Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monkey Boy!!

We went to the grocery store today...and of course, Klous wanted to get some bananas!!! He's so cute...and good at eating SOME fruits...so when he does I get excited!! So when we got home, he wanted to play outside and eat one...but instead of playing and getting it all dirty...he just went and sat on the step. It was cute!!!

See he can't even just eat...he was saying CHEESE during this picture too!! Silly kid!!He's just getting too big, too fast...and I'll be sad down the road when I didn't take advantage of all these cute little things...so thank goodness for cameras huh!!
Oh man he's a cheeser!! He's so good at smiling and saying CHEESE though!! Cutie!! :) :)
Oh...thought I'd share too that we've officially joined the UTAH MORMON FAMILY VEHICLES!!! We got ourselves a mini-van a couple weeks ago. I love it!! Mostly because now I have a car parked outside if I need it...and I don't have to work everything out with Ryan!! It's a 2003 Honda Odyssey...it's nice!! Nothing fancy, and probably the most basic model...but we like it!! It takes care of what we need...and it was a LOT cheaper then some we looked at!! So yeah...here's our newest purchase...we're really NOT excited about car payments again...but oh well!!! It'll keep me sane this summer!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well I've held it in long enough...most of you know...but for those that don't!!


This isn't the best picture...but one I took...and you can see my tummy growing!! You definitely pop out faster the 2nd time around...CRAZY!!!
We're 12 weeks along...almost 13...and very excited about it...have heard the heartbeat and everything...I think I've even felt it...but who knows!?!?!
Klous is excited and happy...at least what he acts like...don't know how much he understands...but he'll lift up my shirt if you ask where the baby is!!! He'll be a GREAT big brother!!! So now you all know!!! Yeah for us!!

Sisters Weekend...

So this is going to be a LONG post...and I'm sorry in advance!! I'm also sorry for not posting anything lately...life has been crazy and busy...and I haven't really taken any pictures!! But this last weekend...my two oldest sisters flew out here from Minnesota...and we had a weekend together. Here's a quick review of what we did!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Here's JJ & I...she lives in Magna...and I went up there on Wednesday night, so I could be there to pick up Kim & Vicki from the airport Thursday afternoon!! We were just being silly like sisters are when they're together!!
When we got the other 2 from the airport, we headed up to Park City for our night there...Vicki had made reservations at this resort place!! It was called WESTGATE!!! She told us we had to be there at 3:00, because we had something to do...we were all unaware of what it was...ok well JJ & I were!! We got there...and she had scheduled pedicures for all of us...it was WONDERFUL!!! I've never had one before...and it was so relaxing...so THANK VICK!!!
After the pedicures, we all got "dressed up" and "pretty" for dinner that night...I don't know who's crazy idea that was...but it was interesting!!!

Here's JJ getting ready...
And Kim all ready and waiting!!
And Vicki too...can you tell we're all sisters!?!?!
Then we headed to main street in Park City to find a place to eat...here's where we ended up...Yep you read it right...HUNGRY MOOSE GRILL!!! Sound like a good place to go all dressed up!! LOL...it was funny...it was totally a guys club kinda place...moose everywhere...sports on the t.v's...ONLY guys in there eating...it was great!!! But the food was yummy and hit the spot...except the dry chicken...but oh well!!
Here we are laughing like usual...this was only the first night and our cheeks already hurt...
After dinner we headed back to the hotel...and posed with our pretty toes and feet!! Cute huh!!
Friday morning we woke up...and it was so nice out...so we decided to go sit by the pool for awhile before we had to check out...it was nice and relaxing!!!
After check out, we headed to Olympic Park...it was alright...but completely under construction...probably a lot more interesting in the winter time!!!
We sat in the bobsled...and pretended...don't know how they sit in those things...no very comfy!!
After Park City, shopping, and lunch...we went to Salt Lake to Gardner Village...this is the only picture I got there...honestly I was SOO sick of shopping...but they had cute stuff there!!
For dinner we went to the Mayan...I had never been there before...and I was surprised with how cheap it was...I thought it was more expensive...but the entertainment is great!! Here's a close-up of "Feather-Head"...that's what we called him at least!! He walked real funny...and spoke a funky language!! It was fun!!
Here we all are with him...I got to hold his staff thingy...lucky me huh!!
After dinner...we came to Orem, and spent a couple days down here at my house...they got to play with Klous...and we just hung out.

On Saturday...Kim wanted to go for a "HIKE"...I wasn't excited about that either...but I did it!! We just went to Bridal Veil Falls...but missed the turn to go up the falls...so we just walked on the trail...it was good!!!
Except I screamed when I saw this on the path right in front of me...I guess it's a "rubber boa"...or that's what a scout troop told us at least!!!
Check out that river...it was so pretty sounding...and flowing so fast...sure hope it lasts for a while this summer!!
After our walk...we had lunch...then came home to take showers before going to a movie...Kim of all people had to lay down and take a nap...little stinker :) She was the one who wanted to do all that tiring stuff!! When we were ready, we went to a matinée of Made of Honor it was a good movie!! Definitely one to watch when it comes out!!!
Then it was back home again before bed!! Klous loved Auntie Kim...well he loved all of them...but she's the one who got lucky enough to read him ALL his favorite stories!!!
Sunday morning...we were pretty lazy!! Aren't they all so cute...Ryan made crepes for us...and they were SOOO yummy...then we headed up to JJ's for a day of scrapbooking and hanging out there!! That was a relaxing day!! Ryan & Klous came along too...so it was nice to have everyone together!!!
I had to go home Sunday night with them though, because I had a Dr's appointment on Monday morning...after that, Ryan brought Klous & I up to Salt Lake to meet them for Temple Square stuff!!!
Klous liked looking out the window at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building at the temple...I thought this was a cute picture!!
He liked walking with Auntie Vicki too around the reflecting pool!!
Then we headed inside for the Joseph Smith movie...we all came out with puffy eyes, red noses, and headaches from crying...it was great!! But the movie is amazing!!! Klous watched a little of it, otherwise slept through the rest...he was good!!!
Monday night was a night of manicures and Brazilian bikini waxes...well...manicures for JJ & I and the waxes for Kim & Vicki...they're CRAZY!!! They said it didn't hurt that much...I don't believe them...kind of a sensitive area I think!!! But more power to them!! Then it was back to JJ's for some chatting and sleep...

Tuesday morning, we just hung out and got ready...took them to the airport and said our good-byes. Here's Klous before we left JJ's!!
It was a good weekend...kinda long, and busy, and crazy...but it was fun to see my sisters who I haven't seen since February!! I love you guys and hope you had a great trip!! See you soon sometime!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Like Father, Like Son...and more!!

One night last week...Klous was just entertaining himself!! He tends to do that a lot!! Anyways...I guess he's been watching Daddy a little more then we thought...because the came into the living room with his backpack and Daddy's work shoes!!! (Those are the same things Daddy gets every morning before he goes to work)...so I had to take pictures!! Here's our Lil' Ryan :)
Then this weekend...the whole Jones family was together...we had family pictures taken on Saturday since everyone was in town!! Then on Sunday, it was my turn to make dinner...so everyone came up to our place!! Uncle Jordan & Auntie Erin came down from Logan...and Jordan is VERY into Air Soft Guns...he's gotten Ryan's brother, sister, and dad hooked on it too!! So here's Klous & Jess wearing the face gear...
Klous thought he was pretty cool!! I was surprised he actually kept it on!!
And this is why you wear the face gear!!! Jess didn't have anything on when they were playing a game on Saturday night...and as you can see...she got shot in the forehead and the neck...OUCH...she was a good sport though...Jordan felt HORRIBLE for hitting her in those places!!! Guess it's kind of important to have the proper protection on huh!! Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy...but you get the point!!
Then it was Daddy's turn to wear some too!! He was coming around the corner and scaring Klous...it was kind of mean, but funny at the same time!!
And here's my two boys...man I love them!!! They're pretty cute huh!!! You can see Jess in the background of this one too!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hope of America....

I don't know if any of you have ever been to this before...but I LOVE it!! It's the Hope of America performance...there's like 7,000 elementary age kids that perform...from all over Utah Valley...as you can see, a LOT of the kids sit in the stands in the shape and layout of the American Flag. It's AWESOME!!! They sing a lot of songs, do dancing, and other performing. It's all patriotic stuff just talking about our country, military, and people who have come to our country. I don't know...I really enjoy it...some people may think I'm retarded...but I have to admit that I LOVE the 4th of July...I LOVE all the patriotic stuff...and it just gives me chills and tears in my eyes when I think about our military, their families, and all they sacrifice!!! Hope you enjoy this post...and hope it gets you all in the spirit of 4th of July!!! Time to get ready for the "Freedom Festival"!!!! :) :) :)

One of the performances they have...is this group of cute little old ladies who dance to country music!! I love it...they range in age from like 45-91!!! I think they said this year that between all of them, they have like over 350 grandchildren and great grandchildren...amazing!!! Anyways...this video is of the cute little lady who is 91 and still kickin'...I look forward to seeing her, because when I'm that old...I sure hope I can move like this!!! Enjoy!!!

Klous had a good time too...I worried about if he'd sit for the whole thing, or how he'd do...he got a little restless at the beginning and during the long songs...but all in all...he made it and did good!! He liked watching the kids sing and dance...he even helped do some of the actions with the audience...it was a good time!!!
This next video...is my FAVORITE song of the whole thing!! It's the last song they sing...and I just love it!! It's cool how they perform it and how it looks in the Marriot Center!! All the kids in the flag have a flashlight...so when it starts out dark...just keep watching...it really is a good song...and has an AMAZING message!!! Gives me chills just thinking about it!!!

Here's just another picture of the "Kid Flag"...I think it's so cool how they do it...and how real it looks!!! I can't wait for all the other festivities coming up this summer...and to be able to feel the great spirit of our country!! Thank goodness for all our freedoms!!!