Thursday, October 30, 2008

TAG...I'm it again...

I got tagged by my LOVING friend I get to share more "fun" things about myself!!
Here are the rules...list 6 things I value...6 things I don't value...then tag 6 friends!!
Here goes...

6 Things I Value:

1. My amazing, loving husband that does more for me then he really realizes. His constant care and concern for how I'm doing and what's going on...I couldn't ask for more lately!!
2. My beautiful little boy...who keeps me on my toes ALL the time...and this little girl I have coming too, who will obviously keep my going...she's made things interesting the last few months!!
3. The Gospel...I wouldn't be the person I am today without it...and I wouldn't be able to make it through the things I do if I didn't have it...sure is nice to have faith and knowledge of our Heavenly Father!!
4. My extended family, close friends, and neighbors who actually care and are genuinely concerned about what's going on and want to help. Sure do appreciate all you guys!!!
5. Diet Coke...I know I shouldn't drink it as much as I do...but it sure tastes good!!!
6. All the main necessities in life that are met daily...warm home to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, cars to drive...and the things I take for granted too often but really would be lost without any of them.

6 Things I Don't Value:

1. Dishonest people...just be honest with yourself and those around'll make things a LOT better!!
2. Bills...sure wish I didn't have to pay them...or had more money to take care of them without stressing every month.
3. People who seem to think they're better then others...why can't we all just get along!?!?!
4. Babies who are breech...I really do love this little girl, and can't wait for her to get here...but I really wish she would just flip around or that we'd be able to figure out what to do, because it's stinkin' UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Only a few weeks left, then I can hold her in my ARMS and not my RIBS!!!
5. Stinky/yucky diapers from Klous...or any other kid for that gross!!
6. Tedious jobs that always have to be dishes, laundry, picking up toys, just the normal "mom" stuff we have to do!! there's some info about me...I struggled a bit to come up with all of them, but oh well, maybe cuz it's late and I'm tired!! Hope you all get some great pleasure out of this and enjoy learning about me!!
I tag...Anna...Andrea...Mindy...Morgan...Tara...and Jana :) :) :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you serious!?!?!

We had our doctor's appointment yesterday morning...and it was the start of the "FUN" appointments where you get to get checked!! So the Dr. measured my uterus...listened to the baby's heart...answered some questions...and then I asked if the baby was most likely "head-down" they should be at this time. He said he would know in a minute when he checked he checks...and guess what. We have yet ANOTHER issue...the baby is BREECH. Yeah...let me tell you, I just about cried...I said out-loud..."my gosh, how much more do I have to deal with?"...this is getting so frustrating and hard for me. Ugh...
Anyways...I'm not posting this just to whine, but because I needed to make family and close friends aware of what's going on...also, I don't know anyone personally that has had a breech I'm hoping that MAYBE someone who reads this will have some advice or guidance for me?? We have to go in tomorrow for an ultrasound to see for sure how the baby is positioned...and then will have to make an appointment with the high-risk specialists who will try to TURN the baby. From what I've read...that's not fun at let me tell you...I'm REALLY looking forward to it!! Blah...I'm so ready for all this to be over and to just be able to hold my little girl...soon I guess right!?!?!

Here are some pictures of the different types of breech...I can only imagine what position she is in...judging by how UNCOMFORTABLE it is lately. Guess we'll find out in the ultrasound tomorrow. Woo hoo...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Poot-Ball" :)

Yesterday morning, Ryan got a call from his friend Jared...asking if he was busy in the afternoon and if he would like to go to the BYU football game with him. Seeing as how I had a baby shower, Ryan was in charge of watching we agreed if he was going to go...Klous would go too. I don't know who was more excited...Klous or Ryan!!! We had to get Klous to take a nap before they went...but when he woke up...he was raring and ready to go!!! It was pretty cute...

Ryan said they had decent sears too...just over one of the portals, so there was more leg room and space to sit...Klous had a good time you can see!!!
He even liked the "RRRAAARRRRRRR"...that's the cougar...he doesn't say any animal name...only the noises they make. That's how he refers to them!!
Ryan tried to get a picture of him with the field...but the sun was kind of in his this is kind of a silly picture!!
Either way...Klous & Ryan both had a good time...when they got home...Klous didn't stop showing everyone how at the "pootball" with the "rrraaarrrrrr" they kicked the ball...he would go find his little football and run to kick it like the punter. Darn kid is too smart and sporty for his own good!!! By the way...BYU beat UNLV 42-35 so that was even better...they actually won!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally...a costume!!!

Enough of the boring, stupid, annoying posts of all my doctor's appointments!! Here's a FUN one of Klous!! He's cuter and more interesting then me anyways!!!
Thank you to everyone who offered ideas or costumes or whatever...I really appreciate it...but after looking, thinking, and more looking...I just decided to buy one. I didn't want to, and it was more then I wanted to spend (only $16)...but I figured eventually we'll have to start a costume collection tote may as well start now right!!!

We found this at Target...and Klous was pretty excited about it...he pretty much LOVES it was good!! I think he looks cute too...the head thing is kinda retarded...but oh well!! Guess we're finally ready for Halloween all we have to do is get him to say "Trick-or-Treat"...he seems to be doing better with "treat please" though!! Oh dear...silly kid!!!
CHEESE...can you tell he's saying that!?!?! :) :) :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Just got home from the appointment. The ultrasound tech person said everything looked ok and the results will just be sent to the neurologist and I have a follow-up appointment with him on Nov. 7th. That's great news for me...not to have to worry about blood we just need to get this baby here!! Now you have the update...thank you for all the love, care, concern, prayers, and support. It's GREATLY appreciated!!!

Wish me luck....

Today I get to go in for yet ANOTHER doctor's appointment. I had to go see a neurologist last week after my ER excursion...and since these headaches aren't a "common" thing during my pregnancy, he wants to make sure I don't have BLOOD CLOTS. So yeah...that's exciting. I get to go in and have an ultrasound done of my chest/neck area to make sure there's nothing there. I've been freaking out about it all week now...dreading what the result or outcome will be...but I just have to have faith I suppose...something I'm lacking a lot lately. Guess I'll let you know how it all goes. amazing Mom is coming out to "help" me. It's so great to know that I have parents who care and are concerned about me. I'm excited to have her come out...she'll be here next Thursday and will stay until after the baby comes. So'll be nice to have her out here for awhile and have her close to give me a hug when I need it!! Thanks Mom & Dad!!! I love you guys!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I love you Babe!!

So it's kind of hard to believe...but 7 years ago today Ryan & I got married!!! CRAZY!!! Doesn't feel like it's been that long...but it has...and it's been great. Plenty of ups and downs...back and forths...and even more changes. So who could ask for more right!! I sure am lucky to have such a great husband, friend, example, and father of my children!!! He's an amazing guy, and I couldn't have asked for a better pick!! He's been through a lot with me and put up with a lot from for all that I am truly grateful!! Here's to another great year...and more to come...with plenty more changes too!!!


August 2001

August 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Klous' Birthday weekend... I'm finally posting the pictures of Klous' Birthday Weekend!!! It was a long one...and took even longer to get these on here. Sorry...and sorry there are so many. I didn't think there would be THIS many...and it was too late to do a slide show you just get to look at the pictures I guess!!! Enjoy!!

We started out Saturday with a breakfast "picnic" with Daddy...
It was snowing a little Klous was pretty excited about that...he thought it was cool!!
He liked to copy Daddy and watch out the window...Ryan thought it was funny that Klous would copy everything he was cute!!
The rest of Saturday we just hung out together as a family...Daddy & Klous watched the BYU game at Grandma's while Mommy went to a movie!! Nice little break!!!
Then we woke up Sunday morning and TADA...actual snow on the ground and everything. Klous didn't know what to think. I went outside and got some to show him...and he thought it was crazy!!! And then it melted...he couldn't believe it!!!
Since Klous doesn't go to nursery at church...we try to make it through 2 hours at least...then Mommy or Daddy come home with him for naptime...before nap this weekend though, he helped me make his cupcakes!! He was excited!!!
More so about licking the beaters...I turned around and caught him dipping it BACK into the bowl to get more batter...little stinker!!!
Mommy & Klous all ready for naptime...waiting for Daddy to come home...
After his nap...we cleaned up and got ready for dinner...Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Jess, Uncle Matthew, and Auntie Shauna were all coming over. Mommy made homemade chicken noodle soup...SO SO yummy!!! Klous even liked it...not that I was surprised...he likes noodles, chicken, and it was a good meal!!!
Then time for the cupcakes!!! He's so stinkin' cute!! Nothing crazy like last year...sorry kiddo :)
We practiced the "blowing" thing...Daddy told him to get more air then spit :)
And he did it!!! No one even helped him...YEAH Klous!!!
Now dig in!!! He liked the frosting best I think :)
Uncle Matthew made this for him...I thought it was cool...guess you can eat off of it...but I think it's more something to keep and THANKS Matthew!!
He had fun opening presents...Ryan & I are excited for Christmas this year...he'll actually get it!!
The last present he got was his very own scooter!! He always steals the neighbor kids' or the scouts or whoever brings we decided we better get him his own. He's so cute on it...forget the 3-wheel scooters...just give him the REAL one!! He didn't want to wait til the next morning either...he rode it back and forth in the kitchen!!
He was pretty proud of his new jammies too...he just makes me laugh...he's so cute!! now it's Monday...Daddy had the day off for Columbus Day!! So that worked out nice!! As soon as getting ready Klous wanted to ride his Daddy took him outside while Mommy finished getting ready!!!
Think he likes it??? :) :) :)
We had to go to Wal-Mart to get some things...and Daddy finally gave into him!! Everytime we go to the store...Klous wants to go look at the that's just a tradition!!! Well this time Daddy let him get 2 and a small little 1-gallon tank. Klous was excited to help him get it together...
And excited about the fish...Ryan thought he looked like "Darla" from Finding Nemo...isn't that her name!?!?! The niece...he was a little dangerous with the bag of fish!!!
Not the best picture...but they're in there!!!
Then it was naptime again...Daddy went to class...and we slept 'til it was time to go to the Pumpkin Patch. I don't remember a lot of these pictures...Ryan took some of them...and I know I took some of them too...but that was a rough evening. So yeah...we went to the Pumpkin Patch...
Here's Daddy, Klous, and Zack...silly guys!!
Klous had fun playing...there were animals here too...he liked the duckies :)
See him in the BIG pumpkin!!
He was determined to climb the big slide...
He DID IT!!!
Yeah...he was proud...
Then we just let them bounce in the big trampoline was fun!!!
Klous liked it too!!!
So know how the end of the day went...not great!! At least Klous got to have fun the REST of the weekend huh!!! Sorry again for all the pictures and congrats to you if you actually read all the way down here!! Klous we love you and you're an amazing little boy!!! Can't believe he's TWO!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

E.R. visit... I sit with a POUNDING headache this morning. I figured this would be the easiest way to let almost everyone be aware of what happened yesterday. was Klous' birthday...and everything was great until about 3:00 p.m...Ryan went to class around 1:30 and Klous & I fell asleep for a nap...he was in his bed and I was on the couch. I slept fine...but when I woke up, my head was right side of my mouth was numb and starting to tingle...I couldn't focus...when Ryan came home from class, I was saying OFF THE WALL things and couldn't get any of the right words out. It was weird...but did I think anything of it at first...NO. So we went to the Pumpkin Patch...met Shauna & Zack there and had a good time...Papa Bob called to talk to Klous and wish him a Happy Birthday...I couldn't even talk to him, because I was making absolutely NO sense at all. I just laughed at myself for being so stupid, but Ryan was really starting to worry. We got done there...went to get some dinner...and after ordering our food, I had to run to the bathroom and throw was nasty...when I came out...I was trying to look at Shauna and couldn't see "perifrial" vision was all screwed up on the right side and I couldn't see her...I couldn't talk to her about anything because I was screwing everything this time I was REAL frustrated and worried. I started crying...and didn't know what to do. Shauna offered to take Klous so we could go to the "Urgent Care" and see what was going on...that was very nice of we headed over there. It wasn't getting any better...headache was a lot worse...I couldn't get anything out to talk to Ryan...I tried writing a text message on my phone and couldn't spell anything or hit any of the right buttons. When we got there they were pretty nervous about it, especially with me being 33 weeks prego...having some possible symptoms of a STROKE...and other they sent us to the ER. After getting there...doing some tests...the doctor said it didn't sound like a stroke...THANK GOODNESS...and that it was "just" a major migraine. All the nerves on my right side were screwed up and causing all these he ordered us to go to ANOTHER hospital and have me do an MRI to make sure it wasn't anything more serious...luckily it wasn't. And just for the record...MRI's SUCK...that's just my opinion though!! So by the time that was was like 10:15-10:30 p.m...and the doctor wanted to see us again back at the we went back up there...sat around for 45 minutes waiting for him to come in...the medicine had finally kicked in and was really helping...I was able to relax...sleep a little...and concentrate. My words were still retarded and I couldn't really talk...but things were improving vision came back...and I was able to sit up without feeling like I was gonna puke. So after a few more drugs to help me sleep we were on our way...finally left around 11:45 p.m I think...Ryan dropped me off at home and went to get Klous...I didn't sleep great last night, but it was ok...and my head is still pounding...but from what I was told, this could last a couple days before the pain is really gone!?!?! So we'll see... there's my everyone knows everything...and this is really an improvement to be able to type this and actually UNDERSTAND what I'm saying...yesterday was way too scary for me...and I hope to never go through it again!! Thank you to my amazing husband for his love, concern, and support...and to Shauna for being willing to help with're GREATLY appreciated!!! Couldn't do it without other people!!! I'm going to lay down now and rest somemore...don't need yet another headache!!! Oh is fine through all this...she's been moving like normal and still been active...I will be calling my OB today though to see what he says about all these things I did last night!! Percaset??? Aspirin??? Sure it's fine...but gotta check up on it!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Klous :)

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since this little boy came into our lives. Our family has never been the same, and we're so lucky to have him with us!! He's so happy, fun, loving, and smart!! I couldn't ask for a better little boy...and each day is just getting more fun!! We sure are blessed to have him in our family...and we love him more then words can say!!!


Here he is the day he was born...
On his 1st birthday...not real excited about the cake anymore!!
And just a few weeks ago...haven't put the pictures on yet from yesterday and today...he's getting so so big.
Stay tuned for more birthday pictures!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

32 weeks...only 8 to go :) :) :)

Here you go people...more belly shots. I feel HUGE...don't really look it...compared to other people I know that are due just a little before me, but I feel like a whale!! We just hit 32 weeks on she's just growing and getting is my tummy!!! I don't remember being uncomfortable with Klous...but this one is no fun...she's always in my ribs...tickling my bladder...constantly moving and arching her back...and just going NON-STOP...hope that's not a sign of what's to come for life!!! Guess we'll see and take it a day at a time!!! Last week also I got to do the "extended" glucose check for gestational diabetes...I'm fine of course...but it was NASTY. Still have to drink the same sugary orange pop drink...but you have to go in fasting...and you can't eat anything for THREE hours...not to mention the 4 pokes you get to have your blood drawn. Oh great fun...the joys of pregnancy!!! All results came back fine though, and I don't have anything to worry about...except maybe just a baby who will be addicted to Diet Coke!! That's all!!

So wish us luck in our short time left...I'll of course post more pictures as it gets closer, but it's kind of crazy to think it's really coming so fast!! She'll be here before we know it!! Woo hoo...then we can hold her, and cuddle her, and love her, and have her be all ours!! :) :) :) I'm a dork I know!!

Helping Daddy...

This weekend we had lots of high hopes of the things we wanted to get done...we got some of them accomplished...and failed on a few others!!! Klous was real excited to help Daddy build the new shelf we got for MORE food storage!! My sisters call it our "grocery store in our bedroom" but when you've only got so much space, you do what you can right!! Here's some shots of the project... maybe he had more fun climbing the "ladder" I don't know...but either way it was a fun bonding time for Daddy & Klous!! Saturday didn't go quite as planned...we got part of our room cleaned and organized...but not enough to actually put the shelf where it belongs, or put the new food on it. So looks like it'll be this week or weekend!! Klous decided he had to be up ALL night Saturday that was fun taking shifts with Ryan...and Sunday we were pretty pooped out...although Klous was completely back to normal. Ryan & I are still trying to catch up on the sleep...getting over the headaches...and the tummy aches we've had...don't know if it's all psychological or for real, but it was a BLAH weekend!! Except listening to the leaders of our church of course!!