Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun...

Last week I got a crazy bee in my bonnet and decided to rake up the backyard. It was quite a job, but the kids & I had fun...and when Daddy came home, he had fun too!! With the weather getting colder and winter just around the corner...we have to find something to do outside on the "somewhat decent" days!!! So here are some pictures of our adventures in the leaf pile and with the slide...Klous loved it, and I was surprised with how excited Aysha was about it as well!!! It was fun...even though it made me have contractions a bit and make the baby mad I worked so much!! Oh well...nothing happened!! Just some exercise!! Yay for me :)

Princess in the leaves :)
What cute kids huh!!

Klous like to get covered up!!
So handsome :)
I just love this face...had to share!! Those BIG eyes are amazing!!!
Oh and of course she had to taste them too :)
Klous helping Aysha down the slide!!

Concentrating so hard!!
Hi Mommy!!
He's getting so big :(

Mommy and the kiddos...it was a fun afternoon...and the fresh air felt nice...even though it turned our noses red!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8 years today...

This picture isn't from our wedding, it's actually our engagement picture...but it works. I don't have any pictures on the computer from our wedding day. Anyways...this is Ryan & I 8 years ago in August...
And this is the most recent picture I have of just us together...I guess I could've posted a family picture...but I didn't...this is us in August of 2009...I guess it works out then huh with the pictures!!!
We're celebrating our 8th anniversary today...and I really can't believe it. It's crazy to look back on the last 8 years and think of all we've done, gone through, gotten through together, and accomplished. Yes we're still working on school...no we don't have our own house yet...our family is still growing...and I would LOVE to have a higher income and not have to stress so much about money. But really...I couldn't be happier...Ryan is amazing and loves me more then anyone. He puts up with so much from me and I don't really know how or why he does it sometimes. He's given me 2 beautiful babies (and one on the way)...and I couldn't be happier. I want him to know how grateful I am for him, for all he's taught me, for his worthiness to take me to the temple, and for the chance we have to be together FOREVER. I couldn't ask for more!! I love you Babe!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Klous :)

Well 3 years ago today we were in the hospital like this...with a brand new baby boy...first addition to our little family...and loving him more then anything!!! What a happy little family!!!
Daddy & Klous have always had a special bond and been "buddies" from day one...I love watching them together and seeing how much fun they have when they play!!! It started from the day he was born and has only gotten better!!!
On Klous' 1st birthday he was all about helping Daddy with decorations and the "party bags"...guess that's what you do for the FIRST birthday!! Then you realize how much work parties are!!! But here's my 2 boys on the day Klous turned ONE :)
Then there was last year...that was a crazy day too. Started out fine and normal...got Klous some fish and he helped Daddy put them in the tank and get it all set up. However, after that the day just went downhill...I woke up from a nap and had major issues that day. Numbness, migraines, funky talking, no sight in my right eye, and on and on. It was scary, and I tried my best to make the rest of the day fun for Klous. However, Mommy ended up in the ER that night and found out that it was just a severe migraine and NOT a stroke...thank goodness!! Here's to hoping this year is BETTER and nothing to worry about!!!
Klous was all excited this morning and even more smiles when he realized it really IS his birthday TODAY!! He's been waiting SOOOO long...and now it's finally here. Here are my boys again...on his 3rd birthday!! I can't even say how much I love this kid and how grateful I am that he's in our family. He's such a good helper and so fun to have around. Yes we have our bad days...but when the smiles, hugs, kisses, and "I love you's" come...that really out-does the bad days!!!
Mommy LOVES YOU kiddo!! Happy birthday!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Teething...Constipation...One SAD girl :(

So you all know my sweet baby girl Aysha May...why when a bad night comes...does EVERYTHING have to come that night!?!?! She's been struggling with her teeth coming in on the bottom for MONTHS now...and one finally poked through, while the other is being a pain. So we had that last night...then she couldn't lay still or sleep because her tummy was so upset and not feeling good. She's stretch out her legs...squirm and wiggle like crazy...and just whine and cry :( It was so sad and yet SO annoying, because I was tired...she was up from 11-5 off and on...and it made me not so excited about another newborn. Why oh Why do all the bad days have to come together!?!?!? Let's hope and pray for a good diaper today ;) AND a GREAT naptime!!! I want my happy, smilely little girl back!! Please :)