Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trip to Logan :)

This last weekend we went up to Logan to visit Ryan's sister and her husband...Erin & Jordan. We got a hotel room and split the cost with Shauna & Zack was a nice break and a little "get-away"...if only the kids would've been healthy and happy the entire time!! We got 2 blocks from the hotel on our way there...and Klous decided he needed to puke, so that was a great start!! We stopped at the hotel and cleaned him up and tried to clean the carseat...then off to Erin's house for dinner. After dinner we came back to the hotel to go SWIMMING!! Klous & Zack were a bit excited about it!!!

Aysha in her cute little swimsuit...the hot tub was too hot and the pool was too she just relaxed in her suit!!
Klous playing with Daddy in the hot tub!!
The next morning we just hung out...the kids wanted to swim of this time we just had Aysha watch and sit in the carseat...we all got dressed and ready for the pool!!
Klous was all smiles...especially since we blew up the beach balls!!
Zack was pretty excited too...
Mommy, Daddy, and Shauna...not as excited, cuz the pool was COLD!!! So took a little getting used to!!
After swimming...and the kids taking naps...Zack just wanted to talk to his cousin!! She was all smiles about it too...
I love how alert she is!!
Klous & Zack entertaining Aysha...she loves them!!
Since the boys listened and took good naps...we promised them we'd go here they are picking out balls!!
Klous watching his ball go...putt, putt, putt!! :)
Then we decided to use the "handicap" thing...went a little faster then!!
Giving Daddy a high 5 for hitting the pins!!
Klous had the runs all day that was rough...he wasn't really into bowling cuz his tummy wasn't feeling the greatest. He was running around to "hide" so he could poop...and then he discovered the air hockey table. So after the bowling game was done...we let Klous & Zack play one game of air hockey...
I think they liked it!!
We went to dinner that night with some friends...who I forgot to get pictures of...and then went back to the hotel...woke up to SNOW Sunday morning...yeah. Visited and hung out for a bit with Erin & Jordan, then headed was a nasty drive all the way, but we made it!! Yeah for mini-vacations!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Aysha's Stats at 2 months...

Well today our little princess had her 2-month check up. She must've known something bad was coming, because from the time the Dr. came in...she screamed and cried. Ryan tried to calm her down...didn't work...I tried...worked a little better, but not completely. So she was just mad...and let me tell you...their screaming is a LOT louder and bad when you have a POUNDING headache...but oh well!! She's getting so so big...when she was born she was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 inches I think...:) she's a whopping 11 lbs 2 oz and 23 inches. The doctor said Mommy must be feeding her more then just milk...maybe ice cream!?!?! No...she's just a very good eater (obviously)...and stretching out I guess. All her clothes fit so much better now, but it's getting sad, because we'll have to be packing up the cute newborn stuff soon. Alright...just wanted to let you all know she is getting big...and yes, it's been a sad, sleepy day with having to get shots too :( So sad to see that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life... no pictures with this post...just some thoughts. I just got done reading my sister-in-law's post...which really she's just more like a sister to me ;) Anyways...she was talking about being overwhelmed...and I think it's cool and interesting that when she happens to write something like's exactly what I need to hear, or am feeling as well.
Being a wife and mother is a hard job. It's so worth it, don't get me wrong, but it's a LOT of work and it's tough. The last few weeks have made me think more and realize the changes that I really need to make in my life, before it's too late. I struggle, and always have, with scripture reading and saying prayers. I don't know why...I can come up with a LOT of excuses, but in the end I think I've come to realize that it's just because I'm not willing to set aside the time. How sad is that...I'm trying to work on it...and make it a habit in my life, but it's still hard. It always seems when times are tough or hard, that it's always easy and the first thing I do...but at other times I don't see the need or something. I don't know. Anyways...with the way this world is going...with my life...with my church callings...with my family...with everything, it's really important. Things are seeming to "fall apart" in a way...and a I don't like it. Ryan & I seem to be fighting more and not getting along. Most of it is me...just being stubborn and rude...and sure I could use the excuse of just having a baby and my hormones being out of whack...but Aysha will be 2 months old on can I really use that?? Life is just hard, and I know Satan is really working on all of us to break us down. I don't want that to happen to me or my I know I need to be the one to step up.
I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to share ways that have worked for you...or what you do to make it a priority in your life...I have a testimony of it...and I know it's important...but I just struggle I guess. So let me know what you think...if you wouldn't mind...because I sure wouldn't mind being happier, more spiritual, and having more faith in my life. I don't think Ryan would complain either...or my kids!! I need to be a better wife and mother!!!
Ok I lied...I just love these guys and couldn't imagine a day without any of them!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A little deprived...

I've felt a little guilty for not taking as many pictures or anything of I've tried to do better. He's still being a great big brother and a BIG helper for me!! He's talking up a storm and repeating things when we say them...guess that means we need to be careful now!! He's just great and I love him to are a few recent pictures of my little man Klous!!

He's getting better and practicing going to sleep on his own...small steps for now...we're looking into getting him a "big boy" he's been going to sleep on the couch alone...and doing great. I spoiled him when he was a baby and til now I'm paying for it...FULLY AWARE of it!! New things being done with Aysha now!! Either way...he's doing good at the new adjustments!!
He's so thing will be getting him OFF that binki!! Luckily it's only at naptime and he's improving on that too :)
He loves Aysha...always wanting to hold her, play with her, give her her binki...and anything else! Just a good big brother!!
I did his hair all cute today...but the picture didn't get it...dumb camera!! He likes to have "pokey" hair...which is what he calls it when I put mousse or gel in it!! Silly kid!!
Perfect shirt for him at times :) "If you're looking for I am" :) :) :)
Ok...I couldn't pass up sharing these pictures too...she's just getting so big and making so many faces!! I love it!! Not to mention how much I'm enjoying the "accessories"!!!
Check out her eyebrows...she's thinking real hard!!
Uhhh...too cute!!
Just another smile :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So many expressions...

I tell you...this little girl makes so many faces and expressions...all of which are ADORABLE...and I wish I could catch ALL of them on camera!! She's just getting big already...and being so alert and watching us so intently!! We're loving having her around...Klous likes when she smiles and reacts to him talking to her!! TOO CUTE!!
These pictures are just a few faces I've caught when she's laying by me!! Cute girl!!

Starting to laugh/smile!!

Ryan's been able to get both kids to "talk" before me...he gets them to coo and squeak and everything...this was last night before Aysha went to was stinkin' cute!!! The pictures only show part of it...but she was real excited to talk to her Daddy and have his attention!! Too cute!!

Check out that double chin!!

Man she's just cute...we love her!! She'll be 2 months on the 24th...CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MORE snow...and cute faces!!

So I know I'm from Minnesota...and so I should like and be used to the snow right!?!?! Well I haven't lived in Minnesota for over 3 years now...and I haven't had snow like this in that long if not longer...yesterday and the day before we were told by our overly intelligent (yeah right) weather men, that we should only get 1-4 inches on the valley floor, and that it should only come in the evening...well no. It snowed constant for 2 days, and we got SLAMMED with 13 inches of snow. It's beautiful outside...but I'm so SICK of shoveling. Klous is loving it...but if I'm not careful...I could lose him in the snow banks and piles!!! These pictures don't show much...but they show how little Klous is compared to the snow!!
Sorry this one is so focused on the snowflakes and not Klous...
While Ryan had a turn outside with Klous...I had fun getting the many faces of Aysha!! She's started smiling and it's cute. Usually gets the biggest smiles when Klous talks to her...but Mommy can get a few out too!! She's just adorable...enjoy her faces!!!