Monday, December 19, 2011

Aysha's birthday...a month ago :(...

We forgot to post about Aysha May's birthday!!! She turned THREE on Thanksgiving day!!! We were a bit overwhelmed and busy...but we made time for sweet Aysha's birthday!!! It's not her fault it was on Turkey day...OR that we were moving!!! So we relaxed for that day and just tried to focus on HER!!!
Can't believe my sweet baby girl is already 3...crazy how fast time goes!!!

We had the kids sit in the family room and watch shows til it was time to open her presents!!! I carried them in, but we didn't have enough PRINCESS wrapping paper for all of she had to cover her eyes while I carried them in!!! Isn't she cute!!!
Then she got to open her of which was a sleeping bag/eye mask/purse all in one!!! She was very you can tell!!
That evening we invited all the family over for cake and ice cream...but I forgot to get ice cream...oops. But the cake was good...seeing as how everyone was still full from turkey dinner and pie!!!
Here's cute Aysha getting sung to and preparing to blow out candles!!!
And there she blows!!!! She's so darn cute!!!
And then the presents from everyone else!!! She was very excited and happy that day!!! She's turning into such a big girl. Even on her grumpy/moody days...she just needs to bat her eyes and smile and it'll melt your heart!!!!
LOVE YOU Aysha May!!!! Happy 3rd birthday!!!

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