Monday, April 30, 2007

So Happy!!! Even when teething...

Well this last week has been rough with Klous' two bottom teeth coming has poked through and the other one playing games with him. Either way, he's still our happy little boy!! With this teething process, he's had a LOT of episodes with explosions (diarrhea)...and it's been very messy...and we've gone through a LOT of onesies and outfits...this is after his 2nd bath within 12 hours...and his 3rd outfit I think?? But he was clean, fresh, and I had to get the camera!!
So cute when he gets real excited and kicks his feet and smiles big!!! He's great!!
And he just loves his toys...and he loves the fact he can sit up alone and see what's going on!! He's getting too big too fast if you ask me, but he's enjoying it!! :)

Fun in the SUN :)

Well last week it was pretty nice outside...and this weekend/week have only gotten better. Klous' cousin Zack came over for the day so his mommy could take the 3 of us went outside for some fun!! Thanks to garage sales, Ryan & I have been able to find some pretty fun things for the kids, and I got them out that day for them!!! Klous & Zack had lots of fun outside...and I had a pretty good time myself!!! :)

Here's Klous in one of his exersaucers!!! He was pretty happy!!
Zack had fun on this little tree house thing Ryan found last year...although the steps are broken, it didn't bother Zack...he made it to the slide and thought it was "COOL" :)
Here they are together just entertaining themselves!! :)
After they got sick of those toys, I pulled out Klous' Easter present...a wagon!! It's pretty neat, and Klous & Zack enjoyed the walk we went on and being together in it!!
They're just too cute!! :) Zack is such a big helper with his cousin!!
All that fresh air pooped us all out, and we came in, ate lunch...then it was nap time. We look forward to LOTS of fun days with each other and Shauna too :) (Zack's mom) :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a STUD :) Such a little man :)

So Klous is getting big now and we're having to go through his clothes and take out the small ones and get out the big ones!! So now that he's wearing anything from 6-9 month to 6-12 month stuff...he's looking more and more like a little man!! He's just too cute...I couldn't resist not taking pictures of him!!

Can't believe how cute he is in his little clothes...but then he's got that ADORABLE smile!! :)
And when you get him smiling...he starts giggling...and then he's just too cute!! Look at those dimples!! :) :) :)
I'm not real sure why this one is fuzzy...either way Klous is cute in it!! Gotta love my little man!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Teeth are coming!!! :(

Well this afternoon I was feeling Klous' gums, and I actually felt something!! It's only taken 3 months or more, but there is FINALLY a tooth coming in on the bottom!!! Here are a few pictures to show you all how he's felt through this whole experience, and how it'll be until he's got a mouth full of teeth!!!

"Mommy & mouth and gums hurt from these things going up and down. I can't sleep well, and it just hurts." :(
"I try to rub it with my tongue and lips, but it doesn't really help...but today it does feel weird."
"I always gnaw on my toys, your fingers, and anything else I can get into my mouth, and that eases the pain a little."
"I even try to distract myself by blowing bubbles and spitting and drooling to see if that helps."
"But I've come to realize the only things that really makes it feel better are Ibuprofen/Tylenol and Teething Tablets!! THANKS MOMMY & DADDY!!" :) :) :)
Hopefully in the next post we'll have an actual tooth to's just barely poking through today, and hopefully won't go back down into his gums. We'll keep you posted and take pictures as soon as we can see his pearly white!!! YEAH KLOUS!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming home... :( :) :(

Finally after our 2 week trip...we had to come back to Utah. Klous did AMAZING on the airplane, I couldn't believe it. We had a stop in Chicago, but didn't have to change he fell asleep on my lap just before landing in Chicago, slept through the 45 minute wait, and then continued to sleep for about 2 hours on the flight to Salt Lake...he woke up for about the last 45 minutes of the was great!! Luckily we had an open seat next to us, so I was able to let him sit there and play with his toys...he looked so big in his airplane seat!!! He thought it was cool looking out the windows too!!!

Just sitting in his seat...watching Mommy and his toys!!
Seeing something out the he had to watch it!!! He's so cute!!
We made it home safe and sound...and are happy to be back with Ryan!!!

Good times...

Here are just a few pictures of the "good times" we had while in Minnesota...we love our family back there...and it was so good to see them!!! We LOVE YOU and MISS YOU all LOTS!!! Keep in touch!!

Here's Klous with Uncle Andy and Auntie Anna :)
We were able to celebrate Eric's 3rd birthday with him...Auntie Anna was silly and put those trick candles on Eric's cake...he just kept blowing them, but they wouldn't go out!!!
Eric loves his super hero's so here he is with the Spiderman blanket we got him and the Superman pillow Grandma made for him!!
Here we are at Mall of America...just trying to figure out what we all want to do...chillin' in Lego Land!!
And of course...Yoda and Baby Klous just playing!! He's always so so happy!!

6-wheeler ride!!

While we were at Grandma & Papa's last week, Klous was able to go for a ride with Papa!!! He couldn't quite hold on to the handles or anything for that it was just a short ride on the 6-wheeler...but he and Papa both enjoyed it!!!

See...look at that look on Klous' face...he was so happy to be big with Papa!!!
After driving around Papa's yard...he had to make sure the puppy was still there...and just relax with papa on the 6-wheeler!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Easter!!!

We spent Easter at Auntie Vicki's house this year. I was real sad when Ryan gave me the plane ticket, because we wouldn't be together as a family for Klous' first Easter...well I was WRONG. Ryan had a 2nd surprise for me...I flew into Minnesota on Tuesday...and two days later on Thursday...I came up the stairs, went around the corner...and he was THERE!!! I couldn't believe it...I was shocked!!! He didn't want to miss Easter either...and him & Vicki had it all worked out and planned all he was with us from Thursday night til early Monday morning. It was good to have him there...and for us to be able to celebrate Easter together as a family!!! Klous didn't really know what to think about was just another day for him, but Ryan & I had fun watching him with his Easter basket and getting him dressed in his new clothes!!!

We had to wake Klous up to have him see his basket as well as get ready for church...he looks a bit tired still don't you think!!!
He was a little more attentive in this one and happy too!! Don't you LOVE the Superman basket!!! :) :) :)
Klous liked it...and like all the new toys and movie in it!!!
Here he is all ready for church in his new Easter outfit!! Klous and his cousin Max had matching ties for Easter...and I just can't get over how grown up Klous looks in these pictures. I got him all dressed and my first thought was..."hmmm...Ryan Jr!!! :)"
He was happy and all about getting his picture taken in his new clothes!!!


Baby Klous had LOTS of fun with all the things we got to do while we were in Minnesota. We spent time at Papa Bob's house, we were with the puppies, and we played with his cousins!!! Here are some of the fun pictures we got of him doing these things!!!

While at Papa's house, we walked down the driveway to get the mail each morning!!! Klous had to keep his eye on the dog Toby!!
Then he just enjoyed sitting on the porch outside with Papa!!
All the fresh air made him tired, so Papa laid him down by Toby...he was okay until Toby stood up!!! Then he got scared!!
But he wasn't afraid to look at him or pet him!!! He liked the puppy!!
Then at Auntie Vicki's house for Easter, Uncle Danny showed up with his newest addition to the family!!! His new little puppy Jax!!! Klous like him, because they were the same size!!! At least until he was laying on the floor and Jax wanted to play and attack him...then he wasn't so happy. But he got happy to look at the puppy...and Jax is pretty cute!!!
He even got kisses from Jax!!!
Then the times with his cousins!!! So many new people to meet and he is with Jessi. She's 5 and they share the same birthday!!! Jessi & Klous were both born on Oct. 13!!!
Here is Klous & Eric...they had fun together too!!!
Here's the one closest to Klous' Alex!!! She's too cute and didn't really know what to think about this other baby that was getting attention from her mommy, daddy, and papa!!! But they had fun!!
Klous and Max!! We were at the Mall of America here...first trip for baby Klous!!
Klous and Emma...she had to get him all dressed up in the sunglasses!!! He's pretty cute!!
And of course...Klous and Briella (Yoda)...she just loves him and he loves her...we wonder if it's because she sounds like Elmo and he LOVES Elmo!!! She is always so sweet to him and trying to help...we had lots of fun with Yoda!!!
And's Bekkah...she just liked to hold him and get her picture taken!! She has a cheesy smile too!!!

We're Home!!!

Well...for those of you that don't know...for my birthday, Ryan surprised me and gave me a plane ticket to fly home to Minnesota for 2 weeks. Klous & I were there from Apr. 3-17....we just got home yesterday, and we're happy and sad at the same time to be here. Happy to be with Ryan again, and sad to leave the family back there...but it was a good trip and visit...we had fun with all the cousins, puppies, Grandma & Papa, and friends that we saw. We'll be putting on pictures and more posts from our trip!!! Oh was a surprise to all the nieces & nephews back there, that's why there was no posting before we left. We didn't want them to find out on here rather then by seeing us. So was a good trip, and great experience for Ryan & I to go through together. It really made us appreciate each other a lot more...not having each other for 2 weeks, it's tough!!! Families are GREAT!!! :) :) :)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Like Papa or Mommy????

It's just so so cute...Klous has discovered his hair and mommy's hair...he doesn't really pull my hair, mostly just runs his fingers through it. He likes to play with his hair and mine...I think it's ADORABLE...and I wouldn't change anything. I didn't get any REALLY good pictures, because in these ones he's just sucking on his binki...but sometimes he sucks on his finger or thumb and plays with his hair or mine...(that's just like Mommy)...and other times he just plays with his own hair...(that's just like Papa Bob!!) I think it's just cute and really like to watch him do here are a few pictures of him doing it!!

Yep...he just reaches for the longer hair on top and plays with it!!!

Other times he just watches t.v. and plays with it...who does this look like Papa :) :)

It's just too cute...I love seeing him do it and will have to take pictures of him playing with my hair too!! He's definitely my child!!! :)