Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going on vacation...

Well, haven't really taken any pictures since Father's Day of Klous...but here are a couple I haven't posted!!! We're getting ready to go to St. George this weekend, and we'll be there til next Thursday...I couldn't be more excited. Regardless of the weather reports that it's going to be 108 degrees on'll be nice to get away and relax. With the pool close and the air conditioned's gonna be nice.

Anyways...Klous is growing like crazy...and getting better and better at crawling, climbing, and pulling himself up. His favorite new toy is the coffee table...and anything he can crawl in is a starter shot of him going in...he wouldn't ever turn around to look at me, just kept going in the backing here you go!!!When he was helping Ryan clean on Saturday...he found a hat he was pretty excited about playing I had to see if it would still fit on his LARGE CRANIUM!!! And it did...I think it's funny...and this will be one thing we DON'T bring with us on vacation!!!
So there may not be any posts on here until the end of next week, but know that we'll update you with fun, sunny pics of our family!!! I'm determined to get a good new family picture...since the last one we have is from Christmas!!! Have a great week guys!!! :)

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