Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Child proof...Riiiiiight :)

So I thought the snap/button thing they put at the top of footie jammies was to keep the kids from finding the zipper!?!?!?! Well it doesn't....just look how proud Kyson is of his new look with his jammies!!!!

Every time he wears these jammies...this is how he wears them now!!! Silly kid!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My baby ISN'T a baby :(

What happened to my sweet, sleepy, cute, adorable, happy, loving little baby!?!?!?! He was so so little...and such a blessing!!!
Oh he's turned into my sweet, sleepy, cute, adorable, happy, loving little MAN!!! Can't believe the blessings and happiness he's brought into our family...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyson!!!! We love you LOTS!!!! Can't believe you're already TWO!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids...LOVE them!!!

The kids have really been enjoying our new place!!! The just play...find things to do...enjoy the space...and usually stay out of our way!!! As much as kids do!!! ;) The other night...ok a couple weeks ago...I got these cute pictures of them!!! All three of them just doing their own was so cute!!!

Kyson has always been the one who will just sit and play...he doesn't need anyone else around...he doesn't need to be entertained...he'll just play. Blocks, legos, little people, cars, Mr. Potato Head...whatever it is...he just plays!!! This is how I caught him playing!!! Just sitting content as could be!!!
Aysha May is getting better too...she'll just find something...usually it's taking care of her babies...getting them changed or down for naps or whatever!!! She can be found usually in her room rocking and shushing her babies!!! Too cute...but this night she was at the table just playing with the beads and enjoying them all to herself!!!
Then comes Klous...he's always wanted/needed someone to play WITH him. And isn't too fond of the idea of being told to go find something to do or play with!!! Is that a 1st child thing!?!?!? But tonight he was entertaining himself with paint sticks and a balloon!!! Just fighting, shooting, hitting, and whatever else he could do with it!!! Typical boy huh!!!
I sure do love these kiddos...and I am SOOOO...happy that we have a place of our own...more space for them to play...for them to store their toys...and just for us to be together but not so crammed!!!! Aren't they so cute in their little Santa hats!?!?!? :)
They sure were proud of the tree they helped decorate!!! First time in 3 years we've put up a BIG tree!!! So they had fun!!! Check out Kyson's BIG cheeser smile!!! He cracks me up!!!

Aysha's birthday...a month ago :(...

We forgot to post about Aysha May's birthday!!! She turned THREE on Thanksgiving day!!! We were a bit overwhelmed and busy...but we made time for sweet Aysha's birthday!!! It's not her fault it was on Turkey day...OR that we were moving!!! So we relaxed for that day and just tried to focus on HER!!!
Can't believe my sweet baby girl is already 3...crazy how fast time goes!!!

We had the kids sit in the family room and watch shows til it was time to open her presents!!! I carried them in, but we didn't have enough PRINCESS wrapping paper for all of she had to cover her eyes while I carried them in!!! Isn't she cute!!!
Then she got to open her of which was a sleeping bag/eye mask/purse all in one!!! She was very you can tell!!
That evening we invited all the family over for cake and ice cream...but I forgot to get ice cream...oops. But the cake was good...seeing as how everyone was still full from turkey dinner and pie!!!
Here's cute Aysha getting sung to and preparing to blow out candles!!!
And there she blows!!!! She's so darn cute!!!
And then the presents from everyone else!!! She was very excited and happy that day!!! She's turning into such a big girl. Even on her grumpy/moody days...she just needs to bat her eyes and smile and it'll melt your heart!!!!
LOVE YOU Aysha May!!!! Happy 3rd birthday!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok are the pictures I've promised!!! The first collage is pics of the house BEFORE we started running like animals through a completely empty house!!! With ugly WHITE walls!!! This was the point we thought it was such a GREAT idea to paint EVERY room with a DIFFERENT color!!! What were we thinking!?!?! Who knows!?!??! :) But this is the before stuff...
And then there are these...tried to get as close to the same poses or standing for the pictures!!! Not all of them are great...but good enough!!!! This of course is the AFTER pics!!!! The first two are the family two kitchen...then the dining room (notice the sliding glass door is GONE!!! And the shelf/knick-knack-dust collecting thing is gone too)...then the next two are the living room area...and finally boys room...Aysha's room...and our room!!!!

No the house is NOT finished...far from it I'm sure...but we are DONE with painting for awhile. I don't really want to look at another paint brush/can/roller or anything for awhile!!!! We're happy and content with how it is...for now!!! Just trying to get things organized and put together as much as we can!!! Then throw in Aysha's birthday...Thanksgiving...Christmas parties...Kyson's birthday...Christmas...YA...NOTHING is really getting done around here :( Ugh!!!
Oh well...we're not going anywhere right!!! Just thought I'd FINALLY post the pics and let you all see the comparisons!!! It's fun to look at it and see where we've gotten!!!! Thank GOODNESS for amazing friends and people who are willing to come help at all hours of the day/night!!! You know who you are...and we LOVE you!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We're IN...we're hooked up...and we're alive!!!'s official. As of November 18th, we are official homeowners!!! Here's our cute little abode!!!! :)
Sorry I've been MIA...between packing, cleaning, painting, moving, unpacking, cleaning more, Thanksgiving, Aysha's Birthday, and being BURNT out...we just barely got internet hooked up again at our new place...and we are still alive!!! Tired...but alive!!! We have to be out of our apartment by this weekend has been finishing up cleaning there and getting all our CRAP out!!! Ugh...such a do people accumulate so much STUFF!?!?!?! Do I really need it all!?!?! Ugh!!!!
Anyways...I will be posting before/after pictures of this place!!! It's coming along..."done" enough for us!!! Touch-ups all over that need to be done...but the majority of the BIG projects are done!!! Now it's just a matter of finding a place to put everything!!! How in the world did we fit all this stuff in such a small place!?!?! Cuz I'm beginning to wonder if it's all gonna fit here!?!?! And we have 1000 MORE square!?!?!? It's gotta right!?!?!?!
Just wanted you all to know we're alive and getting moved in & settled!!!