Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well...Klous is too long for the carrier car seat that we like because it's easy to just carry him where ever we need to go...but his poor feet hung over the end and would get all discombobulated when riding in the car and being squished by the back seat. So Mommy & Daddy got out the Big Boy Chair...and got him all set up in that...he had to try it out a bit to make sure he liked it...
Yep...I can still suck on my hands in here...
And I sure do look cute sitting in here...I can sit up instead of always laying down!!!

Okay Mommy & Daddy...I like it...let's go for a ride!!!

Bath Time :)

Klous loves his bath-time...he just lays back and relaxes and enjoys the warm water!!

He gets real big smiles when he pees or toots in the tub though...luckily I think he's outgrown the pooping in the tub stage...HOPEFULLY at least :)

All done...wrapped in my towel to warm up!!

Just waiting for mommy to pick out my outfit and get me dressed...if you can't tell...he likes to suck on his fingers!!

Gramma & Baby Klous

Here's a couple pictures of Gramma Judy and baby Klous...she loves her grandkids...and they love her too!!! Isn't it sweet!!! We love you Grandma :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Think he's grown??

Klous in his baseball jammies on the day he came home from the hospital. October 15, 2006

Klous 3 months later in the same jammies...see any changes?? :) January 6, 2007

Mommy and her Baby!!!

Here's Becki and Baby Klous...he's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!!! So amazing how you can have so much love for someone you've barely met and hardly know. He's so dang cute, and happy...and we couldn't ask for a better baby. It was a long time waiting for him to come, but looking back now I really appreciate that learning experience and time we had. It's a bit easier to look back, then to live through all we went through. I love my life...I love my baby, and I love my husband. Couldn't ask for more!!!

Klous & his cousins!!!

Here's a few pictures of Klous with his cousins...they all love him...and he loves them all back!!

All the kids in Minnesota...all 14 of them!!

Yoda (Briella) just loves baby "cows" aka Klous :)

The oldest cousin and youngest...Katelynn & Klous :)

Klous, Yoda, & Jessi...Jessi & Klous have the same birthday...just 5 years apart!!

Zackeroni loves the baby...although at times he like to attack him...Klous like Zack too!!

Hannah Bug and Klous

Rebekkah oh SOOO happy to hold him!!

Chicken Butt (Max) and Klous

Emma-Lemma-Lou and baby Klous

Gabe, Hailey, & Klous...only a few days after he was born!!

Wow...look at that face on silly!!! She'll be a good mommy someday!!!

Daddy's Birthday!!!

Daddy's first birthday with a baby...Klous got him a cute birthday card, some cinnamon bears, and a BYU hoodie. Sometime we'll find a matching one for Klous so they can be ready for the BYU football games!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!

January in Logan hotel!!!

We took a little family break and went to Logan for the weekend to get away and to visit Erin & Jordan. It was fun...we stayed at a hotel and Klous went swimming for his first time!!! He really liked the water!!

Daddy and Klous swimming...

Klous in the BIG pool...the water was a little when his lip started quivering we took him out!!
He just liked swimming with Daddy!!!

Uncle Jordan meditating or something?? WEIRDO :)

The water in the big pool was a little too cold, and the hot tub was TOO we put some water from each in the garbage can and he had warm bath water in there to play in!!! Cute huh!!

Auntie Erin & Uncle Jordan's wedding

Erin and Jordan got married on December 16, 2006 in the Logan Temple. It was stinkin' cold out there, but here's a few pictures from that weekend!! Oh yeah...Erin is Ryan's younger sister!!

The Jones Family outside the temple...brrrr

Klous supporting and trying to help with the dollar dance!! See the $$$ in his hand :)

Auntie Erin, Klous, and Uncle Jordan

The Jones family at the reception in Provo

Klous is so so sad to be losing Auntie Erin...but good thing she married a great guy!!

Klous & Daddy :)

Daddy & Klous at the Jones family Christmas :)

Daddy can always make Klous talk and smile...mommy can't do it like he can...

He gets such big smiles when daddy is around!!

Daddy has been "doing noses" with Klous since he was born...Klous loves it every time!!

Resting in Mommy & Daddy's bed after coming home from the hospital.

From day one they had a special bond...Daddy loves his baby Klous, and Klous loves his daddy!!

Klous' Blessing Day...

Here's our little family again on Klous' blessing day.

Daddy and his best friend Jared, with both babies. Klous & Gavin are only 9 days apart.

Klous & buds...Gavin isn't quite sure what to think of that baby sitting on him!!

The Jones family

Look at that so excited. He's wearing the same outfit Ryan wore when he was blessed. Thanks to Auntie Vicki :) We love you!!

Discovering his tongue like Papa Bob :)

Klous wanted to be just like Papa Bob and learn how to stick out his tongue. It took him a while, but he got real good at it by a month old!!!

Look at that cute little tongue!!

He watches Mommy and tries to copy her too!!

And look at what he has to grow up to be like!! Good ol' Papa Bob :) :) :)