Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Klous' Birthday weekend... I'm finally posting the pictures of Klous' Birthday Weekend!!! It was a long one...and took even longer to get these on here. Sorry...and sorry there are so many. I didn't think there would be THIS many...and it was too late to do a slide show you just get to look at the pictures I guess!!! Enjoy!!

We started out Saturday with a breakfast "picnic" with Daddy...
It was snowing a little Klous was pretty excited about that...he thought it was cool!!
He liked to copy Daddy and watch out the window...Ryan thought it was funny that Klous would copy everything he was cute!!
The rest of Saturday we just hung out together as a family...Daddy & Klous watched the BYU game at Grandma's while Mommy went to a movie!! Nice little break!!!
Then we woke up Sunday morning and TADA...actual snow on the ground and everything. Klous didn't know what to think. I went outside and got some to show him...and he thought it was crazy!!! And then it melted...he couldn't believe it!!!
Since Klous doesn't go to nursery at church...we try to make it through 2 hours at least...then Mommy or Daddy come home with him for naptime...before nap this weekend though, he helped me make his cupcakes!! He was excited!!!
More so about licking the beaters...I turned around and caught him dipping it BACK into the bowl to get more batter...little stinker!!!
Mommy & Klous all ready for naptime...waiting for Daddy to come home...
After his nap...we cleaned up and got ready for dinner...Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Jess, Uncle Matthew, and Auntie Shauna were all coming over. Mommy made homemade chicken noodle soup...SO SO yummy!!! Klous even liked it...not that I was surprised...he likes noodles, chicken, and it was a good meal!!!
Then time for the cupcakes!!! He's so stinkin' cute!! Nothing crazy like last year...sorry kiddo :)
We practiced the "blowing" thing...Daddy told him to get more air then spit :)
And he did it!!! No one even helped him...YEAH Klous!!!
Now dig in!!! He liked the frosting best I think :)
Uncle Matthew made this for him...I thought it was cool...guess you can eat off of it...but I think it's more something to keep and THANKS Matthew!!
He had fun opening presents...Ryan & I are excited for Christmas this year...he'll actually get it!!
The last present he got was his very own scooter!! He always steals the neighbor kids' or the scouts or whoever brings we decided we better get him his own. He's so cute on it...forget the 3-wheel scooters...just give him the REAL one!! He didn't want to wait til the next morning either...he rode it back and forth in the kitchen!!
He was pretty proud of his new jammies too...he just makes me laugh...he's so cute!! now it's Monday...Daddy had the day off for Columbus Day!! So that worked out nice!! As soon as getting ready Klous wanted to ride his Daddy took him outside while Mommy finished getting ready!!!
Think he likes it??? :) :) :)
We had to go to Wal-Mart to get some things...and Daddy finally gave into him!! Everytime we go to the store...Klous wants to go look at the that's just a tradition!!! Well this time Daddy let him get 2 and a small little 1-gallon tank. Klous was excited to help him get it together...
And excited about the fish...Ryan thought he looked like "Darla" from Finding Nemo...isn't that her name!?!?! The niece...he was a little dangerous with the bag of fish!!!
Not the best picture...but they're in there!!!
Then it was naptime again...Daddy went to class...and we slept 'til it was time to go to the Pumpkin Patch. I don't remember a lot of these pictures...Ryan took some of them...and I know I took some of them too...but that was a rough evening. So yeah...we went to the Pumpkin Patch...
Here's Daddy, Klous, and Zack...silly guys!!
Klous had fun playing...there were animals here too...he liked the duckies :)
See him in the BIG pumpkin!!
He was determined to climb the big slide...
He DID IT!!!
Yeah...he was proud...
Then we just let them bounce in the big trampoline was fun!!!
Klous liked it too!!!
So know how the end of the day went...not great!! At least Klous got to have fun the REST of the weekend huh!!! Sorry again for all the pictures and congrats to you if you actually read all the way down here!! Klous we love you and you're an amazing little boy!!! Can't believe he's TWO!!!


Klous Family said...

Klous is way too cute! Looks like he had a fun birthday! Please Please Please do not send that snow our way!! Are you feeling 100%yet? I sure hope so!
Love you guys!!

Mike and Jana Black said...

Cute birthday party, I really like the Elmo jammies I need to get me some of those.

Mindy said...

I like the pictures instead of having to wait for the slideshow anyway. Looks like a great time. Happy Birthday again Klous!

krista said...

What a fun weekend! Klous looks adorable and looks like he is having a blast! (I am soo glad the snow is gone---now if we could only keep it away!)

Aprilyn said...

Klous is darling!! I can't believe he can ride a 2 wheel scooter! Marshall can't (and won't) ride his three wheel one.

How are you doing? Is there anything I can do?? Please let me know. Take it easy. If you need me to do a den meeting for you, I'd be willing to help you there too. Please don't think you guys suck.

Andrea and Danny said...

What a FUN birthday!!!! Sorry you haven't been feelin to hot lately. Keep us up to date if you find anything else out. You're in our prayers!
Love you!

JJ said...

What a fun birthday! Cute Klous!
That pumpkin patch looked like lots of fun too!
I love the fish...I think her name was Dory...wasn't it? Very fun weekend for Klous, we love you!!!

Wendy said...

He is so cute--I can't believe how much he's grown!