Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bringing Mommy smiles :)

I just can't get enough of this little smile and happy little girl!!! She's just so happy and brings so much joy to our family!!!
Then there's my little man...he's getting quiet the attitude and talking back stuff...(doesn't make me smile...but he is 2 1/2 and it was bound to happen right!!)...but he has his sweet moments that out-number the bad times!! He doesn't like to smile on cue very much anymore...so I have to tease him and say..."ok Klous...DON'T smile..." then I can get REAL smiles out of him!!!
He was sitting on my lap at the computer and saw the scotch tape on the shelf...so he grabbed some...and did this...he's just a hoot...I love this kid!!! Makes me smile everyday!!!
Then he sat in Aysha's chair while I was making dinner...and he told me..."Mommy look...I a baby" :) :) Silly boy...he looks HUGE in that chair!!!
Isn't he cute!! Can't believe he's already 2 1/2, but he sure is fun lately...on his good days of course!!!
I'm definitely grateful for all the little smiles I get to see and have all day long...sure would be sad if I had to miss out on all the "simple" things...so thank you honey for letting me stay home with the kiddos!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Priceless Moments...

Nothing better then an afternoon with BOTH kids sleeping at the SAME time!! So peaceful and quiet!!! I love it...but don't get me wrong...I love when they're both awake and playing nice too!!!

Love my babies!! But thanks to friends and family who have "taught" me how to put Aysha down to go to sleep alone!! So nice to just lay her down and not have to hold/rock/sing and everything else to get her to sleep. I love those moments with babies...but when the "baby" is 2 1/2 and still struggles to go asleep alone...I LOVE it this way!! Guess that's what happens with all first children right!?!?! They just get extra spoiled!!!
(Klous is getting better...just have to get him from the couch to his bed to go to sleep on his own now!!)

LoViN' oUtSiDe :)

We had a few days this last week that were in the 70-80 degree range...and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We didn't want to be in the house...we played with friends one day...Klous was a MONSTER...so the next day I banned him from playing with friends!! It was a fun/quiet day just at home!! We just played in the backyard...Klous rode his bike...Aysha was in her exer-saucer...and Mommy read a book!! We started in the front, but it was TOO hot...so we moved to the back!! It was nice...and the kids took GREAT naps after playing. As usual!!!

Klous is loving his bike!! He's finally figured out how to pedal forward and not just push on the brakes the whole time!!

Aysha was LOVING the sun and toys...she's getting so funny and excited!!!
She just smiles and gets so excited when she plays!!!
Ugh...I just love her!!!
Klous even has to have lunch outside too...he's been LOVING having his picnic table out so he can eat OUTSIDE!!!
What a handsome little boy!!!
Eating his noodles and chicken!! YUMMA :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BIG GIRL food!!!

Well enough of NOT sleeping through the night...Dr tells us to wait til 6 months, but I didn't listen!! Aysha is a growing baby and I wanted to start the food!! So here it is...first time trying baby cereal and sweet potatoes!! She liked them I think!!! Even if she didn't know what to do with them or how to keep it in her mouth!! It was a fun evening...and she slept from 9 last night til 7 this morning...NICE :)

Oh how I love her BIG brown eyes...so pretty...even with a messy face!!!

Back to Tummy...

Well a few weeks ago she went from tummy to back...and now it's back to tummy...guess we better be careful...she'll be off before we know it!!! She was just laying on the floor yesterday and decided she needed to try it!!! So I grabbed the camera and tried to get "ok" pictures!!! She sure is proud of what she can do!!!
My pretty girl!!
Ugh...face plant :)
TA DA :) I'm up!!!
So happy!!!
Yay for Aysha :) :) :) She'll be 5 months this week...CRAZY...where has the time gone :(

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Found her TOES :)

This weekend, Ryan put Aysha on the floor and she's discovered something NEW!! Her TOES...she'd pull her little legs up and just hold on to it so tight til she got the actual toe in her mouth...it was cute!!!
Guess she only likes the BIG TOE cuz she sucked that as hard as she sucks her binki!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

LOVE yard sales!!!

For the last few years, Ryan has really gotten me into liking yard sales...we go once it's warm enough and the kids just tag along, or just one of goes, or something??? Anyways...it's that time of year again and there were going to be LOTS of good ones this morning. Klous got some little bug yesterday and was a little sick...so I was nervous as to how last night would go. My friend Caradon wanted to go to some with me this weekend, but I was sad when I told her that I probably wouldn't be going since Klous was sick. I told her it depended on how the night went and if he slept all night!!!
ANYWAYS...this morning I woke up at 7:25 and realized Klous had slept ALL night and didn't get up or puke or anything...so I texted Caradon to see if she was still going and if I could tag along. Ryan stayed home and slept a "little" longer with the kids and I went on my journey to find some good deals!!! And that I did!!!
I stopped at the ATM and got $40 cash...I came home with $6....and this is EVERYTHING I got!!!!

A pitching net for Klous...(loved our friend Braydon's) so I had to get it!! 2 garbage bags FULL of bowling pins & balls...(lady said it was from her gym class she taught??) Klous wanted bowling from the Easter Bunny, but I said no...so instead for ALL those things for only $3 :) And then the little block car?? I remember having that when I was little and playing with those...so had to get it for Klous...this whole picture was $5....
Then I found this toy box thing...that CLOSES...it's a beauty...all of $5 :)
This picture is a little bad cuz of the glare of the window, but it has a LOT!!! Clothes, Princess chair, vacuum, Buzz Lightyear suitcase, Little Tikes kitchen...and the BEST find that Klous LOVES...his OWN "skates"...they're rollerblades that actually fit him and will grow 4 shoe sizes, so they'll actually last a while!! This picture stuff was all of $24...
Today was a GREAT yard saling day!! Thanks Caradon for letting me bum along with you!! She found good stuff too!!! Yay for good deals!!! Now just have to find a place for all this stuff!!! Yikes!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come what may & love it!!

Ok so I was really upset this morning with everything that happened with the snow...and the SNOW for that matter. Now it's warmed up and the snow is melting and dripping...and Klous has been ANXIOUS to get outside and play and build a snowman...so we went outside. He's been naughty this morning, and I thought some fresh air might calm him down?? He's asleep now, so maybe it did!!!

Here's the outcome of our "playing"...the little Jones SNOW Family :)
Daddy, Aysha, Klous, Mommy
Little miss Aysha...cute huh!!
Klous & SNOW Klous :)
Daddy snowman...
and Mommy Snowman...I tried to zoom in, but you can't really see it...Klous kept putting snowballs on the front of me...guess he knew it was supposed to be a GIRL ;) Smart kid :)
So I guess things could be worse...and the snow really isn't that bad...and it was fun to be a kid again and play for a bit!!! (P.S...there's your snowmen Papa!!!)

What the????

Ok...so I've really, REALLY had enough of winter...Ryan woke me up this morning to say good-bye and go to work...well I heard him go outside and then come right back in...I woke up more to see what was going on and he told me to look outside in the back. He had told me the first time to look outside the front and see the "little" branches that are usually on the side of the house...were now in front of the door and window...as you can see below...
When I looked out the back window I saw this...yes...branches down...lines down...
Right in the middle of the backyard...safe huh!?!?!
Not only one wire...but TWO...Ryan called the power company to see what we should do, they said they'd get someone out...he showed up and said it's not power lines...so either phone or cable. Well we don't have a land-line...only cell phones...so who knows if the "phone" is down!?!?!? And he said good luck getting them to come out since we wouldn't be top priority without having and actual line....yeah...
Well instead of sleeping a little longer...I got dressed...got my boots, mittens, and jacket on...Klous was already awake so he got all dressed for SNOW too...(reminder it is APRIL 16th)...and this is what the front looked like...yep...at least a foot of snow there...yippee...
I was shoveling and along came my 4-wheeler stranger friend...he's helped me a few times this season...I'm VERY thankful...when I get halfway done shoveling the driveway he shows up!! So so nice...
At least I have some one that can look at me and smile and make me laugh...

Oh how I love weather!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fear Factor at the Jones'

I saw these outside when I was shoveling the sidewalk/driveway...then when Klous woke up, we had to run to the neighbors...so I showed him too...he was REALLY grossed out and ran through the snow!! Silly kid...anyways, when I saw it, it reminded me of Fear Factor...so just thought I'd share!! Worms need friends too...apparently these ones aren't lacking in that area!!!
I even moved the BIG pile and more were coming out of the crack...SICK
How about a night-crawler....mmmmm...YUMMY :)

Is it REALLY APRIL?!?!?!?!?

Ok...remember this...just on SUNDAY....outside...no jacket...no boots...no mittens...ONLY JAMMIES....
And this...in Easter clothes...with the SUNSHINE....
And this was Aysha on MONDAY when we went to play at our friend Amy's house in 65 DEGREE WEATHER....
(P.S...Grandma made that hat for her and it's just ADORABLE!!!)
And now look TODAY...yes it's true...April 15th...and there is at least 3-4 inches of SNOW on the ground. WHAT THE HECK????
This is ok in Minnesota...but how do you go from 65-70 degrees on Monday...to 30 degrees on Wednesday...and they're saying it'll be back into the 70's this weekend!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHH :) Where is the SPRING weather??? I took Klous out to see his toys after his nap...and he said..."Mommy, can't see them..." COME ON Mother Nature...warm weather again please...and NO MORE SNOW :)
This is what I shoveled this afternoon...just some of it...but look...it's like 2 inches of water...UNDER the snow...oh the joys of weather and spring and Utah and snow and everything else life has to bring us...
UGH...that's all I have to say...and hope for better things to come this weekend!!!