Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming home... :( :) :(

Finally after our 2 week trip...we had to come back to Utah. Klous did AMAZING on the airplane, I couldn't believe it. We had a stop in Chicago, but didn't have to change he fell asleep on my lap just before landing in Chicago, slept through the 45 minute wait, and then continued to sleep for about 2 hours on the flight to Salt Lake...he woke up for about the last 45 minutes of the was great!! Luckily we had an open seat next to us, so I was able to let him sit there and play with his toys...he looked so big in his airplane seat!!! He thought it was cool looking out the windows too!!!

Just sitting in his seat...watching Mommy and his toys!!
Seeing something out the he had to watch it!!! He's so cute!!
We made it home safe and sound...and are happy to be back with Ryan!!!

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