Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love You Mama...

I just need to tell my Mom that I truly LOVE her. I know she knows it, but a little reminder never hurts right!!
Today she found out some "not-so-good-news" and will need to have another surgery in September...and it wasn't really the news we had been hoping to get. Now we just have to hope that the next step goes well and better news is to come!!
It's no good to find out about surgery...then having a broken wrist...which you already have to have surgery I think she's having a tough time. She told me the other day that she's ready for 2008 to be over...hasn't been a good year!!

My mom is an amazing always take them for granted when you're a teenager and living at home...but when you're out on your own...and don't have them ALL the time anymore...makes you realize just how lucky you were!!

She's done so much for our family...most importantly carrying and delivering all of us SIX kids...truly amazing Mom!! This is her prego with me...or so I was told!!
The six of us at Christmas 2006 with Mom & Dad

This was sometime in my middle school/high school career...but the time when I just took her for granted...didn't completely appreciate her the way I should've. Sorry Mom :(

My mom helped me a lot with my baby boy...I was so grateful for her and Dad coming out when Klous was born...all their advice, help, holding him, helping me, EVERYTHING...I'd be lost without them!! Sometimes I feel lost until I pick up the phone and talk to them...parents truly are amazing!!!

Klous truly loves his Grandma & Papa too...he's excited to see them in a few weeks for our little "vacation"...and we sure are happy that Grandma Judy is going to be able to be with us for it...just wouldn't be the same if not.

Mom...I just want you to know how grateful I am for you...we pray for you daily...sometimes ALL the time...can never pray too much right!! I pray that things will go well with the surgery...the results will be what we're all hoping to hear, and things will be alright!! We can only think positively...and put the rest of it in our Heavenly Father's hands. He knows what the plan is...we just have to have faith in Him!!
I LOVE YOU MOM...I wish I was closer to give you a HUGE hug today...but this will have to do...{{{{BIG HUG}}}}...and then you'll get a real one in a few weeks!!

Nap-time Experiments...

On Tuesday...I put Klous down for his nap...he went down fine and was REAL tired...when I put him in his bed...he had his shorts ON!!!
He ended up sleeping for over 2 1/2 hours...and I was a little when I finally heard him in there, I opened the door...and this is what I found...
Klous sitting NEXT to his shorts?? Luckily he still had his diaper on :)
It didn't take long, and he threw his shorts at me and stood up laughing...

Good thing he's so cute...cuz he sure can win your heart with that smile!!
I'd be a little worried about what other things he may try to do in his crib after his naps, but luckily he hasn't figured out how to climb out yet...I'm not looking forward to those days!!! I like him to be contained for as long as possible!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

STRONG dislike of the DISHONEST...

This morning we got up at 6:45 a.m to go garage saling...we usually look forward to our Saturday that we know we're having a girl...we have a bit to look for!! We've found some pretty good deals on things in the past...and today...but this was one of the BEST.
We went to American Fork and were just following the signs to get to the sales...we didn't know what to expect or what they'd have...but at this particular one, Ryan noticed a DOUBLE jogging stroller/bike trailer thingy (just like the one pictured above)...he was all excited about it and wanted to check it out. We stopped...they had some other stuff I was looking at...then I headed over to see what he found. It was VERY nice...looked like it had only been used a few times...still in great condition...and best of was only priced at $35...I told Ryan I was going to ask the lady if she'd take a check, since we didn't have enough cash...he told me to wait, because maybe we could "bargain" with her. In the mean time...I just watched...and started to like this did Klous and Ryan!! We were having the ladies show us how it worked, how it collapsed, how to take the wheels on and off...and she was looking all over in her garage to find the bike trailer parts...since she never used it for that. So we were getting even more excited...this thing was practically brand new...the bike parts were still in plastic and Ryan was just trying to make sure he understood how to put that on. We were looking at this thing for probably 10-15 minutes...with the ladies telling us all about it and showing us how to use it.
WELL...finally Ryan was ready to go ask if they'd accept a check...he asked me what I wanted to offer on it...and I said we just need to stick to the $35 because that is a GREAT he heads over to ask one of the ladies if they'll take a check...the lady looks at him and says..."I forgot it sold this we can't sell it to you"....WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We just sat there for nearly 15 minutes looking at this thing with YOUR help...and you casually "forget" that it had already sold?? That was a crock of CRAP!!! :) Sorry...I was so mad...she flat out lied to us...once this happened...I remembered standing there when I was going to ask about the check thing...when Ryan told me to wait...I just stood there for a minute and I remembered hearing one of the ladies tell another person..."Yeah...and it has a bike trailer connector too" what the heck??? Did they just sell it out from under us while WE were looking at it?? Was it all a lie, and they were just wanting it for a friend??? We couldn't believe it...we left it all in pieces...didn't bother putting it back together...Ryan had helped them clean the stupid thing out...and figure things was ridiculous.
We were REAL disappointed...and both of us as well as our friend we were with...all wanted to say bad words to them...but we didn't...we just couldn't believe it. How could you treat someone like that or do that to someone you know is so interested?? And the fact they helped us with it all...what the crap?? It was annoying...and the thing was so stinkin' nice, it was a real disappointment...I was mad about it. Didn't even want to go to any more garage sales...I just wanted to be done. It was such a good find...and to have it taken like that from us...HOW RUDE!!! If they would've just apologized or went about it a different way or had a SOLD sign on it or something...but NO...nothing.
So word to the wise...make sure you don't get TOO excited about something until you know it's NOT sold!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Salt Lake Bees Game!!!

Ryan got some FREE tickets from work the other day...for a Salt Lake Bees game...(baseball) he was all over those!! Can't beat free right...and we figured Klous would have fun at another baseball game!! He talked about the BALL all day and was cute!!!
When Ryan got home from work, we headed up to Sandy, to get some dinner and get on that we wouldn't have to drive all the way up. Ryan thought Klous would have fun on the "train" too...which he did!!!

Klous is all about copying Daddy lately...however Daddy is sitting, Klous has to do the same's kinda cute!! You'll notice it in these pictures...Klous had fun on the train...he thought it was cool!!
Daddy & Klous on the train...
Yep...copying him again...
Once we got to the baseball field...the seats were AMAZING!!! We were right behind the 2nd was great!! Here's Klous & Daddy watching the game...well Klous is watching the Bee I think!!
Here's our view of the game...the net in front of us was pretty annoying...but it kept a lot of balls from flying back at that was nice!!
Klous wasn't real excited when the Bee came down the steps by us...he's a little freaked out by the costumes...not sure why?? But him and another girl behind us just started SCREAMING when the Bee came down...made the Bee sad :(
He kept checking Klous to see if he could get a "high 5"...but Klous wasn't having it...he did finally wave at him though!!
This is usually the look on his face when the Bee was around...silly kid!!
Mommy & Klous watching the game!!
Here's Klous with his "prize"...Daddy took him for a walk and got him a little bat...he was all over that!! He got a ball at the last now he's set!! He would just stand on the steps and swing like the was fun for him!! Then he'd wave to us and say "BYE"...I'd ask where he was going and he said "PAPA" guess he was going to find Papa Bob!! Good thing it's only a month til we get to see'll be fun!!
All in all...we had a good night...the game was fun and exciting...the Bees had a good 6th inning...and hit a couple of them was questionable, and because of that, TWO coaches from the other team got thrown out of the game...because they kept yelling and arguing with the was pretty funny!! Better keep your mouth shut unless you want to be thrown out of the park huh!! Thanks to the nice lady at the credit union who didn't want to tickets...we had fun!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Campout...

We had the "Family Campout" this weekend with Ryan's mom's side of the family...we went up in the mountains to a place called is beautiful up there. I must admit though, I dreaded going...and didn't really want to. Between having to pack everything up and get things ready just for overnight...and then being prego and uncomfortable...and not knowing how Klous would do...I debated a lot about whether or not to go. But it all ended up just was nice to get away and have a break from the "world"...and to just get outside and sit by a fire!!

Klous did fine too...he loved it. Ryan's got a cousin who is 7 and he brought a bunch of cars to play with...he was willing to share with Klous in Grandpa's BIG playpen :) Really it's just his trailer...but the boys liked playing in it!!
This is what was hauled up in the trailer...Klous thought he was pretty cool climbing in it and trying to drive it...Mommy & Daddy took him for a ride Saturday and he had so much fun, he fell asleep on Daddy's lap!! Silly kid!!
Here's Klous in the Rhino!! :) Good thing Grandpa Pulham brings fun toys up!!
We had tinfoil dinners for dinner...Klous actually ate some...I was surprised!! Here he is sitting by Daddy eating dinner...if you look in the back...there's our tent we slept in!! It was alright!!
I didn't waste any time at getting the marshmallows out...I've been wantint to roast some all it was fun to actually be able to do it!! Klous had to come watch what Mommy was doing too!!
Then he squats down to watch even closer...silly kid!! He liked the marshmallows plain...not roasted!!!
As you can see...he's enjoying it here...
After sitting around the fire for a while and visiting...we were ready for was almost it was way past my bedtime!! Here's Klous all bundled up for was a lot colder up there then I thought it would that wasn't fun!! Klous slept fine...Ryan & I on the other hand...didn't...oh well. That's the joy of camping right!! Between the next campground over singing Karaoke until 3 in the morning...and then the wild sheep "talking" around 5:00 a.m...there wasn't a lot of sleep for me!!! At least Klous was good though!!
Saturday morning...Grandpa wanted to take Klous for a ride on the 4-wheeler...he screamed the WHOLE time until Grandpa decided to turn around...then he was fine and didn't want to get off...silly kid!!
This is what Klous looked like most of the weekend...completely covered in dirt!! He is definitely ALL boy...and loved the great outdoors...I'm glad he had a good time...that's what's important right!! Guess we'll have to plan another camping trip before the summer is over...we'll see how that goes!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

CrAzY kId :)

This morning I was in the bathroom and heard Klous dump out the ball bucket...then he got real quiet...I wasn't sure what he was getting into...I came out of the bathroom and this is what I found....

You see him??? He kinda blends in with all the balls/toys!!
Can you tell he's smiling!! Silly kid :)
Guess he was just gonna tease me like he needed a nap...don't know if he was laying there the whole time or if I just happened to walk out at the right time?? Either was cute!! :)
Then he went to find the blanket basket...he was quick to pull all those blankets out...and put his "hat" on...what a goofy kid!!
And NO...this isn't the only "hat" we have that will fit on his large cranium!!! This is a little TOO big :) :) :)
He's only been awake for 2 hours...we'll see what the rest of the day brings!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Time on Family Night :)

The other night...(Monday)...when Ryan got home from work...we ate dinner quick, and decided we'd walk over to the park by our house. Whenever we leave the house in the car...Klous knows the "WEEE" (aka slide) just behind the school we go by, so he always says that. Anyways...I told him that maybe we'd go that night, so we had to follow through with it!!! So we decided to walk over there and let him play...of course Daddy had to grab a soccer ball for him to play with too!! It was a fun time!! Although while we were walking...I had my first real experience this time with Braxton Hicks contractions...that wasn't any fun...thought it was too early for that...but guess not. Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

Anyways...back to our park adventure...Klous was all smiles to get in the stroller and go for a WALK...he says that very good now-a-days!!
Yep...this is on our way to the park...chickens and ducks in this yard...Klous gets very excited about the "quack quacks, and the boc bocs"!!! Kind of random in the middle of town though!!
We finally made it to the park...and he had to make his way to the top of the BIG slide...his favorite!! He's so big...and just loves playing!! Check out his cheeser...pretty typical!!
Then he's beginning to think he's a lot bigger then he really kinda freaks me out, but Ryan's always there to help him...he has to try climbing on all the ladders and "climbing things"...YIKES...
But he's not afraid to say CHEESE while climbing!!!
Then we were done at the park and started to walk back really is a nice's right by the hospital by our house...(where I had Klous...and where I'll have this one)...but there's a big field and then the's nice!!
Daddy let Klous walk like a big boy and kick the ball...he's pretty good at it!!
He just runs along and kicks it...then chases it again and kicks again...
He seems to be more left handed the bigger he gets...he still switches hands when he's eating...but as for swinging a bat/hockey stick...or kicking the balls...and sometimes's all done with his left hand/foot. Guess he'll be like his Papa Bob huh!?!?! (You're left handed in those things too right Dad!?!?!) :) :) :)
Then it was one more stop by the chickens and ducks...Klous is a very good COPY CAT when it comes to Daddy...he always has to squat, kneel, or do whatever Daddy is is quite cute!!
He's pointing to the duck...his favorite!! :) :)
It was nice to have an "okay" evening that wasn't too hot...and some time to just enjoy as a family...I like those times!! Gotta enjoy the nice weather I suppose...before we know it, it'll be cold and snowy again...and we'll have a tiny baby...AHHHHHHHHHH :) Just kidding :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Memory Tag...

I saw this "tag" game on my friend's blog (Morgan & Brecken) and thought it sounded like fun.

All you gotta do is...

1. Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a....BABY...

Today we had our ultrasound and got to see what we're having!!! I was nervous the baby wouldn't cooperate or let us see...just because I wanted to so bad!!! The technician started the ultrasound and got some pretty cute profile shots of the little baby!!! Here's the full body...
And then she asked if we wanted to know the sex...and I she headed down towards the little bum...and as soon as the baby got hit down was SPREAD EAGLE...and we were ALL able to see what we're having!!! It's a GIRL!!! Looked nothing like when we saw Ryan & I knew right was so exciting!!! Here's a shot of the bum/legs/ boy parts!!! You can see the little arrow pointing at the 3 white lines...that tells you it's a girl!!!
We would've been happy with whatever...but it'll be nice to have one of each!! Everything else measured good...she's developing great...and things are going well. We are truly blessed!! So so happy to have a strong, healthy baby GIRL cookin' in there!! Now she just needs to stay another 20 weeks or so!!!

We came home to see Klous and tell him...he just said..."yeah"...and went on playing!! We had to figure out how to tell Ryan's family...that would be fun and I wrote on a shirt of Klous'. We just called and texted all my family/friends back home...but we went to dinner with Ryan's family. It was a good day/evening!!

When we got home tonight, we played outside for a bit...then I decided to take some pictures of Klous and the shirt he was wearing...this first one you can't see it, but he's just so happy and cute in this one!!! So so happy and smiley!!!

Here's the front..."I'm Going to be a BIG BROTHER..."
And the back..."I wonder what my lil' SISTER will look like?? Me maybe!!"
And that's how we told Ryan's family...we're happy and excited to be expecting a little girl!! We don't have names picked out yet...that's next on our list of things to do!! Will keep you posted on that too!!! Now we're just hoping everything continues to progress as is needed!!!