Monday, April 2, 2007

Like Papa or Mommy????

It's just so so cute...Klous has discovered his hair and mommy's hair...he doesn't really pull my hair, mostly just runs his fingers through it. He likes to play with his hair and mine...I think it's ADORABLE...and I wouldn't change anything. I didn't get any REALLY good pictures, because in these ones he's just sucking on his binki...but sometimes he sucks on his finger or thumb and plays with his hair or mine...(that's just like Mommy)...and other times he just plays with his own hair...(that's just like Papa Bob!!) I think it's just cute and really like to watch him do here are a few pictures of him doing it!!

Yep...he just reaches for the longer hair on top and plays with it!!!

Other times he just watches t.v. and plays with it...who does this look like Papa :) :)

It's just too cute...I love seeing him do it and will have to take pictures of him playing with my hair too!! He's definitely my child!!! :)

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