!


Klous LOVES Kyson and LOVES to play with him!!!
My beautiful babies!!!
Hope you liked the update...sorry again it's been so long :(