Thursday, November 27, 2008

I LOVE Them!!

We're home...came home yesterday afternoon, and it's great being home!! I do miss the AMAZING tub in the hospital room, but that's about it. I really wish I had a jetted tub that was big and nice and relaxing...but I don't so I'm over it!!
Anyways...I just wanted to post some of the recent pictures...and express my love for my amazing little family...I just love them to pieces, and am truly so happy and grateful this week. Funny how it all happened over Thanksgiving huh!!

Here's the start...I just love my husband. He's an amazing man and person...I don't know where I'd be without him. He works so hard for us and takes on so much...I know it stresses him out and weighs him down, but he still loves us and keeps going to help out his family. He just amazes me and I LOVE HIM!! This is him the day Aysha was born...
My's been so great having her out here with us this last month. I got kind of sad last night when I realized that she's going home next week. You think that even though you're an adult and have your own home, family, and schedule that you don't need your mom anymore. Well that's WRONG...she's helped a lot the last month, even if she doesn't think it...just her being here has been a big help to me. I LOVE YOU MOM :)
Lil' Aysha...she's just's so crazy to me how you can have so much love for someone you just met. She has brought a special spirit and joy into our family, and we're lucky to have her. This is her "coming home" outfit...she's kind of small huh!! All her clothes DROWN her :)
She's just beautiful...I love when her eyes are open!! I LOVE AYSHA!!
My crazy Klous...yes this is him wearing my donut!! He had it on as a hat...but then last night, he put it on like this...he just makes me laugh!! He was so cute when Grandma Jones brought him home yesterday...he was so excited to have "My baby, My home"...he loves having his sister home with him, and even though it's a struggle at times...he's really doing great. I LOVE KLOUS!!!
Look what a cute little family I have...who could ask for more??
CHEESE :) As Aysha just lounges!!
Just some fun pics...Grandma Judy let Klous lick out the bowl...I think he liked it...
How about you??? :) :) :)
AHHHH...can I tell you how much I like dressing this little girl...although she drowns in her clothes...she's still adorable!! And thanks to great friends and sisters...she has the head accessories too :)
He loves his baby :)
Precious...gotta love a sleeping baby!!!
I'm hoping to get some family pics today...since I realized we haven't taken any at all since Aysha's been born. So keep checking back!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aysha May :)

Once she finally got to come back to me after her blood sugar issues and her bath...Ryan and I were finally able to look at her and try to decide on a name. She's simply beautiful...maybe I'm just bias, but I'm pretty impressed with how precious she is!! She just makes me smile...and I'm so glad to have her out!!
Here is the first picture after her bath...with her cute little pink bow that Daddy picked out!!
After seeing her beautiful dark eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair...I had to choose Aysha as the name. It wasn't hard to have Ryan agree either...since that was the name he chose anyways.
She's just so stinkin' cute and I love when her eyes are open and she just looks. So sweet...don't get me wrong...I like when she's sleeping and calm too!! So we decided on Aysha May as the name!! I think it fits and is right!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

She's here!!!

Our little girl made her appearance and came into the world at 1:34 p.m. this afternoon!!! We got things going and it was a very quick delivery just like the time I had the maximum dose of the pitocin, I was fully dilated within about an hour and a half...the epidural didn't completely take, so it was rough for awhile but by the time it was time to push I couldn't feel a thing. I went from being a 4 to a 10 within a half hour...then I had to push twice and she was out. It was nice!! My Dr said he will be inducing me every time because it just goes too fast. So anyways...she came at 1:34...weighed 6 lbs 8 oz...and is 19 1/2 inches long. She's just a little peanut...we haven't chosen a name yet, so we'll let you know when we decide on it!! We had to wait til she got all cleaned up and it'll be soon!!

Here she is after coming out...

Klous was so stinkin' cute when he came with his grandma's...he was very excited to see the baby and to know it wasn't in Mommy's tummy anymore...look how cute he is holding her!!!
He's gonna be such a good big brother!!! He's already so helpful with the binki and checking on her when she cries!!
I think this is cute with how wide open her eyes are...I love her!!
Auntie Shauna & Auntie Jessica helped Klous watch her get her bath...he couldn't go in, but he watched through the window...
She has a pretty pouty lip too...and don't know how much she really liked the bath...Daddy was with her....

Klous giving her kisses before he goes home...
All clean and so stinkin' cute...I just love her and am so so happy to have her out and to be able to hold her!!!
Welcome to the world little girl...stay tuned for a decision on a name!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's finally here...well the day at least!!

Alrighty...well tomorrow is the BIG day... we have to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning and they'll start the induction. It's really quite crazy if you ask me...I'm way excited and happy to meet this little girl (it better be a girl)...but of course I'm freaking out too. Oh'll be fine right!! I told Ryan we should take some pictures tonight of my last night being here they are...I really don't think I'm that big...but that's alright I long as she's healthy and big enough we'll be good!! I think with her crazy positions it's screwed up me getting any bigger too, but who knows?? I'm hoping and praying that she's still head down...because I'm having my we'll let you know how it all goes...but just wanted to post our last belly shots before this baby is OUT!! Woo Hoo!!! Don't mind the dorky faces...I never know if Ryan's getting my whole body or yeah...they're dorky!!! Stay tuned for cuter pictures of baby and Big Brother Klous!! He's so stinkin' cute and can't wait to hold the baby on his lap...made me cry tonight when he was showing me how he was going to hold her...he's adorable!!!

Ah...DUH :) Check out that belly!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


So I debated over and over again about coming out and doing this at 1 a.m. this morning...or 2...or 3...or 4....but decided it wouldn't be worth it. After laying awake in bed for FOUR hours early this morning...sitting through 4 hours of contractions...and one whole hour of contractions that were 3 minutes apart consistently...I decided I better wake Ryan up. They were getting stronger and harder...and I didn't want anything to happen at we decided which Mom we were going to call to come sit with Klous...ended up being mine, since she was closer. She came over...contractions were still going...and it just we went to the hospital. Obviously crossed through that barrier wall or something that STOPS everything. We got all hooked up to monitors...listened to the baby...watched contractions...and NOTHING. For an hour they kept me and monitored change in dilation...only 3 little contractions that entire time...and that was the extent of anything. I was so annoyed and frustrated...felt like a complete idiot for going in and having to wake up the family for was pathetic. I was up for all that time...dealing with all that CRAP...and then when it's actually strong enough and close enough together...we go in and it all stops. I sit, still at home...tired as a dog because by the time we got home...6:30 a.m...I tried to lay down and Klous was up an hour later and heaven forbid he plays without Mommy for awhile. BLAH...guess it'll be a good naptime today??? And I guess I'll just sit and twiddle my thumbs til Monday when I actually get the GOOD drugs to get and keep things going. BLAH...sorry for the venting.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This kid... :) had my Dr's appointment this morning. Guess what...the baby FLIPPED...this darn kid...she's just trying me more and more isn't she!! As long as she gets it all out before she hits her teenage years!! Oh that I've gotten myself all stoked and ok with having to have a was all a trick...really I'll be pushing her out all on my own!! Well I'll have an epidural, because I'm not CRAZY!!! But yeah...just thought I'd post it and let you all know...we'll see what happens this week, but she'll be here for sure by next Monday...we scheduled an induction...but she could still come on her own. So we'll see...stay tuned and watch for updates and pictures!! And if you see me walking around the neighborhood...I'm just trying to get her out!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Am I done yet!?!?!

I decided I should have Ryan take some pictures again since it's been awhile. Since I'm at 37 1/2 weeks now...I don't really have much time left...and with the baby STILL being could be even less time. Just a minor update for some of you...I opted NOT to have the procedure done to flip/turn the baby...heard too many bad things about either the mom's life or baby's life being at high I wasn't going to chance losing either life. My Dr. told me if I were his daughter he would've just recommended doing a c-section that was reassuring. Now we're just playing the waiting game...we were told she could still move and turn on her own until 39 weeks...however I have NO idea how...there's not enough room in there to move...let alone do a guess we'll see. Personally, I'm hoping just for a c-section next week...preferably Friday...we'll see if it really happens!! That's where we're at for now...just taking it a day at a time...

As uncomfortable as it is...I'm still just amazed at what us ladies do to have these kids...pretty crazy the stuff our bodies go through. I sure am grateful for an amazing husband who tries to help anyway he can...and a great Mom who has been out here the last couple weeks just helping, supporting, visiting, and keeping me company. It's been great!!

Klous was excited to take pictures...he had to say CHEESE too :)
Hope he realizes what this really means about a baby coming...we'll see how he really reacts...but he sure loves giving the baby "squeeze hugs"....
and kisses...luckily this time it was with my tummy NOT showing ;) Don't need pictures of that...
Here we are...37 1/2 weeks...we'll see how much more we grow in the next couple weeks...wish us luck!!! Oh yeah...still no decision on the name either...we're struggling :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter is coming!!

We heard on the news the last few days there was gonna be snow coming...but I was hesitant to believe it would actually come to the valley!! I just don't always know if the weather men really know what they're talking about or not. Well when we woke up this morning...I peeked out the window and sure enough...there was snow on the ground. With Mom being here...those of you who know her...she refused to go anywhere or do anything cuz that "white stuff is out there" yeah, we were REAL lazy today. It was kinda nice!!! Klous was so excited when I opened the blinds this morning and he noticed it snowing and when it warmed up a little, I bundled him up and we ventured outside.

He just had to trudge back and forth in the front yard to scoop up the snow on his boots.
He sure is more excited about it this year compared to last year!!
He actually was picking it up and playing in it too...mostly picking it up and licking it, but whatever...luckily no yellow snow!!
He was proud of all his treasured snow though!!
He even had to help Mommy clean off the van...not that we went anywhere...but we cleaned it off at least!!! He's a big helper!!! I think this winter will be a fun one...and I'm kind of excited to see him help us make a snowman and stuff!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween...a little late!!

It's a little late...but oh well. Here are some pictures from our Halloween. My mom flew in on Thursday she was here with us on Halloween...however didn't get any pictures with her & Klous...oops :) We went and saw Daddy at work for a little "trick-or-treating"...that was fun for Klous.
Then after lunch and nap time...we got him ready for the real trick-or-treating. We walked around our neighborhood a little...then headed down to Ryan's parents. Here's Klous by their door....
Klous & Zack in their costumes...
Getting ready to go to the first house...TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!
Look how cute they are knocking on the doors!!! Cute kids....
It was a fun night...nothing real exciting...and Klous was plenty crabby by the end of the he had ENOUGH candy...and enough of everything else. He got more into it this year that was fun to watch!! Cute kid!!!